The FreeClan : A New Hope


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Chapter 2

 The room was filled with dogs and cats, even some strange animals with wings and scales that I couldn’t even name. A young man took me from the lady’s hands, he carried me out the door into a big truck. “Your going to like my dad, he loves dogs and everything will be brought to you! He can walk you and it’s gonna be great, your going to love being a pet Ros!” 

Me? A pet? No no, I couldn’t be a pet all of the sudden, I was a stray and I was always a stray. I couldn’t wrap my head around being a pet, on a rope, walking a human. I couldn’t take it, I looked back from the front seat, I darted my eyes around the truck, trying to plan a way out. The man stopped all of the sudden and opened his door, then stepped out, he walk to the other side of the car and opened my door. He grabbed a leather circle with a shiny grey rhombus, he slid it over my ears and onto my neck, I shook to get comfortable with this thing he had put on my neck. “I’m Tyler By the way, your name is Roscoe, If you ever get lost your collar will help you get home. Your owners name is gonna be Chris, he might be surprised but don’t fret he’s going to love you.”   

The man, I mean “Tyler” pulled a rope from his pocket, he hooked it onto my neck thing, or collar as he said. He started to walk and clicked his tongue, he tugged on the rope, I think he expected me too move forward, I didn’t budge. He pulled a treat out of his pocket and threw it towards the house, I turned my head quickly, then jumped out of the car and ran,Tyler probably knew that I would do anything for a treat.

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Sadie Stanley

Every time I read your books I see chapter two before chapter three. In The Forest, I did. In Star Wars Land Uncovered the Prologue was after Chapter one, too. I'll try to ignore it, like you said to do in The Forest.

Chapter 1

 “Go away you dumb dog! Shoo! Shoo!” A man said as he threw a rock at my leg. I yelped in pain, rock by rock my leg got numer and numer. Soon I couldn’t feel it at all, it was just a tingling sensation in my leg, I ran after that, who knows what the human would do next is I would of stayed any longer? My reputation with humans wasn’t the best, I would always get yelled at or hurt by them. Sometimes I would see dogs on some sort of rope that were attached to a human somehow, they dogs look like they enjoyed it, there was dogs all over this city. I never did find out what is was called, but I used to call it Southbound. I limped into my alley by the veterinarian clinic, I had a small box that I have been in as long as I remembered, it was made of a shiny, hard material. It wasn’t soft or cozy but it kept me dry in the rain. I crawled into my box and curled up into a little flat ball, I blinked my eyes a couple times and then drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to a bright light shining in my eyes, Usually I wake up to the sunshine tickling my nose, waking me up slowly. This time I woke up to a round, unnatural  bright white light. Then I saw a hand emerge from the corner of my eye, it was holding something soft and fluffy. “I can’t see a chip in his ear and no one has been looking for him, I can give him some shots and then I think he’s yours!” A voice said, it was muffled because I felt strange, as 

that suits him. Let me know when he’s awake fully.”

I jerked awake and tried to get on my feet, I slipped a little bit but with I few tries I managed to get up, I looked around the room, shaking. “It’s okay little dog, I won’t hurt you I swear. I just gave you some shots so you might a little you know.” A woman wearing a white coat took her finger and swirled it near her head, I didn’t understand what it meant. The woman took her hands and grabbed me by the belly and carried me into a different room.   

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Chapter 3

 “Dad? Are you home? I have a surprise for you.” Tyler said. I ate my treat slowly, I wanted to savour it, I saw another man walk in the front entryway, he was much taller and looked much older than Tyler. The man walked in with a shocked look on his face, I looked up at him slowly and gulped. 

Tyler, You got me a dog? I...I don’t know what to say.”

He said as the man looked down at me, I barked and started panting, trying to look cute enough for him to not kill me, that look was the face of a killer. He slowly smiled, he approach me, I prepared for the worst, but he gave me a little pat on my head. 

“What’s his name?”

“Roscoe is his name, he was a stray and I saved him. Don’t be mad because I can’t take him back, you can train him to do whatever you want and-”

Tyler, thank you. This dog is great, I think I can keep him, I mean for a little while.

Tyler smiled, he dropped my rope and left, I saw his truck open and he pulled several things out of it. There was dog food and more ropes, Maybe even toys? Tyler walked back to the door and hand the things to Dad, it almost came up to his eyes.

“Come on Roscoe let’s go, before my back breaks.” Dad said as he walked into the hall, I followed him with my tail wagging, or at least what was left of my tail.

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