Northern Ireland


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 When I was growing up the Catholics were at the front of the bus and the Protestants were at the back.  You were either one or the other and you never questioned the system.  No one dared communicate with the other side.  They were the enemy, they were different than us and that's the way it was.  It was there in front of your eyes but it wasn't talked about.  This was normal life.

Every single day there were killings, murders, bombings, bomb scares shootings you name it.  When this happens every day, when this is your reality nothing surprises you any more.

Your reality is that you can't go to certain places or certain areas.  You can't were certain clothes or befriend certain people or you will become a target.  It effects your whole life,  everywhere you go you are either orange or green.  This is the way it is.  Because this is the only life you have ever known, because you don't know any different, you just get on with it.  To outsiders understanding our society this is strange,  the truth is you don't understand.  We are not British or Irish.  We are an entity onto ourselves.  Nobody wants us not even ourselves.  

It's strange to see the army with guns lying in ditches at the end of my road, not to me.  I see this every day.  My local town is destroyed.  We go to the next town and it is being evacuated.  Every day you wake up and listen to the radio to see who has been murdered.  The vilest parts of humanity become normal.  Nothing surprises you.  This is our reality.

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