You Ruined Me.


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Chapter one - anxiety attack

I clutched my borrowed library books closer to my chest, feeling a stray tear roll down my cheek. 

I suddenly felt the books get knocked out of my grasp, falling to the floor.

Out of habit, I fell to my knees, trying to collect my temporary belongings. 

"What's up, Nerd." A blonde hissed above me, the disgust in her tone. 

I flinched, frozen underneath her hatred gaze. 

"Leave her alone, Alyssa." A voice suddenly hissed. 

I backed into one of the lockers, leaning against it for support. I couldn't breathe or talk, my vision had completely gone blurry. One of my hands slapped to my throat, as my lungs begged for more oxygen. A sharp throbbing pain shot through my hand, realizing a crimson fluid dripping off it. 

Suddenly, everything had gone completely black. 

I felt nothing. 

As my whole entire existence got sucked into the pure darkness. 


The story doesn't seem that interesting, But, I promise it would eventually. 

I apologize for any grammar mistakes. 

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