6 things that will definitely not interfere with viewing UFC night


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What is UFC?

UFC is a mixed martial arts organization. Battles are held in the form of tournaments consisting of several fights. In the course of fights, the intensity increases, because less well-known fighters perform at first, after which world-famous rivals enter the arena. But this does not mean that the first battles will be less spectacular!

As part of the fights, several show formats are distinguished. These are both paid and free for viewers competitions. However, there is also a final in which winners are selected in their weight categories for the whole season. The audience is waiting for this show with great impatience. By the way, members of the official club can give their forecasts for fights.

What to do during advertising?

7. Mixed fights are an incredible sight. Thousands of people watch them right next to the arena, and millions of people around the world watch the shows from TV screens. But any program, any interesting film or exciting fight has a big minus. This is a television commercial. According to Nielsen ratings, today, in an hour of watching TV programs, viewers manage to “enjoy” an 18-minute advertising block. These are just shocking numbers! During the time that the fights last, the audience manages to get distracted by ad units several times. Is it worth wasting this time? Or can it be held to good use?

6. At 6th place, call a friend, colleague or parents. Surely, you could forget about someone’s birthday or another important holiday. Now is the time to call and congratulate! It does not take much time, but you will make another person happier. We always have too little time for parents. During the commercial break, you will have time to find out how they are doing and tell what is happening in your life. Only 5 minutes, but how much positive!

5. On the fifth line, we put preparing a light and healthy snack. Eating while watching TV is bad because you can eat a lot more. This fact has long been known to everyone. It is much more useful to cook and eat something during advertising. After all, it can be oatmeal cookies, an apple, several slices of cheese or avocado, sprinkled with salt. Another option is to simply order pizza delivery. Your order will just be delivered to the next ad unit!

4. 4th row is household chores. You can put things in the washing machine, hang laundry after washing, look in the fridge and make a menu for dinner or tomorrow... All of this will take no more than 5 minutes. But this way you can significantly reduce the list of household chores for the weekend and free yourself time.

3. According to Marketing Charts, today almost half of US residents have at least one tablet for one homeownership. Other countries are not very different in terms of indicators. Therefore, during commercial breaks, many viewers check mail, social networks or go to their favorite games, for example, bovegas casino. If you enable the auto start mode in your favorite game, setting all the necessary indicators, then before the next advertisement you can manage to win a fortune! Autostart is a very convenient feature. After all, even when the fight starts, you do not have to be distracted, just put the gadget aside.

2. Number 2 in our list of interesting things to do during advertising is sports. You can not only admire the skills of professional fighters but also work with your body during commercial breaks just like a 5-minute “maintenance day”. Besides, while watching the show, we do not move, and a little physical activity will be useful to each viewer. Push-ups, swing the press, squat or pull yourself up: this is useful and you will definitely notice that someone admires you. According to a study conducted by CreditDonkey, excessive enthusiasm for TV programs can easily lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

1. Have you been planning a vacation for a long time or do you feel that you have to relax? Then right now, during the ad unit, you can choose and even book a vacation. Let it be only a weekend on the coast or a full week on exotic islands: with this, you will definitely cheer yourself up and at the same time do a useful job. During the time that the advertisement lasts, you will probably have time to find a couple of dozens of interesting offers that will turn your head.

And it's all?

Of course, many more things can be done during a pause. Surely, you can ask your child how they are doing, write a chat to get to know a nice guy/girl, start making repairs... But if you have a loved one near you, you can start to compliment, hug and kiss! It is both pleasant and useful! The commercial break will fly incredibly fast: make sure of this from your own experience.

By the way, if you are in a good mood (the battle is going well, you managed to win a large sum or a person you like answered you in the social network), then you can learn to dance with joy. In various networks today, you can find many short videos with dance lessons: from hip hop to breakdance. They are short, just for an advertising break.

For those people who are accustomed to spending time with maximum benefit, another way to use an advertising break during fights is suitable. You can use these minutes to learn a few foreign words. Surely, you have long wanted to learn Spanish, Korean or French. Why not get started now? An ad unit lasts so long that you have enough time for a couple of words. And during the next break, you can repeat what you have learned. Have a good time!

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