Tips for beginner smokers of electronic cigarettes


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Tips for beginner smokers of electronic cigarettes


If you are new to the world of electronic smoking, are you going to purchase or have just purchased an electronic cigarette, then we offer you an overview of the main points that you should pay attention to when using electronic cigarettes.


First of all, it is worth considering that the electronic cigarette runs on battery. The smaller the battery, the less its capacity, therefore, the more often it needs to be charged.

The relationship between battery capacity and the number of cigarettes smoked:

  • 650 mA / h is enough for 200 - 230 puffs (about 15 cigarettes)
  • 900 mA / h - for 300 puffs (about 20 cigarettes)
  • 1000 mA / h - for 350 - 400 puffs (about 25 cigarettes)
  • 1900 mA / h - for 600 -700 puffs (about 40-45 cigarettes)

For the right choice, you should build on how many cigarettes a day you smoked before, so that the power of your electronic assistant is enough for at least one day without additional charge. If the battery runs out at the most inopportune moment, it will be inconvenient and in any way worsen your attitude to the electronic assistant.

Atomizer Choice

An atomizer is an element of an electronic cigarette and vape kits uk that is responsible for converting liquid into vapor. Atomizers are of several types, and at the moment, only clearomizers are of interest, combining in themselves a liquid container and a heating element. There are also other types (cartomizers, tankomizers), but they are less practical and not so popular.

When choosing a clearomizer, you need to pay attention to 4 main points:

  • The location of the incandescent spiral (evaporator);
  • Type of spiral. Single or double helix;
  • Tank volume;
  • Resistance of the heating element.

The location of the spiral. Top location

An example of a clearomizer with an overhead evaporator is the clearomizer T2. When we use an electronic cigarette, it is usually tilted down by the battery. Therefore, in a clearomizer with an upper evaporator, the liquid must rise through special wicks (silica cord) to the heating element. This design has several features:

  • Warmer steam compared to the bottom of the evaporator
  • The wicks have a limited throughput, and with intensive smoking, the liquid may not have enough time to be delivered to the heating element in the right amount.
  • The wicks will gradually clog and lose bandwidth.
  • In many models, wicks “hang” almost to the bottom of the tank. The large length of the wicks increases the likelihood and speed of their clogging.
  • Poor quality nicotine fluids also increase clogging rate.
  • It is highly undesirable to empty the clearomizer capacity by more than two-thirds.

In such clearomizers, the liquid may start to burn if, for the above reasons, it does not manage to be delivered to the spiral. In this case, bitterness may appear, the color of the liquid in the tank may change. Any evaporator begins to work worse over time due to the appearance of soot and deposits on the spiral formed during heating. A cigarette starts to produce less steam, worse to transmit taste. Long wicks, characteristic for clearomizers with an upper arrangement, also contribute to a decrease in its service life. The top-mounted clearomizers are often collapsible - only the evaporator itself can be replaced, while retaining the rest. This greatly reduces the cost of maintenance. The average evaporator life is 2 weeks.

The location of the spiral. Lower location

An example of such a clearomizer with a lower evaporator arrangement is the GeniTank Clearomizer.

Almost all modern clearomizers use a lower vaporizer. Features are as follows:

  • It turns out cooler steam, compared with a clearomizer with an upper location.
  • Shorter wicks are used, and in the latest models they are not visible at all (a silica cord or similar material is hidden inside the evaporator).
  • As a result, you can evaporate almost all of the liquid without worrying about the minimum residue in the tank.

The liquid during intensive smoking will not warm up and will retain its color. Clearomizers of this design have a higher cost. However, all modern models allow a separate replacement of the evaporator - the body, mouthpiece and clearomizer base continue to be used. Usually a vaporizer change is required every 2 weeks.

Double helix and other features

The double helix provides a higher rate of liquid evaporation. It is used only on clearomizers with a lower evaporator arrangement. The double-spiral vaporizer improves the characteristics of a cigarette, the quality of smoking, the amount of vapor and the saturation of taste. It should be noted that the double-spiral evaporator consumes more energy, so a capacious battery should be selected for it. Also, fluid consumption increases, so you should think about a clearomizer with increased capacity. The capacity of the clearomizer directly depends on its size, and the choice between a large supply of liquid and small dimensions depends on your preferences and style of smoking. Another important characteristic is the resistance of the clearomizer vaporizer. Less resistance enables the evaporator to operate at a higher voltage. The higher the voltage, the denser vapor will be produced by the evaporator and the better the taste of the liquid is transmitted, but the reliability and durability will decrease. The evaporator will require more frequent replacement.


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