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Boy who came after me (1)

 I woke up like any normal day to be greeted by my best friend Stephany sitting on the end of my bed 

Stephany-“it’s a new year!”

Riley-“ughhh” I groaned rolling over in my bed smashing my face into the soft cold pillow 

Stephany-“get up Riley”

Riley-“one more minute”

Stephany-“no get up I’ll be outside in my car”

Riley-“whatever I’m up now anyway because of your whining voice”

She had left my room and I got up throwing on my usual kind of outfit I would wear to school 

I grabbed my phone from my charger leaving my room 


I was standing by my locker as everyone was having a conversation I had one leg up against the wall and my arms crossed while chewing my gum

Stephanys poV:

I watched as Ethan walked by with his big group of friends they are basically the bad ass boys off the school but where like the bad ass girls of the school even though we have never talked to them everything’s fine between us 

And no none of us are cheerleaders or anything and none of the boys are football players the reason Riley is like the boss of our group is because she won’t take no shit of off no one and she doesn’t speak to people if she doesn’t know them 

Riley’s poV:

The bell rang I slide my foot down the lockers walking past all of my friends they just followed as they separated towards there classes 

I walked into math class and took my seat next to a bunch of boys who started whistling as I sat down 

Graysons pov:

As all of our friends whistles towards her Ethan turned to me and began to speak 


He said nudging me 


Ethan-“what’s her name?”

Grayson-“it’s riley you know the one who’s always mute but she’s a hot badass”

Ethan-“that’s her?”


Ethan-“she got hotter over the summer”

Riley’s poV:

Mrs.brooks-“Riley can you tell me what x time 3 plus a is?”

I sat there not talking back to her everyone just stared at me as I popped a bubble with my gum she knows I don’t speak and she’s tring to get me to no it’s not happening I slouched back in my chair and gave her a are you kicking look 

Emma-“she’s not gonna answer and you know that!” One of my friends shouted 

Grayson-“yeh well why doesn’t she talk because I’d love to talk to her” he said winking at her

Emma-“because your not close to her and that’s just disgusting” she rolled her eyes at him 

Mrs.brooks-“this is not the time or place to be talking about anyone especially when they are sitting right here what is rude and miss.lopez stay behind after class”

As she said that I stood up and walked out slamming the door behind obviously I was pissed because they where just talking about me like I wasn’t there 

Mrs.brooks-“miss.lopez come back here”

She said opening the door 

Someone then came running out of the class room after me slamming the door once again in Mrs brooks face

I just kept walking till I had turned the corner but then they dragged me back by grabbing my arm 

I turned around to look at them 


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My names Riley Lopez and I’m 16 I have lived in New Jersey all my life with my dad and three brothers 

I don’t have a mom because we’ll she ran of when I was young with some other man who wasn’t my dad 

Im a sophomore in high school one of my brothers are in my year his name is Thomas and the other two are juniors their names are Owen and mason 

I have a small group of friends you know the way every school has to have thier cliques we’ll i made my own one and trust me I’m not like a wierdo a goth or a geek I don’t talk to no one I’m basically mute to Everyone unless I like you and I do mean every one even my teachers 

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Boy who came after me (2)

 Grayson-“wait, why don’t you talk?”

I furrowed my eyebrows pulled out of his grip, kicked him in the balls and walked away 

Why would he even ask that if I don’t talk then obviously I’m not going to answer him 

I went to my locker tossed all my things in there and grabbed my money 

I then walked away waiting outside of stephanys class and finally the bell rang  all of stephanys class camping running out and then Stephany ran right into me 

Stephany-“Emma texted me and told me what happened”

She paused for a minute 

Stephany-“oh and Grayson told Emma you kicked him in the balls”

She laughed and so did I 


We had finished a couple more classes and it was lunch I was sitting at the table where I usually sit playing with a lighter on the table 

Olivia-“what’s up?”

She said sitting down facing me


Olivia-“why haven’t you got food?”

Riley-“just haven’t been hungry lately”

Olivia-“we’ll I’m not just gonna let you not eat!”

She handed me a salad 

Olivia-“I know you was trying to eat healthy what you don’t need to but here”

Riley-“thank you”

I got the plastic fork and started picking at the food as more of our girls joined the table 

 Once I had finished I got up throwing my things away and I just knew from the moment that Cameron Dallas and Aaron carpenter came over to the trash while I was there and Cameron grabbed my ass 

I knew I wasn’t going to kick his ass here so I grabbed his arm pulling him out of the cafeteria 

Cameron-“where are we going?”

I just looked back at him smirked and get dragging hI’m we got to the back of the school by the brick wall and I slapped him across the face and kept hitting him 

He stopped me and looked at me in the face 

Cameron’s poV:

There was tears going down her face

Cameron-“wow wow I’m sorry”

I waited a minute to get her to talk but she still wasn’t 

Cameron-“I know you don’t talk but all I did was touch your ass”

I was suprised that she even opened her mouth about to say something 

Cameron-“go on”

Cameron-“I won’t tell no one you talked to me”

Riley-“it wasn’t just touching my ass you don’t know what any girls been through and just so you know that’s classed as assault”

I was so shocked that she was talking to me and it seemed like she had a past with this stuff

Cameron-“I’m really sorry I didn’t realise an”

She cutt me off

Riley-“forget about it this never happened and I never talked to you”

She stormed away wiping away the

Dry tears

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