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Prodigy: All American Sweetheart

My name is Savannah Kennedy. I am a fourteen-year-old horseback rider prodigy. I am a typical American sweetheart who is the youngest equestrian Olympic hopeful and one of me has been horseback riding since I was very young, in fact, my mother is the United States of America, equestrian gold medalist back in her days and now she is the number one coach of the United States of America equestrian team. She taught me how to ride, tackle a horse for everything to making sure the horse is happy and healthy. As a young child, my mother always took to her riding practices or even horse competitions, which is why I take after her when it comes to equestrian.

My father is one of the most respectable governors in the country, due to his beliefs in today's politics, plus everyone supports him all around the state of California. In fact, when we go out to many places, there are always people going to ask us a bunch of questions, ask for our autographs and of course taking many pictures of us. We are basically like celebrities, due to our family history with the government, such as my grandfather was the forty-five President of the United States of America. In my family, you either become an Olympian or work somewhere in the government area of careers or maybe get the lucky chance to do both. I choose to follow both family lines, and I would be the first in my family. I would like to follow in my family footsteps, but I have no idea what to do in the future, which I have time to think with a few years left for college.

When I don't have a political or a horse event, I go to an all five-star equestrian boarding school called the Olympic Equestrian Academy (O.E. A. for short). It's where all the Equestrian Olympic hopefuls go to train for the Olympics l, which is rated five stars and the gives the students a top education. There are some other students like me who have parents who work in the government, such as in military, politics, federal and etc., it's acutely nice to know there are other kids in this school like me. Don't get me wrong about the fact all the students here are very talented but most of us will either drop out due to stress, be failing school, injury or even getting kicked out because they didn't follow the rules of the Academy. My parents expected me to be a high honor student and become the number rider in the academy, not brag or anything, but I am the number one student at this academy.

I have a pure black stallion horse with a white bolt symbol on her face, right between her eyes but just a couple of inches lower of her head mane. My parents want me to have the best horse in the country, and they paid a lot for her and her horse equipment, besides the Academy Housing and school fees. My parents also make sure my horse Cobalt, is well taken care of with a really good veterinarian that is the number one in the country. My little sister Peyton also has a horse, and she is also horseback rider just like me. She is a junior Olympic hopeful and his her own top horse just like mine, but her horse color is penny color and is named lucky. She always goes to the academy with, and she is my roommate, which I am lucky to have her with me. Even though she is a year younger than me, she is also very talented, and she is the second best rider and the top student just right after me.

Other students at this academy or either friendly to me or just jealous, that my partners are well-known in the country and even of my little sister too. Sometimes I get bullied or even teased a lot about my parents, lifestyle, horse and riding style with skills, which can really get under my skin, but I learn to control my anger and stress, so I didn't do anything stupid. My dad says that some people are dumb when it comes to bullying a talent honor roll student who already has a ticket to go to the next Olympics, and I should let anything like that to bother me, in fact, it just makes me train harder and for those Olympic medals.

My house is pretty much won the biggest mansion, there is in Malibu, California; besides having a horse stable on the property and my family stables have some other horses which belong to the family and other riders who are abroad their horses at the stables. My mother thought the name called Olympic Shooting Stars was the perfect name for stables. I personally love it because of the horse stables because it is where all the top equestrian horses there is in the country stay at while either traveling or even training. In fact, we have a good size house nearby the stables, it's kinda like the mansion, but not quite like it, it's just huge house with everything that a normal middle-class house has a pool. Which is really nice of my parents do that for other talented riders, also I get to meet Olympic equestrian riders to even Hollywood celebrities who would like to learn to ride horses or even knows how to ride a horse.

One of the bonus things about having your parents own the stables are that my sister and I have our horse stall right next to each other, it is a good thing that our horses like each other as friends or you can say like sisters. Our horse track is a bit different from other riders because we have the top track in the country and it is the most expensive too. Besides choosing our horses and track, we even named the horses and picked them out when they are ponies. We got the horses and our tack as a present from our parents because they wanted us to prove to them that owning and training with the horse to become the next Olympic star is going to be hard. Ever since my sister and I have started riding, we help each other out with taking care of our horses and even training. We also develop our skills and talent by getting personal trained by our Olympic equestrian rider, our beloved mother who is sometimes can be very competitive at times. I honestly don't mind it at all because she knows what's best for us at getting those shiny medals at the Olympics and representing our country.

I honestly can't wait to be an Olympian star even as a senior rider and having my sister become the next junior Olympian star, it has been our dream since as a child. Even though she isn't the same age or at the same level as me due to being older and had started a year ahead of her. We have been horseback riding and learning to take care of a horse since we were around the age five and six, we had ponies back then but now we have full-grown horses. Our nickname from our dad is the Stormtroopers, because of our last name and we are some nerdy Star Wars fans, which is pretty funny because that's what he calls us when are winning every single horse competition we enter. We even have each other's backs as riders best friends and well of course sisters, no matter if I have a huge horse competition or her, we are each other stable hand with everything which is very helpful because we know each other know our horses too. In fact, it's really nice to have my sister as my riding partner and my roommate because I can always help her out and look after her. 

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