Tears Of A Rose


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 Hi my name is Rose and I am about to tell you my story.

I am 19 years old and i have aubern hair with green eyes. I have lived in north texas all my life but I am moving after the recent events that have happened. Let me start from the beggining. I was 2 and a half months old when my mother was murdered by my aunt. My aunt was jealous as when she was younger she and my dad had dated but then my dad dumped her for my mum. My aunt become even more jealous when they got married as she felt that it should be her getting married to my dad and not my mum so when they had me my aunt become so jealous she killed my mum thinking it would give her a chance to marry my dad. Instead it made him hate her and she got put in prison. My father was distraught when he discorverd my aunt hanging from a rope a day before the trial. My father felt like she had got away with murder and spiraled out of  controll. He gained depression and started drinking. This continued for 13 years until I was 14. When I was 10 it clicked I had caused this. I started self harming. Then my school realised. They got me help. But it wasnt help i wanted i wanted love and someone who wants to care for me. I got invited into the popular group aka the barbie dolls

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