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Kadar's hand swept out in the air to try and catch the intricately designed Persian vase. The world seemed to move in slow motion for a few moments, then his hand grabbed the neck of the vase just in time before it made it to the stone floor. "Phew." Then he peeked inside the vase to see if it contained what he was looking for, "Nope, not in here." 

Kadar was the dark haired, hazel eyed, sixteen-year-old great grandson of Aladdin who had found the genie of the lamp, and the much lesser known genie of the ring many years ago. His father was king of the land because his great grandfather, Aladdin had asked the genie of the lamp to become rich and powerful thus marrying the Princesses Badroulbadour, and owning the most beautiful palace in all of Arabia. Kadar's father didn't know where Aladdin hid the magic lamp, and ring before he died except that they were somewhere in the palace.

Kadar was determined on finding them.

He placed the golden colored Persian vase back on the shelf, and thought for a moment, "If I were great grandfather, where would I have placed them. 

In someplace that you wouldn't expect. 

Kadar held up a finger, and smiled, "Aha." He remembered stories about his great grandfather from his father. Aladdin was the kind of guy that would do something unexpected, and spontaneous sometimes. Kadar walked out the room he was in he was going to try one of the rooms that didn't look like it was hiding anything.

This room had an open closet, dresser, a table with a chair, and a white round ottoman with little design. Very inconspicuous.

Kadar quickly went to the closet and searched around inside it in every nook and cranny, then he went to the dresser, and opened every drawer. Empty. Next, he decided to look in the ottoman, he took the top off and looked inside. Empty again.

That was weird. There was usually something in every room. Kadar's eyes landed on the dresser again. He had a feeling he really hadn't looked it over well enough. The dresser had two drawers both spaced apart by at least six or so inches. He pulled it closer to the center of the room and took a look at the back. Looked normal. Kadar decided to take another look at the drawers he carefully pulled the right drawer first. He felt around with his hands and knocked the sides, a soft clinking sound of metal met his ears. The sound seemed to be coming from the other side.

He smiled.

Then he opened the other drawer and did the same. The clinking sound came again, but louder. Kadar felt around, the sides, and his hands found what seemed to be a lever, he pulled the lever and two objects dropped out.

A small lamp, and a gold ring.

Kadar picked up the ring first and rubbed it. At first, there was no change, then a fireless smoke came off the ring and a female genie appeared. She wore an aquamarine green sleeveless, with a matching shalwar; her hair was a bright red and put up into a ponytail. Her bright green eyes were calm as they surveyed the room for a moment, then she spotted Kadar.

Next he picked up the lamp and rubbed it also, soon afterward smoke started trailing out of the spout and formed into a male genie. He wore a dark red vest with a tan shalwar, his eyes were a piercing dark brown.

The genie of the ring spoke first, her voice was calm. "You are our master having called us," She gestured to the genie of the lamp, "I can grant you simple wishes."

Then the Genie of the lamp spoke his voice was deep and powerful, "I may grant you three wishes, except you may not wish for anyone dead, wish be a higher being, or wish for wish for more wishes."

Kadar nodded taking all this in, "Alright." He thought for a moment, then made his first wish.


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