My Best Friends Boyfriend


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Why me?

 As i stared up at the violet coloured paint on the ceiling i thought to my self why me? I mean what did i do to deserve this fate.

Trapped in the thoughts of ways i could escape. I'm sure my mother wouldnt mind me taking her debit card and moving to mexico nah i dont know her pin.

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Let me start from the beginning

 I was 5 and it was my first day of kindergarten. I was practically shaking with nerves. Then she spotted me my blue teddy bear picnic dress flying in the wind as i ran after my blue diamond encrusted hairbow. She ran in front of the hairbow and jumping up and grabing it. She slid it back into my hair in the place my father did it before he decided to run away with his pregnant secretary (who was actually carrying my half sibling). We became best friends.

When my dad left it hurt a lot as i was a tomboy wich mean that i was not allowed to be one anymore. I still was one up until year 11 when i wanted to get A boyfriend and decided  studying wasn't  the most Important thing and said to my mom "I might take you up on that offer for a makeover" "YES" my mom screamed "I knew you would come around". Next thing I knew I was in a designer boutique with some well know designer the owner of Michael kors or something taking my measurements. Next we decided to get my belly button pierced So I ended up in a tattoo and body piercing place with me lying on the table saying goodbye to the old normal nerdy me and hello to the boy magnet version of me."mum this was never mentioned when you said about a makeover" "sweetie just stop talking and calm down". Stop I stopped talking and just closed my eyes imagining that I was in a cotton candy filled field With unicorns next to Me. Then as I felt the cold metal on my skin I started having second thoughts. As i felt the pain peircing through my skin my mum started saying about how she wanted one as well. When i entered the  ice cream 🍨🍦 parlour I saw him his tall masculine figure leaning against the glass window.

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"shifts over"

 I went up to the counter letting people in front of me just so I could get served by him. It was around a 12 minute wait so I text my mom saying 'go home without me and that just put the money on my card for the clothes we ordered' when I got to the front of the line he said to me in his cool yet sexy voice "what would you like" in my head I was replying  you but I told him my real order "one triple chocolate billonares shortcake 3 scoops" "what about me," he asked smirking "dont you want a bite of this?" Then he walked away leaving me alone waiting. When he handed it to me there was a message made out of sprinkles. "My shifts over in 5 we can grab a bite to eat." So i rearranged the sprinkles and handed it back to him. "I never asked for sprinkles" so he took it back and made a message out of sauce "Of course it does" 

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