The Power Of Dua


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The power of mother's dua

 True story 

A mother's son got into jail the mother had no one except Allah and her son in this world , the mother cried worried for her son day and night . One day she saw a begger , a needy old man sitting on the side of the street looking hungry so sick . The mother of that son went to give that old needy man some food ( she did sadaqa / charity ) and she made dua to Allah Almighty to bring her son back to her arms in tears she ask Allah for her son , that day the son came back to his mother hugging and his mother crying in joy asking her son " did all the prisoners got free from the jail ?" the son said " no , only me . " the mother questioned , " how ?" 

He explained to his mother that my feet was chained in jail and the chains broke the police brought another chain it got broke as well the police ask me " do u have a rightious mother ?" I answered " yes . And she is making dua for me right now . " 

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