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Day 1 September 1st

 My name is Maradeh Jones. I'm a normal 14 year old middle school kid, and like all others there isn't much planned for the my career in life. Maybe I shouldn't say all others.

Although my parents have told me to think about it more. They say "just 4 more years and you'll need a real job," that doesn't mean I have to plan now. 

My father is a businessman, he works with a high company in technology or something. My parents tell me about my career...and not their own. 

My mother is the total opposite, she loves designing clothes, mostly girly clothes. If there is one word that describes my mother, it's definitely girly. 

Every month we go shopping at forever24, mostly for her... but my father and I don't do much together. Maybe some restraunt father-daughter dates every now and then. But for the most part, my father and I don't have the best connection. 

I have a brother...a stupid one. He's 17, and he already has a job at a cafe-coffee shop down the road. Of course he was forced into business from my father and some what my mother. 

His name is Josiah, Josiah Jones of course. He's a hottie, to all the other girls at least. Maybe my brother isn't so bad to other people. Only to me.

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Day 2 September 2nd

 My mother texted me during class. All I replied with was "later" which didn't have to do with the subject at all. 

Today was the first day of school, 8th grade. I was so used to 6th and 7th grade that this year will be less stressful and more annoying. My friends from last year and the year before still talk to me every now and then. Brooke Johnson, Willis Snitsz, Maya Brown and Christy Aulis. They aren't exactly best friends with each other, more of friends with me. But things have stayed that way for 2 years, and I don't think things could have changed while we were gone.

Willis is the only boy in our friend group, and rumors say that he moved to a different school. I hope not...but that wouldn't be as devastating as losing Brooke or Maya. They're my bffs forever. And nothing can take us apart, we've known each other since kinder care...well maybe not that long ago. But long enough that I don't remember and have to make up stories when people ask. We're all best friends, and I think the two have more than friendship going on lately...if you know what I mean. 

Speaking of which, the school dance is not until December, but I'm still excited. I've wanted to ask a boy out for a while now. And I never really got the chance to.

Maybe this year will be different...

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