Resumes - Fact or Fiction


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Resumes - Fact or Fiction


Okay, why devote a section to Fact or Fiction? Because it is needed:) We have seen many resumes blur the line between fact and fiction on a resume. If you blur too much, you will get caught at some point - we have seen it happen:) When in doubt, always tell the truth. This will ensure you are not held accountant able for something beyond your experience.

Think about the classic story - I caught a fish THIS BIG when in reality, you caught a very small fish (perhaps a minnow):) If you caught a small fish, great! You can say you caught a fish - no reason to say it was small or large. This logic can apply to many situations throughout any given resume. Call for military resume writing services if you want to get a military job.

What about dates? Do your best to list the correct dates of employment. This will help your potential employer place a timeline on your activities and experience. No need to lie here! If is very easy for your potential employer to discover this information. If they catch in a lie, kiss the opportunity goodbye:) Be honest. If you have a gap, do not worry. Simply be able to explain the gap and consider drawing attention to it - this helps to demonstrate to the potential employer that you have nothing to hide.

When in doubt, tell the truth. If you are uncertain about the truth, conduct some research. If you do not, your employer will! Telling the truth in a resume and job interview will give you a much needed edge

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