How To Write An Essay?


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How to prepare for an essay?


Most of this year's students will be writing a final essay .It takes almost three months to get ready for it properly.Including reading good books that will not only help to reveal the topic, but also enrich the literary language, vocabulary and the inner world of the reader.

The minimum length is 250 words, and the recommended number of words is from 350. It should be borne in mind that the count includes all words, including official ones. Frankly speaking, during this time it is possible to write a whole story, but it is important that it is not just a meaningful and independent work - it must necessarily correspond to the chosen topic, rely on a specific work of art (or several), include arguments and quotes and be compositionally sustained ... Finally, the essay must be written correctly.

Not counted if more than five mistakes are made per 100 words: linguistic, grammatical, spelling or punctuation.

According to experts, the main secret of successful essay writing is choosing a topic. Non-compliance with the topic is one of the most common mistakes. Of course, you can order a finished work in the But be sure to prepare yourself, even if you bought a job. The wording will be known immediately before the exam, and they can be different: statements, quotes or in the form of questions. Still, the general directions and even comments to them are already known, so you can choose one of them, the closest and most interesting, and try to properly prepare for the remaining months. For example, the Literary Guild's website has recently launched a special section, "For Compilation," where teachers advise a list of books on each topic that are not in the school curriculum, and then offer to discuss one in the context of future work.

Directions this year are:

"Indifference and responsiveness"

"Themes of this direction aim students at understanding different types of a person's attitude to people and to the world - indifference to others, unwillingness to spend mental strength on someone else's life or a sincere willingness to share his joys and troubles with his neighbour, to provide him with disinterested help," the compilers write. On the website of the "Guild of Literary People" they suggest thinking about whether a person is endowed with these qualities from birth or are they brought up in him? How and under what circumstances does a person show responsiveness or indifference? Of the works that reveal this topic, here it is advised to pay attention to the book "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zuzak, as well as read "The Martian Chronicles" by R. Bradbury, "Dandelion Wine", "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" by D. Boyne, "The Old Man and the Sea "by E. Hemingway," The Invisible Man "by H. Wells," Sugar Child "by O. Gromova," Lord of the Flies "by W. Golding," Miracle "by R. Palacio and" Green Mile "by S. King.

"Loyalty and treason "

"Within the framework of the direction, one can talk about loyalty and betrayal as opposite manifestations of the human personality, considering them from a philosophical, ethical, psychological point of view and referring to life and literary examples," the compilers advise schoolchildren.Choose a book or books where the characters are faced with a choice: stay faithful or cheat on themselves or loved ones, and try to characterize their actions in personal relationships and in a social context.

"Man and society"

“For the topics of this direction, the view of a person as a representative of society is relevant. Society largely shapes the personality, but the personality is also capable of influencing society. Topics will allow us to consider the problem of the individual and society from different sides: from the point of view of their harmonious interaction, complex confrontation or irreconcilable conflict. It is equally important to think about the conditions under which a person should obey social laws, and society should take into account the interests of each person. "

When choosing works for an essay, it is important to remember that this is not an exam in literature: the essay should show your ability to reason and express your own point of view. It is forbidden to use the or anything at all during the exam, so it is worth learning quotes and the names of the heroes of the book or books to which you refer. Factual mistakes are one of the most common reasons for getting poor results on an essay.

“To avoid mistakes in attracting literary material, you need to learn to use it rationally: not to get carried away with retelling the content of the book, while forgetting about arguing your thoughts and commenting on literary examples. It should be remembered that the examples given must correspond to the theses and arguments put forward; You should not overload the work with literary material that is only mentioned, but not analysed. It is necessary to reflect on the books read from the perspective of the topic, referring to the characterization of the heroes and plots, the problematics of the work, its conflict, etc. "

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