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Quote in term paper: how to arrange with an example

Quote in term paper: how to arrange with an example

An important stage in writing a term paper is the study of literary sources. All theory and methodology is taken from other people's research - articles, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids. Scientific ethics and copyright do not allow you to simply copy a text - this is tantamount to plagiarism, to trying to pass it off as your own. It is imperative to indicate the author, to arrange the borrowed material as a quote. If you can't do it yourself, contact the specialists of the service.

Why do you need quotes in term paper

The correct design of citations in a term paper has several goals:

  • shows that when writing the theoretical and methodological part of the study, the student really spent time studying different sources, and did not copy the entire chapter from one textbook,
  • removes potential plagiarism allegations by paying tribute to the author who published the study,
  • allows the teacher to evaluate the quality of the material. If an article from a reputable scientific journal published a year or two ago is cited, the content will inspire more credibility than a 30-year-old source (everything could have changed during this time) or a site known for its unverified scandalous "sensations" (information may not correspond to reality at all ).

Types of quotes

The rules for the design of quotations provide for different approaches, if the quotation is drawn up as direct or as indirect.

A direct quote is a verbatim repetition of the author's words. If necessary, you can skip a piece of text that has nothing to do with the problem being described (an ellipsis is put in its place), but you cannot replace words, add something of your own.

Direct quotations from the point of view of punctuation are formatted as direct speech: they are enclosed in quotation marks and accompanied by the words of the author. Most often, in a scientific style, they first write who expressed the thought, and then they cite the thought itself, but other syntactic constructions are also possible. The arrangement of punctuation marks in each case is shown in the figure.

Rules for the design of citation in term paper

The answer to the question of how to draw up a quote in the coursework can be contained in the manual. In its absence, the best solution is to focus on the requirements of the methodology for the design of the coursework .

Quotes and work check for anti-plagiarism

Although coursework requirements usually specify only one parameter - the minimum acceptable level of originality - plagiarism checkers provide more detailed information, as shown in the figure.

Along with the completely original text and borrowings, citations and self-citations stand out - the so-called "white borrowings". Often, leaders agree to add them to originality. For example, if your term paper contains 68% of the original text and 10% of citations, it can pass the requirement "originality from 70%." Of course, no one canceled common sense: a term paper with 3% of the original text and 75% of citations is unlikely to be admitted to defense.

For a quote to be regarded as a quote, and not as a borrowing, it must be correctly framed says experts - enclosed in quotation marks. Then everything depends on the program: if the source of the quotation is contained in the database of "approved" sources (textbooks, monographs, scientific articles), the quotation will be marked as good faith. If anti-plagiarism finds this phrase only on "dubious" sites (for example, in the database of ready-made abstracts), it will be regarded as plagiarism - and quotation marks will not help here.

Can't get quotes and links?

If the citation examples given in the article did not help, you can always use service. Experts will correctly issue the term paper, even if you forgot to write down where the quotes were taken from.

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