Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


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Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Well, nowadays SEO has become the talk of the town and everyone is searching for it on the internet. And why that shouldn't be? After all, it is one of the most important elements of digital marketing and an essential step to improve online ranking and business. Considering the competition in Boston, the biggest brands are collaborating with an SEO service company to achieve their business goals. However, most of them are failing to pay their attention to a significant prospect, i.e., mobile SEO. Mobile marketing has become quite popular in this era as it plays a crucial role in promoting the brand and making users familiar with the product. People spend 5-8 hours a day on their smartphones, searching for different keywords and surfing the internet. A study has shown that around 55% of online traffic is through mobile phones and more than 50% of users buy products or discover new brands via phones. That is why businesses are seeking assistance from Boston SEO company to run an effective mobile marketing campaign and reach the maximum audience across the globe. However, even after trying their best and sparing no effort to come up with successful promotional strategies, companies are still making some mistakes that are deteriorating the user experience and reducing the returns. Have a look at some of those errors to analyze if you are guilty of any one of them:    

Poor execution:

In the past few years, many big brands have launched their mobile campaigns to get audience attention. However, the one thing that they ignored was optimizing it for the smartphones. No matter how creative your page is or how great it looks, if it is not optimized for mobile, then it is worthless. No user is interested in pinching and zooming every page to get a clear look at the site. Therefore, you have to make sure that you create a website that is optimized throughout.     

Not customizing the content  

Most of the time, SEO service company uses the same content for the website and mobile app even if it is not compatible with phones. While making a website, several photos, videos, images, GIF, are used to make it user-friendly and attractive. Of course, these media files take a bit time to load. However, when talking about the mobile app, one needs to make sure that these media files are compatible with smartphones as well. If not, then customize the content accordingly for other platforms. Ensure that videos are accessible through other devices and browser while working on a mobile marketing strategy.     

Pages load slowly

Remember, the time taken by your site to load plays a crucial role in deciding the interest level of a user. If it takes too long to load images and videos, the visitor will leave the page and move on to the sites that are more compatible with mobiles. They may not even see what you are offering or what your brand is about because, for them, time is everything. No one has sufficient time to wait for the page to load and watch videos that are taking hours to buffer. In fact, Google also avoids such pages while preparing its ranking list. So, use images and other media files that are suitable for phones.     

Find yourself guilty of these mistakes? Well, then start working on them now without any further ado. Rest assured that with a few precautions and the right focus, you will soon find yourself a place in a leading Boston SEO company. All the best!  

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