Eternal love


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         Try to know yourself....


Do you love yourself?

yes, I do.

What do you do for living?


Be ready for job.

Go to gym.

Eat well..

A nice sleep..

Do you think you have a hectic life?

yes, i do..

So you must be a angry on your workers..

yes, daily.

So, do you feel you have everything in this world..

yes i do..

So you are a proudly person...

No, i am not..

I am so humble..

Did anybody say that to you?


Do you know what your workers think about you?

yes, respect me a lot.

Do you really wanted to know about it?

In curiosity, he changed her Identity..and went to office as a clerk..

He announced in company that from now, on 

Boss is on one week holiday..

Everyone was very happy ...

They were dancing in joy..

For one week, The company boss worked as clerk,

He got to know what he is ..

After one week, people got promoted who deserve it..

Some Kicked out those were bad..

After one year boss, went office as clerk

and find out people really love him..

He got satisfaction and he was truly happy.  



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Two Partners 

Jackson and Ira were friends from childhood.

One day they were playing in garden..

Jackson saw a scorpion was approaching  Ira slowly..

But she was unaware and enjoying the wind.

Without delay, Jackson was ready to kill it.

But Ira noticed.


Should not do anything..

You have to regret for it....

Ira walk away from danger

 and Gently put a cloth on it..

It was trapped..
After some time Jackson said that will be 

danger for other people..

Ira smiled Killing is not solution...

Use your mind and be safe was the motive.

Life is a game and it depend on you..

How do you face the problem?

Every second is a question..

And it depends on you...

You wanna make your life easy or complicated...

What do mean exactly?

If you killed that scorpion??

One thing made you happy 

That you saved me...

But Second thought will convince you 

That you kill something.. for me..

first you will worried for me..

 Second You will cry,

 whenever you will  see a scorpion 

and will have a thinking that  one of them 

Who is dead because of you..

That's  the point,,,

You should not do anything for 

which you have to regret in future..

That one thing changed the way of thinking 

And now he is a wild life photographer..


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Reverse or circular

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