4 Stages of Dating with Girls


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Dating Cycle

There is no single-line answer or life-hack to dating girls. Every person has a different story and has preferences. Although we know that each person is unique and what repels one girl impresses another, some universal rules of dating apply to every relationship. Knowing these rules will be your key to entering a healthy relationship right from your first date. 

You may be okay with online dating and try polyamory in chat rooms, but your neighbor might be skeptical.  Some people think the idea of dating online is a marvel idea and others think it's weird. However, over 40 million men and women have joined a dating service or two hoping to find that person who “does it for them.” The fact you're here means you're thinking about it but could be among the individuals who are not sure about becoming a member. 

Going on your first date might seem like a challenge to you, but trust me, it’s not that hard. However, landing a second or third date and then maintaining the relationship is hard. Knowing these 8 steps of dating makes things easier for you in latter part of dating. 


1st Stage – Attraction

Every relationship begins when you feel attracted to someone, and they feel the same way about you. If you want to date a specific girl, you need to make yourself noticeable and attractive. Looking and behaving your best are the prominent parts. However, it would significantly boost your chances of scoring a date if you can get some insight on what she finds attractive in a man. When you feel you’ve got her attention, you’ve completed the first stage. 


2nd Stage – Learning more about them

It is only natural that you feel the urge to learn details about a person you attracted too. Satisfy this hunger of knowledge by conversing with her in person or over texts. You might check out their social media profiles to better know what type of person they are. Combined with the knowledge you get from mutual friends all this might help you learn more about their interests and your compatibility.


3rd Stage – Building comfort and trust

An Oxford study has proved that building comfort and trust is an essential stage of a relationship. It is usually the stage when both of you lower your guard when in each other’s company. As a man - avoid saying cheesy lines because they always sound insincere. Share your feelings sincerely, and this would automatically cause your partner to say what is in their heart. 


4th Stage – Actually going on dates

At this point, you will be regularly going on dates with your partner. You would have built a comfortable relationship with her, and both of you are comfortable with being vulnerable in each other’s presence. 

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