Correct burn in a vape


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Correct burn in vape

If carbon deposits have formed on the spirals, overheating becomes almost inevitable. Therefore, you will have to pay attention to the condition of the coils and, if necessary, burn them. Moreover, this manipulation is carried out with new spirals in order to avoid the rapid formation of carbon deposits on them in the future. Correct burn in vape pods looks like this:

  1. Unscrew the atomizer from the battery pack and disassemble it;
  2. Blow or rinse all parts of the atomizer with running water;
  3. Reconnect the base of the atomizer with installed coils to the mod;
  4. Press the Fire key and hold it in this state for 4-5 seconds, then repeat pressing it up to 7-10 times, bringing the spirals to a red-hot state;
  5. It will not be superfluous to clean off the carbon deposits with a special brush, but this can be done only at those moments when no current is supplied to the spiral;
  6. Apply a few drops of liquid to the spirals and press the Fire key again to make sure that steam is evenly generated along their entire length;
  7. Now the atomizer can be assembled and filled with liquid for future use.

Choosing the right spiral

It also happens that the spirals are heated to such an extent that the vape spits hot liquid. Often the cause of this problem lies in the wrong ratio of winding resistance and power of the battery pack. To choose the right spiral, you should focus on several important points:

  • The voltage applied to the spirals must correspond to their resistance;
  • Always select the vaping power in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging or on the evaporator housing;
  • You can choose the right Volts and Watts for manual winding in a tank or drip using numerous online winding calculators or by gradually increasing the power until the amount of steam becomes sufficient without a burning taste
  • Today's most common vaporizers from the simplest electronic cigarettes support a resistance of 1.2-1.8 ohms, with such indicators, the optimal voltage supplied to them will be 3.7 volts and about 8-15 watts;
  • Replaceable evaporators from tanks with a diameter of 22-25 mm support power from 25 to 100 watts (indicated on the package).

What threatens overheating of the vape

When used correctly, the vape should not overheat, so remember - overheating and operation of a vape that works with deviations from the norm threatens with serious consequences:

  • burnout of spirals;
  • unsoldering contact wires;
  • deformation of the battery case;
  • a sharp reduction in the battery life;
  • battery failure.

Moreover, it is important to understand that modern mods use batteries with a high current output, which, when overheated or broken, stop working, effectively “slamming the door”. Practice knows cases of explosion of such batteries when using them without observing basic safety rules, needless to say how traumatic it is.

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