My Boyfriend Is A Mafia Boss


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 Taglish story 

Nica:bago pa Lang ako sa school 

Teacher:so class may bago kayong kaklase hah greet him class

Mates:welcome to section A, new student 

Nica:g-good morning

Teacher:sit beside to josh 




Nica sat beside to josh 

Josh:this nerd 


Josh:hey don't ignore me 



Teacher:it's anything problem mr,josh

Josh:noting maam


Josh mind:such a nerd 

After class Nica eating and si nica May narAramdaman na malamig sa ulo Nya 

Nica(turn back around)......hey what are you doing 

Josh:bakit (trying to push nica)

Lia:don't do that he is eating don't disturb nica 


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Chapter 1

Taglish story 

Hi I'm nica Kyle girlfriend 


Nica:yes babe

Kyle:ca I have a question 

Nica:Oo sure 

Kyle:what is missing vowel abcdefgh_jklmnop


Kyle:what is opposite of hate


Kyle:and what is opposite of me 


Kyle:I love you too 

Kyle friends:ayieeeee

Nica:(laugh) study time not Bebe time 

Kyle friends:woahhhhh 

Kyle:tsk kaibigan ko ba talaga kayo 

Nica:babe study first

Kyle:okie okie 

Nica:w-what is this answer I didn't know 

Kyle:can I see 


Kyle:oww it's easy babe it's letter b 

Nica:ah thanks babe 

After class

At Cafeteria 

Kyle:wait me here i buy you food


Kyle:KAHIT ano bang pagkain

Nica:Oo KAHIT ano

Kyle:ah sige 

Tapos na sila kumain 

Ring bell

Nica:lezz go babe we have a math subject 

Kyle:I hate subject

Nica:my favorite subject

Kyle:sana oll 

Nica:lika na 


Kyle's friends:sana orl matalino sa math 

Nica:making kase kayo nde ung MOBILE LEGEND Lang alam nyo

Kyle:Oo nga

Nica:tsk lika na 

Pumasok na sila sa room

Nica:hi maam(bow)

Teacher:oh the top 1 student and her Boyfriend 

Kyle:hi maam

Kyle's friends:hi maam(bow)

Kyle it's not bowed to anyone

Nica:why you didn't bow to old and just respect 

Kyle:sorry babe

Teacher:go to your proper sit class now we have a quiz 

Kyle:again quiz but you didn't teach 

Teacher:I said read a module dun yun 

Nica:copied to me(whisper)

Kyle:oh thanks babe(whisper)

Teacher:I should start now

Nag q-quiz na sila 

Tapos na ang quiz 

Uwian na nila 

Kyle:babe bukas hah 

Nica:b-bakit anong meron bukas 

Kyle:nood tayo sa cinema 


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