7 Ways of Having a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


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7 Ways of Having a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns have become an essential part of promoting your website and its products for nearly every ecommerce business. Most channels like SEO and social media are very volatile and subject to unpredictable changes, an email list can be built over time and become a part of your business that takes it to new heights. Here are some of the ways in which you can reach out to more and more customers and increase your customer base:


Customer review incentivization


An email based product review goes a long way in increasing conversion rate than those without one. Additionally, any product that has more than 20 reviews is more likely to be sold than a product without any reviews at all. The best way of approaching your customers is to set up an automated personalized email that goes out to customers a few days after they have received the product. You can also give incentives for every review in the form of points that can later on be redeemed.


Optimizing open and click-through rates In order to understand if your email marketing is really effective, you should use an A/B testing in order to identify which one has the highest engagement rate. This way instead of testing an isolated variable at a time, your experimental email marketing strategy can yield real insights on how you can act in the future. Instead of A/B testing every email, an email marketing agency suggests instead on figuring out which emails would have the biggest impact on bottom line if they did have a higher engagement rate.


Cart abandonment emails


Sending out emails that are a follow up of why shopping cart has been abandoned can lead to a successful identification of bugs on your website as well as increase your your conversion rate because if someone has added an item to their cart, it means that they are an very qualified to be considered as a potential customer.


To reduce cart abandonment, you can set up a rule that detects whether a person visits the confirmation page after visiting the cart or not. And if that is the case, a mail can be sent to the users asking for the reason behind the incomplete transaction.


Rewarding loyal customers


A relationship of the ratio 4:1 exists between customers and total revenue when it comes to ecommerce websites. This means that a large part of the revenue is driven by a small loyal group of customers. Targeting certain categories (the most loyal ones) with incentives can reinforce their willingness to stay loyal to your services.


Reactivating dormant customers


You can increase your customer base by reaching out to dormant customers who haven't bought anything in a long time. Segment your customers by loyalty and target them by creating campaigns that are relevant to level of activeness and focus on activating those with dormant accounts more than the loyal active ones.


Coming up with newsletter calendar


Often, marketers create a season or holiday’s campaign on the same day. This isn’t very effective considering that in events like these, there is a lot of creative and commercial potential.an easy way of ensuring that you are never rushing to send out campaigns is to build an all year long newsletter that is inclusive of holidays and events that are specific to your business’ seasonality.


Going beyond the inbox


Over the years as marketing has evolved, we will be likely to see a lot of ecommerce companies that will add email marketing to their social advertising campaigns. It was noticed that people were more likely to buy your products if they saw your ad as well as your emails.


Analyse your competition


In order to check out your competition, it is recommended that you create an extra gmail account and subscribe to all their accounts. They don't exactly need to be your “competitors”, but really should only be websites that share the same customer base as you do. There is also top SEO software available on the internet that might allow you to track the way your competition builds its emails and assist you on coming up with new ideas.




Virtually, there is no limit to far you can go in order to segment your customers, target them across different channels, and personalise your communication to touch your customers in a memortable manner. The potential of email marketing should not be, at any cost, be underestimated. Do sit still. Start collecting visitor emails today with the help of prompts on your websites and send out e-invites to have them over and become a part of the loyal customers.


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