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Chapter 1

Message is the best and easy way to send Messages to Apple users. Because it is free, and you can use it as messenger apps. It has all features which are included in Messenger apps. So if you have iPhone and Mac devices, you can get connect iMessage to Mac. Then you can send iMessage from Mac without switching devices. This feature is very helpful if you are busy with Mac. Some of the users are telling that cant send messages from Mac computers. So, how to fix this issue on Mac. Follow the below guide. 

iMessage not sending issues can happen due to the Apple ID problem. So by the sign-out and sign in iMessage will fix Apple account issues. Follow the below method to sign out and in iMessage on Mac.


Firstly, open the Message app on Mac and go to Messages Preferences iMessage.In the account tab, find a sign out button, tap on it, and sign out.Now wait for few mins and enter the Apple iD and password. Then click sign in. After signed, try to send iMessage from Mac and see the result.


Lock and Unlock Keychain app on Mac.You may think that what are the connection between keychain and the Message app.  Lock and Unlock Keychain app give solution fix not sending Message on Mac. Because when the keychain app stopped working, then the Apple ID authentication will not work properly. Therefore follow the below guide to Lock and Unlock Keychain app.


Search Keychain Access and open the App on your Mac Now Go to File Lock Keychain login After few minutes go to FileUnlock Keychain login Now enter the administrator password of your Mac and click OK Try to send iMessage from your Mac again


Quit iMessage and restart the Mac.The basic troubleshooting method is restarting the computer. When you restart the computer, it restarts all services on your computer. Then it will help to solve service issues on your Mac.We hope the above methods are helping to solve the iMessage, not sending issues on Mac.

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