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"C-182; forty-seven mechanisms; status: alive."

A twinge echoed through its body, shaking out all of its limbs. Suddenly, it felt itself stand where it was laying, shivering as frost pressed against its steel frame.

"Advance, clone C-182."

It stretched out its legs, dragging itself forward towards the monotone voice reluctantly. Looking up, it paused, staring blankly at a tall figure cloaked in darkness. He opened his mouth into a wide grin, bleached teeth glowing in the black. He raised his finger to the crook of his nose, pushing his thick-lensed glasses further up his face. It could make out a white trench coat draped across his shoulders, pockets scattered across the sides.

A small bulge stuck out of one of the bigger pouches, containing something that seemed to be squirming inside.

"Hmm... Kyro seems to want to examine you, C-182," the man purred softly, dipping his hand into the opening. He winced, pulling out a small, furry creature that writhed against his grip, nipping at his gnarled fingers.

Kyro's short hair pulsed with a strange energy as the animal clawed at his wrist. Its thin body furled around his scrawny arm, fading colours coiling around his skin. Short horns suddenly sprouted on the creature's head, pushing through as spikes grew in a line across its back. Red cascaded down its length while the animal hissed, clamping its tiny teeth on the man's thumb. He howled in pain, throwing Kyro off him, catapulting the little creature into the robot. Kyro passed through it, sending chills through its mechanical figure.


A warm sensation entered the clone’s iron body, passing through its cogs and joints, before making its way to the brain. At once, the robot jolted upright as crimson sparks flew from its circuits, scattering on the shiny metal plates that covered the floor.

“Kyro is very interested, indeed,” the lanky man stepped forward, screwdriver clutched between his thin fingers. In one swift movement, he grasped its steel head in his fist, holding it in place as he continued to unscrew the square panel on its head with small flicks of his wrist. He took the pane and pulled it out, fiddling with the wires on the inside.

“Aha!” he cried, latching the piece back on.

A small explosion rattled the clone, causing his power to completely die out just seconds after. The man cursed under his breath, wrapping his warm, yet slightly sweaty hands under its metal chest, lifting it up towards his narrow face. He snarled, raising the steaming clone above his head. At once, the anger building up inside the thin man exploded, rushing through the veins streaking on his wrists, making them pulse with fury. He hurled the clone, panting loudly as he watched the thin mechanics shatter into large abstract pieces.


   *   *   *

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Felix the Cat

Very interesting... you should continue if you want to, I support it.


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