Leopardfurs Prophecy


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Chapter 1

Leopardfur was just a little kit, only at the age of 4 weeks, she's any normal baby kit, exept for her speed. She's slower than a cheetah but, she's prepared for the ultimate race of different kinds of cats in 2 days. See, cheetahs can run 25-30 miles a minute, where as Leopardfur is able to run 20-30 miles a minute. After the run, her beloved owner, Shimmerfur is joining in the ultimate warriors war. Some may come home, some may not. Now Leopardfur can't stay alone but her oldest sister, Lightningfur, is 15, so she's old enough to take care of Leopardfur.  The day of the race, Leopardfurs mom dresses her up in her cute runners outfit. 

As the flags soar, Leopardfur runs her fastest. A baby cheetah was not far ahead of her, and Leopardfur was hoping for a victory. Near the end, about 7 meters away Leopardfur, takes the lead after the poor cheetahs paw gets caught on a branch, leading the cheetah to 7th place out of 12th  place. 

As the end happens, Leopardfur was so tired she even went to lay in a big bush that most dogs go near... But Leopardfur didn't know, and everyone was shouting "dogs eat their prey there, flee away from it, they have very good scent, they'll track us down!" 

But Leopardfur stayed. And dogs came, but they were no fear to her, as she scarred them in the face, even popping ones eye socket.

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Chapter 2

 After the race Shimmerfur started packing up foods, her special memory things, and a bit of moss to lay on each night. And then Shimmerfur headed to the warrior cave. "HALT" shouted ultimate warrior fighter Knucklestorm. " you must all leave now! This warriors fight is canceled. No cat should hurt any cat, and if they do, I the king of Catland shall put you in the dungeons, deep, deep, below the ground of this soil. GOT THAT!!!" 

"Y.. Ye..yes, yes s..sir, w..we do, now please let us go...."

Said the all 20 cats. 

"Bye cats, see you in leaf fall, for our next warrior fight. 

Don't forget, it's only summer. You still have like... 1 1/2 months left to train and prepare."

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Chapter 3

When Shimmerfur got back she saw her 2 daughters Lightningfur and Lropardfur cold, and starving on the ground.

"Why didn't you guys go get leaves and little mosquitos and bugs to eat while I was gone?" Said Shimmerfur

"There was a fight with Caramelheart and  Jawstar in front of the door."

Said the 2 cats.

The scare was really kicking into Shimmerfur.

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