My Reasons For Visiting Japan


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If you like to travel and visit exotic places, then Japan should definitely be on the list of countries at number one. Remember that not only sushi is famous in this country. We offer you a list of reasons why you should visit Japan.


We all know about sushi. Someone likes them, someone is indifferent to them. But besides them in Japanese cuisine there are many more various delicacies, not to taste which would be tantamount to a fierce crime. One of the few countries where you should go for the sake of national cuisine is Japan. Perhaps nowhere else you will come across such a variety of dishes and their exceptional usefulness. Seafood, which is the main part of the Japanese diet, is very, very many substances that are most useful for the human body.


The Japanese islands are always interesting if only because at every step you will be surrounded by one of the most beautiful phenomena in our world - the ocean. And the famous volcanoes? What about mountain systems? And the famous Japanese gardens? The strongest side of the nature of Japan lies in its glorification by the Japanese themselves, in their ability to find and appreciate the beauty of every pebble, every twig, every flower.


Among the many historical sights of Japan, there is something to see, whether it is the Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto or the famous Big Buddha of Kotoku-In Temple, Japan is one of several places where you can really see a glimpse of past generations.


No one knows exactly how many festivals take place in Japan each year, but it is estimated to be around 100,000. This means that whenever you come to Japan - you can always get to some festival.

It’s Very Unusual There

In Japan, everything is different. This country is not very similar to the European ones, to the CIS countries. This is a completely different culture, a different way of life. Because of this, it is worth visiting Japan. You arrive almost on another planet. It has the latest technology, comfortable hotels, friendly people.  

Anime Tour

For fans of Japanese animation, activities like anime-themed and high quality Japanese iGaming sites and anime tour is just a must-go. While traveling to Japan, you will find yourself in the Ghibli Studio Museum, where you will see the works of the famous Hayao Miyazaki, visit theme parks associated with the anime "Big Kush" and "Dragonball", and even find yourself in theme restaurants. And of course, the anime tour will be incomplete without thematic shopping - during the trip, you will find yourself in a variety of stores where you can buy for your memory gizmos from your favorite anime and manga.

Ninja and Geisha

Thinking about Japan, the images of a ninja as a strong and dexterous warrior, and a geisha as a young charming girl certainly appear in my memory. These two Japanese cultures have deepest roots and, as a rule, are of great interest to foreign tourists.

Autumn is Japan's New Spring

Everyone knows for sure: if you go to Japan, then you need to do this in the spring in order to get to the famous sakura blossom. But sakura is not the only tree the Japanese are proud of.  In this country, maples are very fond of, and you need to admire them just in the fall. Japanese maples impress with their spreading crowns, which acquire a bright fiery color with the onset of autumn. All parks, temple complexes, and palaces are buried in this fire. Really worth the sight.


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