The Lost girls


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1 The Tunnel

There once were two girls who were lost in the forest. Their names were Ashley and Jessica. They found a tamed wolf that was their pet. Well more like Ashley's pet. You're probably wondering why Ashley gets a dog and Jessica doesn't, well Jessica is 8 and Ashley is 12, so four years apart. “Where are we”? said Jessica. “No one knows Jessica”. Said Ashley. All of a sudden Rocky  [the dog] was leading them somewhere. 

“Where are you taking us, Rocky”? Said Ashley. All of a sudden they saw a building. “It looks like a building”. Said Jessica. “Yeah”. Said Ashley. “What are we waiting for? Let's go in”. Yelled Jessica. The two girls went inside, there were a lot of people inside it. They both asked these two boys where they were and what their names are? “My name is Oscar and this is my friend Aiden”. Said Oscar. “This is never lasting high, how old are you guys, and what are your names?” “I am 12 and my name is Ashley,” Ashley said. “And my name is Jessica and I am 8 years old. and why do you want our names and age”? Said Jessica. You guys are too young to be here. Said Aiden. We know how to get you guys out of here. Said Oscar. Don't bring that up! Yelled Aiden. Sorry, I was just excited to meet new people. Said, Oscar. Well Since you know about it, I suppose we can show you guys. Come With us. Said Aiden.


Come Behind this locker, and follow us. Said Oscar. What is this Place? Said Jessica. This is a tunnel. Said Aiden. This tunnel is dusty. Said Ashley. Well if you don't like it then you can go back and don't escape and get in trouble. Said Aiden. I was just saying that. Said Ashely. *20 minutes later* We have been walking for a while. What's that AHHHHHHH! Yelled Jessica. What do you see? Said Aiden. Oh never mind, it was just Rocky running for me. Said Jessica. Well, when is thing gonna end anyway, and don't you have to go back to school? said Ashley.  Our school was almost over anyway, we are fine. Said Aiden. Oh, I see the end of the tunnel. Said Jessica. Wait, where did Oscar go? Said Ashley.  There are some turns in this but you have to keep going forward. Said Aiden. Maybe we should go back. Said Ashley. Or I can call him on my phone? Said Aiden. Great idea, what is a phone? Said Jessica.  It is something that you can ask Questions on and call people and text and do lots of other stuff. Said Aiden. Wow, that's so cool! Said Jessica. Wait, what's that noise? Said Ashley.  


I'm calling Oscar on my phone as I said earlier. Oh, Hello Oscar where are you? Wait that doesn't sound like you. Said Aiden. Well, you see I'm the Principle who found Oscar because the escape locker was open and Oscar was behind so I caught him and now I will need you? Said the Principle. Okay well, I was just helping these people who were lost and they don't come here. Said Aiden. Ok well come now we need to have a little talk. Who was that? Jessica said. That was the person who rules the school she is the meanest person on earth. Aiden said. Well, I need to quickly help you guys escape this tunnel. Said Aiden. Let's run there, come on Rocky. Said Ashley. We are outside now. Said Jessica. Thanks for helping us. Said, Jessica, and Ashley. No problem now I have to go now. Said Aiden. Bye said, Ashley. Bye-bye :(.Said, Jessica. I haven't felt fresh air in a while, well it feels like that. Said Jessica. Oh NO I forgot to ask him a question! Said Ashley. What is it? Said Jessica. Where are we? Said Ashley. No one knows Ashley. I wonder who the person was on the phone because the person who rules the school doesn't make sense to me. Said, Jessica. I know I wish that Aiden didn't call Oscar on that thingy. Said Ashley. You Mean phone? Said Jessica. Yeah, whatever we have to find Oscar and Aiden. Said Ashley. But we are still far away from the school and we don't have light to go back into the tunnel. Said, Jessica


Well, we can follow the tunnel. Said Ashley.  What do you mean? Jessica said. We can see underground. Said Ashley. We can't do that, how will we know where the tunnel is if there is just grass? Said Jessica. You have a point there. Said Ashley. Let's just find Never Lasting High and tell the boys to stick with us. Said Jessica. Good idea. Said Ashley.



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2 Finding Someone new

 “Are we going the right way?” said Jessica. “I think so?” Said Ashley. “We need to find something to eat soon and fast.” Said Jessica “I kn-Wait do you see that up there? ” Said, Ashley. But she was looking at something up ahead. 

“It looks like a PERSON TO ME! Said Jessica. ”Well let's go over the- WAIT! what if it's an animal. “ Said, Ashley. ”Your Right, but it still looks like a person to me." said Jessica. “A person, ok back to what we were saying.   ”I will go protect you or…we can use Rocky to has a shield for us, said Ashley. “Good thinking Ashley. Said Jessica. ”Ok Rocky, go and see if that is a person like us, but bark one time if it is a human, but if not… Bark twice if it isn't. said, Ashley.  

                 “BARK!. Rocky barked.  “Good, now we can go see." Said Ashley.  ”HI!" Said Jessica. “Oh Jess, Sorry about her. My name Ashley, and this is Jessica. What's your name.” Said Ashley. “My name is Lia and I'm 11,” said Lia. “Oh well I'm 12 and my sis is 8. Said Ashley. ”well want to join us in our group? It's Just us." said Jessica. “Well why not, I would love to.” Said Lia. “OK, But do you know where Never Lasting High is?” Said Ashley. “What do you mean Never Lasting High?” said Lia. “Oh well I guess you don't know about it, you come wit- said, Ashley. “WELL, have you seen Rocky, he is so CUTE!” Said Jessica. “aww, aren't you the cutest thing in the world!" Said Lia. “Girls. We should be looking now, aren't we? I'm not gonna be here all day haha." Said Ashley. “I think we can go now. I think we could fin- wait, Do you have A light, Lia?" “No I don't, my mom took it when I left the house,” said Lia. “Oh well, that's not good. Said Ashley. Well, let's just go. Said Jessica. The girls walked for what seemed like ages. ” It's been so long!" Said Jessica. “When are we going to be there?" Said Lia. “I don't know guys but it may take a couple of days,” Ashley said to them. 

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Sadie Stanley



3 The Story 

When are we gonna find this place? Said Lia. I don't know. Said Ashley. Why did your mom abandon you? Said Jessica. Oh… because she wanted a daughter who was perfect. Oh let me tell you the story. Said Lia. Ok, so it all started out when I was 5 years old so six years ago. I started to get bad grades in my class and my mom wanted me to get better grades so she pushed me in harder, well that made me fail even worse. So my mom got mad at me so she made me do the hardest chores 

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4 Never Lasting High 

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5 Exploring The City

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6 We Can't Turn Back

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About the Authors

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