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There is much debate about which country is the “best” in the world, but the UN has already made the choice of the happiest country. And she turned out to be Finland. It is worth noting that other Scandinavian countries took place in the top 10 list of the happiest countries in the world. Why are Finns the happiest?

Economic stability

The happiest countries in the world are not necessarily the richest, but they can cope with the instability of the global economy. In recent years, Finland has experienced several economic downturns, especially after the crisis in the eurozone, but it is recovering faster than most countries. Only about 6% of Finland's population lives in poverty. Finns can even afford to make real money bets and play in the online casino of Finland just to relax and enjoy the game.

Sincerity is a resource

Can criticality also be a strong Finnish quality? An expression of mistrust proves, in fact, that in Finland people are not afraid to voice their opinions. Suomi residents are used to expressing their thoughts openly. This sincerity can be a source of strength if used properly. The expression of real feelings means that a person is not afraid to be rejected and trusts the society in which he is. A society in which residents trust each other and power is truly succeeding. A penchant for criticism can also be a useful resource. Constructive criticism is the path to development. The problem is that a self-critical person is also more likely to condemn others.

High level of social support

Taxes in Finland are high, but they are reasonably invested in a social support system. The social security system, known as Kela, provides free medical care for all citizens and residents of Finland (plus free emergency medical care for tourists), unemployment benefits, free higher education and even a free box for every baby born in Finland. This idea had such a positive experience that it was recently adopted by Scotland. The number of homeless people in Finland is also one of the lowest due to the social housing program.

High life expectancy and good health

Finland has its own problems with the health of the nation: the number of drug addicts and alcoholics is gradually increasing, as well as the level of depression in remote areas. Nevertheless, the average life expectancy is still at a good level and equal to 81.4 years. The health care system provides good care for the general health of citizens, both physical and mental.

Lack of corruption

Finland is considered to be one of the least corrupt countries in the world. Even the police are one of the most trustworthy in the world, not a single case of police brutality or corruption has been recorded. Bribery, fraud, and malpractice are all illegal in Finland, and isolated cases of this kind are incredibly rare.

The well-being of immigrants

Cold and remoteness do not make Finland particularly attractive for immigrants, but those who withstand the cold consider Finland a very friendly, hospitable country. The social security system does its best to help immigrants assimilate into Finnish society, for example, by providing free Finnish lessons and information about living in Finland. At the time of 2016, there were 5.5 million foreigners in Finland.


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