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How to choose the perfect pet according to your lifestyle

Pets could provide a lot of good things to you as its owner, but the process of choosing which one is perfect for your lifestyle should involve a careful thought. With some factors to consider, deciding which one will take some time but South Bellmore Veterinary Group assures you that it will be all worth it in the end. If you’re currently planning to adopt some pets, learn the things that you need to consider in the following paragraphs.


It is possible that you already have a list of animals you’re interested in keeping, so the next step is learning about the specific needs and wants of each animal included on your list. You need to think about your routine and lifestyle while learning about them and then determine which animal is best suited to your way of life. You need to make sure that things will work out fine between you and your chosen animal.


If you’re always a busy person and you’re not confident about giving constant care and attention to your pets then choose low maintenance animals which require less active interaction. However, if you wanted to take care of very active animals such as dogs and cats and you’re certain that you could give them your time on a regular basis then there’s no problem being with those kinds of animals.


Once you’ve made up your mind to choose from low maintenance animals, you can begin your search with fishes. Keeping a goldfish is a good choice as well especially if you’re on a tight budget since it is cheap and is very easy to take care of since you only need to feed it every day. But it can’t provide the friendship or companionship you can get from more active animals. But if fishes were not to your liking, you can go with birds. They also don’t need that much attention in order to take care of them, you simply need to clean their cage and put enough supply of food and water. Unlike fishes, you can interact with birds and form a friendship with them and eventually develop a stronger bond. You can get them at an affordable or a higher price depending on their breeds where it can be finches, canaries or parakeets. You can find happiness with their joyful noise too. As mentioned earlier, dogs and cats are perfect if you’re certain that you can take care of them regularly. A dog can give you its unmatched loyalty and promises to keep you safe all the time, while a cat can be your fur-ball of energy and source of positive vibes.


From the moment you’ve decided which animal to include in your home because it suits your lifestyle, choose which one of its breed is compatible with you next. Expect that each breed has different needs and characteristics, so you must be careful in learning about them to determine how each can affect your life. 


South Bellmore Veterinary Group will now introduce you to some breeds of dogs. The first one was named Boston Terriers and this kind of breed don’t especially need regular exercise and was fine by simply relaxing beside their owner. Pugs came at second and this breed wanted to engage more into things that can bring enjoyment or entertainment and also suited to a cooler environment. Thirdly, the type of breed that is cheerful and ideal for regular exercising that has a good body size as well is known as the Cocker Spaniels. For our last breed come the greyhounds, which have a larger body size and favor running and quiet surroundings with a nice spot for napping. 


After discussing some dog breeds, we’ll now move on to the breeds of cat. The first breed offers a bright and cheerful appearance, the Russian blue cats, which love playing around with their toys or spending time together with their owner. Look forward to their composed posture as well and their commitment to one routine. Second is a breed that was gentle and quiet, the ragdoll cats. But make sure to buy lint rollers and maintain regular and proper grooming so that their shedding won’t be a huge trouble. The third is a breed that is fluffy, polite and quiet too, the Persian cats. They are perfect for dealing with other people and love being groomed every day. If you want an active cat that enjoys jumping around at any heights, Manx cats were the top choice for you. 


At the end of the day, whichever animal you choose as a pet, South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to be committed to taking care of them to the best of your ability each day.



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