His Deadly Love


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Chapter One

 Ryan Rogers P.O.V

She is perfect. Marcy Locklear is perfect. Her dark brown hair that had lighter brown highlights that fell to her waist is perfect. Her pale green eyes fit her face perfectly. Her bow shaped lips looked perfect to kiss. Her fit hourglass figure that moves though the night was perfect. Everything about her is perfect, one of the best killer in the city will soon be mine. 

I stepped off the one hundred story building and disappeared into the night. The air was cool and crisp so I was glad I remembered to grab a coat on my out of my apartment. I had no job today so I made my way back home. When I made my way back to home base, I grabbed my phone out of my pocket only to see my boss calling. I sighed and answered, with the most unemotional voice I could muster I said “Ryan Rogers, how may I be of service?” My boss was a cruel man, not because he had a whole company built off of selling people to other business owners to kill someone they hate, but be the works me to hard. Everyone else gets three to five kills a month but I get twenty or thirty. It’s not fair but I suppose he knows I’m the best he has. “Ryan I have someone that wants to join our company, would you like to mentor her for the time being?” He responded. “I would be honored.” I said. He hung up without another word. I sighed once more and continued my way into my apartment. It wasn’t the biggest place but I was homey, two bedrooms and bathrooms, one large kitchen and a spacey living room. It was nice, most people from the company had a mansion, but I was just fine with this. I walked into the main bedroom that was all black and pulled some sweatpants out of my closet. I stripped myself of my of everything except my boxers and put the sweats on. I stayed up for another hour before I could fall asleep. All my dreams were filled of her. Marcy Locklear will be mine even if I have to kill someone for her.


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