Gaia, The Last Immortal


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As the Dragonkin fleet came forth from the Ethereal Gate into this untouched universe, they saw a new frontier, a perfect place to start their grand experiment. No solar systems no planets, no life of any kind, no matter. It was perfect for my peoples experiment. Now it was time for them to learn how corporeal beings live, grow, give birth and die.

I was also part of this grand experiment, my Mother and Alma (other mother) wanted to see what it was like to give birth like corporeal beings. So, I was born, but in the end I was a disappointment, for I had emotions.

When I became 12 uls old, they told me to create some sort of life. There was one rule, do not create a life form that had the potential to become like us. I knew that no matter what I did or did not do, my people will never accept me.

In the end I decided not to abide by that rule and created humanoids, ones like me, ones with emotions. My people were not pleased, though they still used them in the grand experiment. They used the 30 humanoids I first created to produce many other types of humanoid; they added other life-form aspects to them.

They were only lab rats and are swept aside when no longer needed. I grew tired of seeing the beings I created tortured, dissected, and forced to do many horrific acts. So, I stood up against my people, I let them know enough is enough. The altercation went on for days from Dragonkin concept of time but for humanoids; it was millions of years. In the end, I had to make a deal with my people.

My punishment for going against the wishes of my people was never to leave this universe and partake in what the multi-verse has to offer. I must stay here, in this tiny universe to watch over and maintain the balance of all within.

For the last 100 human years, I have been fighting in the Gombi war. After the defeat of the Haruushnic, I helped rebuild and create a new Galactic Federation composed of five galaxies, with me as their new Empress.

(Meeting Gaia for the first time she appears to be a beautiful 15-year-old girl; She is soft-spoken unless angered the sight of her is almost hypnotic.)

Avalon’s AI Ruuha asks me, “Now that the war with the Haruushnic is over, what will you do next?”

I talked about what they have accomplished, “It has been a long and brutal conflict with the Haruushnic; they are a relentless reptile species, so, so very aggressive.

Ruuha goes on, "Many died on both sides, and hopefully, they do not do this again.

“With all the hard work and perseverance of everyone, the Galactic Federation survived, and now they have a sense of peace.”

Ruuha looks at me with concern. "You look so tired mistress, for the last 120 years, you had to intervene in countless conflicts across these five galaxies. Is it not a good time to take a break?"

“I have kept many species from wiping each other out.” Looking at her hands, she goes on. “So much blood is now on my hands, more than I ever expected to have. Now that it was all over I just want to go home; it has been over 400 years since I saw the place of my birth.”

“You have been traveling the universe making sure the humans do not become problematic.”

Yes, I rebelled against my people for the sake of all humans, but I wonder if it was the right thing to do. I never thought I would have to kill so many people. Now that the Gombi war is over, I am a tired and want to rest, but where?

“Taking a break, with all that had been going on, was not a choice I could have considered.”

“It is time to go home,” I said sadly.

“You have not been to Earth in over 400 years. It would be nice to see it again.” Ruuha, the ships AI said.

“Uh what Oh, right it has been over 400 years.”

I tell Ruuha, “Set a course for Earth.” 

"It is time to go home, hoping to take a long-deserved vacation."

With the FTL drive at full power, the Avalon takes four days to get to earth. For me time has little meaning, but for humanoids unlike those of Earth, many changes have transpired. To my surprise, humans have changed, but not for the better.

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Chapter 1


Path of Redemption



The people of Earth have become prejudicial, hateful, and destructive; a small group of them gained the ability to use magic. They are the minority but use their magic to control everyone and everything. Most humans cannot manipulate mana; still magic users see them as week insignificant humans and will not accept them as equals.

Now on the verge of leaving their solar system, they have become a threat to themselves and other races in the galaxy. Once more I must intervene; to keep my birthplace and the people I care about, from falling into oblivion.

Another war another fight, this is all I have known since I received guardianship of this universe.

I gave up everything for all the humans, in the hope they would grow, and work together.

Humans from Earth are not the only ones to find new ways to hate; all corporeal beings seem to have this trait. I have been traveling all over the universe squashing violent outburst, bringing peace, then within a few centuries they forget, and it starts all over. But I still have faith that humans can become united and work together, they are still quite young.

I bow my head and say, “So, it seems there will be no vacation.”

Ruuha My ships AI. “The other inhabitants of the universe will not accept their intolerances; they will get themselves destroyed.”

“My biggest worry is that the chaos they spread will bring my people back.”

“If they infect the rest of the universe with their ideas and hate, the conflict will increase, and my people will have no choice but to come back.”

Ruuha says to me, “They will say you cannot maintain order, and consider humanity a plague upon it, purging the universe of them.”

Ruuha adds, “As you have always said mistress, humanoids need to mature more before we judge them with such harsh consequences.”

I sat in my chair aboard the Avalon, pondering what I should do next. The Avalon is a battleship 8.05-kilometer-long and that it had the firepower to wipe out all life on Earth with one volley. It has a smooth metallic look to it; from the rear it would seem to be oval shaped. The rear is larger than the front, if it was not for the rounded tip of the ship it would almost seem triangular from the top looking down.

“I could just strip them of their magic.” I thought to myself.

However, if I did that, they would find a new way to hate.

The last time I was on Earth, human prejudice was bad enough; now it seemed to have increased a hundredfold. I contemplated how to stop prejudice in a life form that finds new ways to hate every day.

To me, this was reprehensible; “Many of the most knowledgeable people on Earth did not use sorcery, why treat them so punitively.”

I spent days scanning the Earth, finally coming across Sanyo Academy of magic and technology, humans here treated each other without discrimination. The school is in Hiroshima, one of Japan’s largest cities.

A city of almost 3 million people there was a place that magic and non-magic users coexisted. They still had their problems, but their overall system of equality that focused on both magic and intellect worked.

“This will be a good place to start; I need to learn how this small group could get along so well, among so many that hated one other.”

“This amazing group, they can work together. What is their secret, and how can I use it to infect the rest of them?”

Now, I need to discover how the humans at Sanyo do it. I have no wish to harm them; if the rest of the universe ends up consumed with their hate, I cannot risk this.

“I need identification made and register me at Sanyo academy.”

Ruuha the ships AI and second in command, “Yes, empress, I will get right on it.”

I was both excited and nervous about going to school; I never took part in something like this. The main problem for me is getting close to humans.

I, unlike my people have emotions, and they caused me much grief; my problem is I become friendly to the beings I am around, and it ends up causes me great pain.

I cannot avoid emotional attachments to the other students; ultimately, I will make friends. Once again, I will have to watch the people I love, live out their brief lives, and die.

I need to discover exactly how Sanyo students and staff are so different and if I can use it to affect change in the other humans. The pain that will come, I know it will be worth it if I can save the people of Earth.

After Ruuha finished the paperwork, I put on the new school uniform she replicated.

I look in the mirror. “I make this look so cute,” giggling as I rock back and forth on my feet. 

I walk to the transporter room; as I inter the room, I look at a circlet pad 6 feet across. 

I begin to sigh as I walked onto the pad, a light flicker in waves toward the center, I start to pulsate as if electrified, and the surrounding area sparkles as if it is snowing.

I had chosen a deserted area in a park to materialize in, there are many sakura trees in fool bloom, and the grass is green and well maintained. All this brought back nostalgic memories of when I once lived on Earth. 

“I am home,” I said loudly.

After the nostalgia wore off, “It is time to go to work.” I said, and as I got closer to Sanyo, I witnessed many appalling acts of ill-treatment toward non-magic users. Even with all the conflict, they maintained the city and the streets very well, hell everything was clean.

The main thing I noticed besides the pushing around the non-magic users; everyone looked depressed both sides, people keep their head down, no one even looks at one another.

As I walk further not trying to bring attention to myself, two men walked up to me, one was snapping his fingers and flame flickered from them. The other male had a field of energy flowing from his body. Both men are wearing blue jeans and white dress shirts with a strange crest on them.

The man with the flaming fingers scoffing, tells me, “Hey little girl, looking for a good time.” and starts laughing as he walks around me.

I cringed at what the simple-minded men were thinking; their intentions are no good.

Angrily I looked right at them and with a sadistic Laugh replies “It would be in your best interests to go away, or even better, run.”

They both laughed profusely. “We sense no magic coming from you, so what do you assume you will do?”

This angered me to the point I lost control, and before they could say or do anything, both men were on the ground bleeding and burned.

I walked over to them with fire protruding from her eyes, and her hair appeared to be crimson flames.

“Magic is only the first step of ethereal flow, even if you lived a millennium your puny abilities are no match for me.”

As the two men watched me walk away, they thought to themselves, who or what I was, and how this happened. Harassed by men in the first few moments on Earth, I considered if there is any real hope for humanity, especially men.

“Even if changing the mindset of the human’s is possible, will they stay the course not reverting to their primitive desires?” she thought to herself.

I took a deep breath as I continued to the academy.

“Giving up hope is not an option there are good people still,” I tell myself.

Disgusted with what I have seen so far, I approached the school’s large rot-iron gate entrance; I casually looked around it was a nice-looking academy many older red brick buildings.

While I started toward the gates, two men and females were yelling profanity at the students. The magic users are traitors, nomus lovers, and many others. Most of the words had no meaning to me; slang was hard to understand. The non-magic users had to deal with the worse of the insults.

They were only using words so far, so I did not wish to be too aggressive. Therefore, I walked toward the gate looks at the three and said in a nice calm voice, still pissed about the last encounter.

“Here is some advice, leave; it is for your own well-being.”

I reach into their minds and cause them to perceive dread and fear when they look at me, with that; they move away in fear. I did feel good I did not need to hurt anyone.

“Can we avoid violence to get people to treat each other with respect? Will I end up forcing the issue? Even if I force them to, it will not last, forcing builds resentment, and I need for them to do this on their own.”

Finally, I enter the school. As I walked through the double steal doors; I glanced at a sign on the wall; it has an arrow that, pointing to the administration’s office.

I shook my head and started down the long hall; I passed an area with eight rows of lockers then I came to a large wooden door with a window. Across the window, it says the admin office and has the hours of operation on it.

Walking right in, I say, “Hi, my name is Gaia. I am here to sign in.”

The receptionist looked up from her desk, “Happy to have you, all your paperwork is in order just sign in here and I will get the class representative to show you around.”

A few minutes later, a young girl walks through the office door, slender body, and silver hair with thin red streaks running down it. My heart started to pound, I found it hard to breathe, and I know I feel something for this girl. I was glad this cute young woman was showing me around and wanted to learn much more about her.

The young woman walks up to Gaia and introduces herself.

“My Name is Ritorumun Yoshiro, you can call me Rito and I am a second-year, let’s show you around the school.”

“I put myself in your hands, and by the way your name means Little-Moon.”

Rito gives a smile. “Yes, it does and your name is Gaia, but may I ask what your surname is?”

I look right into her lovely green eyes. “My full name is Gaia Mitera-GI. (Gaia, Mother Earth, is the name used by the Greeks) please just call me Gaia.”

Rito looked over at the women at the front desk; “I will now take Gaia and show her around.”

Then she says to me, “It is difficult to transfer into this academy in the middle of term, the exam is quite difficult. I am happy to meet you, and please, call me Rito.”

She takes in a deep breath and gives a little bow, waves toward the door. “Now where do we start?”

We walk into the hall and Rito points to the lockers told her that student lockers are in five areas around the campus. She glances at her paperwork and then tells me, “Your locker is in section B. We will start there.”

As we start toward locker area B I smile and thanks to her.

“It is great to meet you and thanks for being my guide.”

Rito gave a little giggle, “this is the fun part of being a rep I can meet new people and make new friends. What brought you to our academy?”

She asks me, “Well for one, it is the only one that accepts magic and non-magic users.”

Rito, “you do not have to tell me, but which are you?”

I explain to her, “Before I tell you. Let me ask you, mages use incantation and devises to use their abilities. What would you call someone who does not need incantations or a device to use theirs?”

Rito tilted her head and said, “Not sure what to say, is it even possible?”

I looked around after reaching the locker area; all the students were in class and the area had no one in it.

“Rito there is much you and all humans do not understand about the universe.”

As I said this, I started to glow with an intense crimson aura and raised 1m into the air.

“This is the power that all human women will have one day but only if the people of this world can get along and survive.”

Rito looked at me with surprise. “Who or what are you?”

I, tell her with a calm and soothing voice, “I told you who I am. I am the same Gaia from your mythology; the same one that you humans-built Temples to in ancient times.”

Rito a little afraid stepped back, with fear emanating in her voice, “Are you here to set yourself up as a GOD?”

I laugh a little look into her eyes and say in a soft voice. “Sorry, no Rito, we never wanted to be GODs. Dragonkin are from another universe.” I explain how my people come here and of the multi-verse.

I told her the truth of their existence about how humanity and the rest of the universe was just an experiment. I also told Rito about my people and of the ethereal flow the life energy of the multi-verse.

When my people came here, there was nothing, no planets or suns, nothing. The only thing was ethereal energy, the energy that connects all matter, living on non-living. I told her about being just like them; I was just a part of the grand experiment.

My mother and Alma (other mother) wanted to see what it was like to give birth as corporeal beings do. I was the only child born to the leaders of my people and the last. To my people, I was a failure a broken being with emotions.

The last thing I told Rito was that I started a war with my people, and I made a deal with them. I will never leave this universe and I will not let the humanoids become a problem, and they will not come back.

I explain to her, “Dragonkin are not GODs just an advanced being that lives on a higher plane, one that she hopes humans will one day meet.”

I reach out my hand toward Rito and ask if she would help me save the people of Earth from themselves.

I continue with the explanation, “If humanity cannot reconcile their petty differences and change humanities biases and superiority ideas. My people will return and wipe out the population.”

I pleaded with Rito. “I need help from good humans that want peace. I do not want to do this, but some people will get hurt.”

Rito reached for my hand. “This world is in trouble. If things do not change, we are all doomed. If you are here to help us, you will have my full cooperation. What will I need to do?”

I give her the rundown. “You can use magic, which is good. You and others that join us will need to be taught how to use the flow; they need not use magic, but only women can use it.”

“Why can it only be women?”

“Men cannot use the flow it will kill them in an instance.”

Rito expresses to me “since the sun is out, and it’s warm; let’s first go outside to see the campus. You can go over the plan. I am sure you have.”

“I chose this school for their tolerance toward each other and being that it is full of young people who can train to use the flow. They do not cloud their minds with a preconception of magic and the flow.”

I let Rito know about my ideas, and that I wanted to start a club that will focus on using the power of the ethereal flow.

I stopped to face Rito, reached down, and took her right hand telling her to open it up. I put her hand palm up looked into Rito’s eyes and told her to close them.

“Now take deep breaths and feel the surrounding energy, then open yourself to the energy from within you. Open yourself to the sensation of your inner energy and the motion of the energy that surrounds us.”

“In your mind picture a blue flame flickering above your palm, open your eyes.”

To Rito’s surprise, there was a small blue flame above her hand, but it vanished almost when she saw it.

I let her know, “that happens as soon as you lose focus, with this power it is visualization and focus that allows you to control the elements. The power I will teach you is all about visualizing what you want to happen.”



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Chapter 2

The Power within one’s self


I receive so much enjoyment from just walking around with Takami, I have not been able to just hang out with someone and enjoy myself. As I am thinking this we walk outside down a cement sidewalk to a well maintained sports field, looking closely it is where the students played soccer and part of it has a baseball field. How nice, I may not understand the games because I have never played them, but they do look like they would be fun. From nowhere we both hear a scream.

Takami and I look at each other smile, because we both know what each of us are thinking. We start running full speed toward the screaming. As we get close enough we see five men wearing school uniforms from some other school. The boys are assaulting a young woman and a boy from Sanyo Academy.

Takami, she is quick to act, freaking out shrieking “Stop this!”

As she uses an incantation, Takami releases an energy bolt that hits the ground in front of one of the attacking students.

They looked up at us and the tallest of them points, “you nomu lovers, mind your own business or we will do the same to you.”

Takami yells, “This is our business.” 

The taller man chanted an incantation of his own releasing a wind blast that hits Takami in the chest, knocking her 5m back and then on to the ground.

As I witnessed the attack on Takami and her lying on the ground, without thinking I yelled out, “Keep your hands off her.”

Sensing the rage inside me build up once more, my hair turns crimson red. (Anyone looking at me would think my hair was on fire.) I launched four bolts of plasma energy, hitting four of the aggressors, leaving the one that hurt Taka for last. Two of them flew back 10m and receive second-degree burns; it knocked the other two back 5m, and all of them lie there twitching.

I moved toward the man that hurt Takami, my hand and arm glowing with crimson flames. “I will make sure you regret ever-hurting Takami my new friend.” I created a flaming sword and as I was about to engage the man.

Takami shouts, “Stop, they had enough. Everyone is ok now.” 

I stop my attack, and the flames dissipated. I thought to herself, what are these feelings and why now? My chest was feeling tight, and all I could think about was if Takami was OK.

The girl and boy looked at me with surprise and disbelief; “she did not chant any incantation.” They both said in unison. 

“Takami are you OK.” 

Then I walked over to the other two students and made sure they were both OK. After checking on them over they seemed fine; I went ahead and healed their superficial wounds and then walked over to the male students and asked them. “Why are you harassing the people here?”

One of the male students answered in fear, “They support nomus here.”

My eyes start to glow crimson, I can scarcely control my rage, “What is a nomu?”

The feeling of rage at seeing Takami knocked to the ground; I wanted to show them no mercy, but Takami asked me not to hurt them. 

Takami walks over to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says, “We need to show people we are not like them.”

I look directly at them, “So you figure, because you can use magic, gives you the right to push others around?”

The taller boy says as he helps pick his friends off the ground, “They are nomu; they need to respect their betters.”

I laughed sarcastically at them. “You are all arrogant, assuming you are any ones better; and people with power should help those without not bully or force your will on them.”

“You fools have seen what I can do, and that does not scratch the surface of my power, so let this be a warning to you all.”

“If you ever come back here or harm any of my friends; this is your one and only warning, you will not walk away next time.”

I look at them as they limp off, smile, “OK, limp away next time.” Takami, the other two and I start laughing.  

“Oh, you five; one more thing, since you like nomu’s so much, welcome to their world.”

I contemplated, just now I stripped them of their abilities, but it will do nothing to change them; they will just find something else to hate, but it will keep them out of my hair for now. 

I Thought to myself, “They really need to thank Takami; she did saved their worthless lives.”

(The boys were in total shock over what had just befallen them. All of them knew they had no chance against her; they started walking away as fast as their wounded bodies would allow. One of them looks over to the taller man and tells him, “I cannot get my healing spell to work.” At that moment, they realize what the women that just kicked their asses meant by what she said, welcoming them to the world of numus.)

I walk over the boy and girl, smiling as I help them get up, and I take the opportunity to introduce myself. 

The young woman looks at me and smiles, “Thank you both for the help, my name is Mia Tobiaski, and this is my twin brother Hitora Tobiaski.” 

(Mia Tobiaski is a 15-year-old female, short black hair that sparkled in the sunlight. Hitora is a tall boy, with short brown hair and a baby-face.)

Hitora looks at me with ow a stricken face. “What did you do, there was no incantation when you attacked?”

“What you call magic is a primitive power it is a start to what will come? Magic is a power that comes from outside one’s self; the power I used come from within.”

The conversation goes on for another half hour. I learn that Mia can use magic, but Hitora has no affinity with it. The twins are also in the same class as me.

Though I was angered by the acts of the students, I did not hate them; I had pity for them. 

Takami looked at me with such sad eyes, “Most of the students in this school get along, but as you can see that other schools do not tolerate us. People come here to assert their so-called superiority all the time.”

We discuss how humans have always found a way to hate throughout history. Humans get over one prejudice and adopt another, that it is a never-ending cycle. 

I looked at each of them one by one and then asked everyone, “Can humans stop hating each other, and will they ever see that their differences are a benefit to each other and their society?”

The four of us brush ourselves off and headed to our first class; I gave them something to think about now. 

Right before we get to the doors that lead into the school, I ask them. “Do the three of you have time after school to show me around town?”

Hitora looks at us and says. “That sounds fun, but unfortunately I have a date. So it will have to be the two of you.” 

Mia and Takami start to laugh, “That does sound like fun, let’s make it a girl’s time out.”

As Mia, Hitora and I walk into their classroom, right away, all the male students gawk at me, the perversion in their irritate me.

I can read the thoughts of humans as they appear, and sometimes, I wish so much I could not. Two of the male’s thoughts were so bad I wanted to toss them through the window. Instead, I gave them the worst headache they ever had (it lasted them 6h).

The teacher looked over at me and asked if I would introduce myself. 

I told everyone that I have been traveling from place to place for a very long time, not giving any details. There were many questions, and I answered them the best I could without telling them who I really am. Then I was assigned a seat, and the teacher started the class.

As the school days go on, I reach up and stretch thinking, human classes are so boring, and excessively easy. Most of the stuff that is taught here I had already learned when I was around four uls. (Dragonkin age 4) 

I do like PE, human sports are definitely fun, and we Dragonkin did not have anything like it; unless you can count combat training. I do need to be careful though. I am faster and stronger than humans, and I do not wish to hurt any of them. I do think I might have gone a little overboard, as I giggle a little.

(Gaia may have lived 100s of billions of years, she is 15-year-old in Dragonkin time; they mature slower than humans do so their concept of time is different, her maturity is the same as a 15-year-old human.)

Mia being a sports nut watched me closely; her competitiveness got the best of her, so she challenges me. Mia is one of the best women in sports and is better than most of the men at the school. I knew what she was pondering and invited her to compete with me. I do not want to bring to much attention to myself, so I held back trying to stay at Mia’s level.

After it was all over, Mia and I seemed well matched at sports, and I did have a lot of fun. The both of us smiled at each other laughing and we hug each other. Mia stuck her fist out for the old fist bump; I had no idea what she wanted. Takami came over to show me what to do, and then we all headed to the last class for the day.

As the last class of the day ends; a loud bell rings, and the students rise to their feet start talking to each other and move toward the door.

Mia looks at me. “I did have my baseball club to go to, but we have an interesting new student to show around town.” 

Mia and I look over to the door to the classroom and standing there looking at us leaning against the doorjamb was Takami. 

Takami smiling as she stands there says, “Well you two going to stand there all day, or are we going to take a tour of our town.” 

Mia, Hitora, Takami and I head to the exit of the school, Hitora tells us he is off to his date and will see us after. Hitora then waves to everyone and says, “I’m off and I think we all have questions that we would like answered later,” looking at me with a smile. 

I wave goodbye, smiled and let him know that someone will pick them up after the movie to bring them to where we are. Then the three of us go off to explore, while Hitora heads to his date.

I looked at Mia and Takami and ask them. “What is a date?” 

The two girls look at each other and then at me with a strange expression. 

Mia laughs a little and then asks, “Never been out anywhere with a boy you are friends with or involved.” 

Takami also laughing at me says, “I guess it is understandable with your circumstance.” 

Mia looks over at Takami, tilts her head to the right side and asks, “Circumstance, what you mean by that?”

“Well, let’s see, I will answer that with a question but first I want to ask you one first. When you look up into the night sky and see all them beautiful stars, what do you think is out there or do you think life only exist here on earth?”

Mia looks at me with a puzzled expression, “Well, I do believe we are not alone in the universe, if that is what you are asking.”

I laugh a little and tell her. “That makes it much easier; and to answer your question, I have never thought about romance. I would however rather spend time with other females than males. I know nothing about love, no one taught me about it. The place and the people were I grew up, love has no meaning.”

Mia tries to grasp what I have said and explains dating the best she can. She suggests that they head to the Gokoku Shrine, where she could show me the local history of the prefect. In addition, we can look at the wall of romantic wishes; it might help. 

Takami smiles as she puts her arms around Mia’s neck from behind, “Mia is also one of our local shrine madden here.”

“Well shrine maidens and priestesses I do understand.” 

I giggled and smiles at them. “Hum, this sounds like fun, do I get to see you both dressed up as shrine maidens.” 

Takami’s heart pounds with excitement when I asked; she touches her chest, embarrassed on how she reacts to what I said. Knowing that she is attracted to me, but felt it was wrong because she is a girl too. 

The three of us ran across multiple protests on our way to the shrine and most were negative toward non-magic users, and some were for the negative treatment aimed at them. 

Mia and Takami look at each other and both say, “This is getting out of hand.” 

“Why do people allow this to go on, the people whom go to the school get along just fine? That shows humanity can do it, they can achieve some sort of cohesion.”

In the distance we looked out and saw the sun going down. It looked so beautiful with the orange glow coming over the top of all the tall buildings. For a high-tech city, using vegetation of all kinds to hide the fact it was all artificial is quite nice. Long vines hung everywhere; flower gardens were on every rooftop.

Trees lined the sidewalks. As they enter the shrine, I remember when humans-built them in my name. I never understood the mythology of my origin; never giving birth myself to them, I had many children called the Titans, and how humans thought my body made up the earth. All this does not bother me at all, it is quite fascinating.

To enter the shrine, you had to go through two giant arches; it rather reminded me of the Transit Gate aboard my ship. After the gates was a long path to a beautifully kept courtyard. The courtyard looks just like the one at school, but with a Koi pond, turtles also lived within it. The main temple was two stories high; building he is built in the traditional style. 

The girls showed me how the shrine operated and people performed their prayers. Humans have some interesting customs. The girls then took me to the wall of romantic wishes; people have hung small wooden slats on the wall with their desires on them. This was so fascinating; humans have so much potential for love.

Takami and Mia show me to a bench and ask if I can wait here; I sit down and they leave, after some time they come out dressed in the maiden’s outfits, and then they surprise me with Shanshan Odori dance. (Shanshan Dance is done with an umbrella as a ritual asking for rain.)

The two girls had soft featured faces and with the setting sun hitting them, they seemed to have a glowing aura around them it made them look so beautiful my heart skipped a beat. 

I clapped and said, “Thank you, you danced and looked so beautiful. You looked like two goddesses dancing in the sunlight.” 

I waved my hand and the clouds fill the sky and the rain comes down. “WOW, your dance was spectacular, and it rained.”

Both girls’ cheeks flushed as they smiled. 

Takami looks at me with a grin, “Thank you for making it rain, but you might want it to stop Hitora is on his date.” 

“Oops” I snap my fingers and the rain stops the last of the day's sun comes back out. 

Mia with a surprised look on her face asks, “How did you do that?” 

“I will tell you everything when we all get together later, so for now, let’s have some fun.”

 it rain, but you might want it to stop Hitora is on his date.” 

“Oops” I snap my fingers and the rain stops the last of the days sun comes back out. 

Mia with a surprised look on her face asks, “How did you do that?” 

“I will tell you everything when we all get together later, so for now, let’s have some fun.”

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