Overrise: An Original AU


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Notice - Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. Overrise is just an alternate universe derived from Toby Fox’s game Undertale. Overrise is a completely original concept.


Setting - Before the first human falls, Asriel Dreemurr, a young kid, decides to go exploring. What he finds, is a wild adventure, a lot of pain, and the truth about a scientist who went missing a short while ago.


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POV: Unknown


I climb from the large whole in the ground. It took months to finally reach the top in one go, but I finally did it. The roots from the large trees overhead helped a lot, lining the walls. Someone should really fix this, who knows who could fall down there. Would they even survive? It’s possible, though probably with a concussion. Mother would be certain to take care of them.


Dusting off my striped sweater, I continue down the face of the mountain, but stop when I’m blinded by something really bright. Shielding my eyes from the monstrously blazing thing, I notice there’s a town below me, at the base of the mountain. A rather long path leads to it, but it’s a path nonetheless. Continuing down it, I find myself tripping over a stone, which leads to me rolling down the dirt path. With a struggle, I find a way to stop myself, covered in scrapes and bruises from my fall.


Laying there for a bit, trying to catch my ragged breath, I overhear the sound of a strum and voice. Slowly standing, I follow it, grateful I’m still a kid and my ears are perked up with my youth. A line of bushes is all that separates me now and I step through, finding a young girl with sandy hair draped over a guitar. She doesn’t notice me at first, so I take in her appearance. She’s strange, without fur.


Was she a... what was that darned word Father had used… oh, a human? She was dressed odd, with a shirt that seemed to hang off of her, thought she wasn’t bone skinny like uncle Papyrus. Her hair draped over her left shoulder and her black shirt hung off that same shoulder. She was sitting on a cut log and singing something. It was a beautiful tune, I’d have to add it somewhere in the underground. Maybe a puzzle with that statue in Waterfall.


A creature curled around my leg and I jumped, letting out a kiddy wail. The girl startled and dropped her instrument, turning around quickly. The creature strolled over to her and nuzzled her leg. What is that thing? The girls large chocolate brown eyes were focused on me, I had no clue how to react. I’m going to be in big trouble when Mother found out.


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POV: The Girl


My voice is echoing through the trees, luckily we live far from town. I’d be embarrassed otherwise. The strings of my girl sing along with me, such a sweet melody. Missy, my cat is sleeping nearby, or probably chasing a bird. I hope she doesn’t kill one, I don't like unnecessary death. There’s a rustle behind me, maybe she’s going after a mouse instead. I keep singing, until I hear something strange behind me, almost a scream, but not. 


Jumping up with sudden fright, I turn around as quick as I can without falling. There’s a… what is that thing? It looks so strange, with white fur. Who wears a green and yellow sweater with white fur? Who even has fur? Those creatures mom talked about? Missy nudges my leg, but I ignore her.


“W-wait, don't scream. Please? Mother would kill me if she found out I left home,” it blubbered. Hold on, it can Speak!?


“Who are you?” Somehow I manage to keep my voice calm. This creature is strange, but there’s no harm in treating it kindly. Maybe it understands the golden rule. The thing is calmer now, which puts me at ease as well. The kid, I guess, since it looks young, is as tall as me. It has little horns that surface above it’s ears, which are oddly standing up.


“My name is Asriel dreemurr, prince of the underground and son of Toriel and Asgore Dreemurr, the king and queen of the underground.” So it’s a he, interesting. Hesitantly, I step toward him. He stays still, his great storm blue eyes focused on me. I let my hand caress his horn. He reminds me of the goats my mom used to tend. My fingers brush his fur. My god, it’s so soft. His hands gently poke at my arm. Right, he’s probably used to seeing a lot of creatures with fur where he’s from.


“What are you?” I don't mean to ask, but the question slips out anyway. I’m surprised when he laughs, he has a nice laugh. His fangs sho-wait, he has Fangs!? I back up a little just as mom opens the door to call for supper.


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POV: The Girl's Mom

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POV: Asriel

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