Several Motor Options from D&D


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Several Motor Options from D&D

For more than six decades, golf carts have been there to make our golfing and transporting life easier. Golf carts were used to help earn money, aiding the speed of play, and making a golfer’s life easier. As time goes by and the needs of people change, the golf cart also undergoes several changes. Nowadays, the golf cart is a multi-purpose utility vehicle easily used by anyone for a variety of applications.


The evolution of people’s needs has enabled the evolution of the golf cart, and today the golf cart is used for non-golf tasks such as hunting, racing, camping, industrial, farming, campus commute, tourism, and much more. Golf carts back in the good old days only had enough power to operate on one full golf game. However, today the golf cart needs to have enough power to travel long distances, over rough terrain, and within large communities. The need to travel longer distances brings the need to cover distances quicker and more efficiently, so now a golf carts should have the best available golf cart electric motors to be able to perform tasks in the quickest and most efficient way possible.


To help you reach your golf cart’s full potential, D&D Motor Systems, Inc. has the largest collection of golf cart electric motors. They have a wide selection of heavy duty programmable series and regen alltrax controllers. These alltrax controllers replace the stock curtis golf cart controller and are compatible for most electric golf carts and many other electric vehicles. It is important you upgrade your golf cart controller to get more torque out of your vehicle. They offer golf cart controllers which can supply 12, 36, 48 and 72 volts with current amperage outputs of 300, 400, 500 and 650 for both series and separately excited carts. Their golf cart controllers are compatible for any series golf cart controller upgrade and regenerative braking applications.


Their alltrax controller can provide a silent, smooth, and seamless control improvement so you can enhance golf cart speed. Their motors eliminate the need for contractors that reverse and can provide breaking that is full and regenerative. The world-renowned alltrax controller provides high efficiency and are combined with a sophisticated fully epoxy coated microprocessor. The regenerative braking allows you to have a full break with short stopping distances, while increasing battery life and decreasing heat in the golf cart electric motor. The components are easy to install and are extremely reliable and efficient.


D&D Motor Systems Inc. offers the widest range of tools needed to improve your golf cart speed and overall performance. For a better customer convenience, their website offers a “Choose a Motor Tool” feature to help you get the correct golf cart electric motor, alltrax controller, or combination specific to your golf cart application. If you are looking for a high-speed motor or high-torque motor, they have several golf cart electric motor options for the most well-known golf cart brands available in the market today.

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