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Chapter 1

The first lights of the dawn shine upon the blond locks of a Phoenix as his green eyes pierce into the horizon. Luke Sardenallke, once again thrusting his sixteen year old self into the annals of the future, seems to pierce the air with his thoughts. All you need is some romantic yet epic introductory music and you could send a tape of this off to Hollywood before the day's done. Of course, Los Angeles is still rebuilding itself after all these attacks which have resulted in this being my nation. My nation. I'm a sixteen year-old with a modern nation. It's like taking a slice with a white sword to conformity.

It is the middle of September, the beginning of a blazing day in a season of many warm ones. Feel this heat. But it's not as hot as the fires of innovation. But one hundred degrees isn't bad. I'd like to see Kinsey's reaction. A wind whips across his face, light filtering in across Phoenix. He stands outside the city, from his home in the heart of it, a flip from before in the most impactful of fashions. No. She has adapted better than a chameleon. Fit perfectly while retaining her individual flair. That makes so many greats. We have the hottest fires.

If there is an array to be assembled, he has done so. So many world leaders fill to the brim this state, taking back its nationhood and flourishing with it. An army has been raised, and victory after victory has been won. Luke breathes. I could command people to declare Phoenix Day a national holiday and they would follow through. That's not actually a bad idea. He snickers as the ruins of a city rebuilding beat before him. What's life without going onward?

The sun rises onward, light flickering. Kinsey locates him soon enough and the two of them unload emotionally, firing away at all that is to come. Her brown-black hair seems to Luke to beat like a black diamond as she pierces in words. "People love to chase lightning into a bottle. They reach out and try to catch it. Then there's us, y'know. We haven't just caught it; we're powering and electric plant with it. It takes you places. It's like you tear a gash in the fabric and enter into it. I can feel the passion from us all. This is liquid dynamics."

Her hazel eyes burn of a brighter sort as they meet those of Luke. A fusion of aqua. Kinsey might be the best of anything I've seen in these other worlds. Except for Ariel. Maybe. "If Negativum reflects Terra, then you reflect me, Kinsey. We just tap into some magic. It's like the scenes all directors want in their movies, only with so much reality running through it. We've dived off the 'edge' and off a cliff. But we won't die. At least not yet. We have the rocket propulsion to take us right up the mountain. Serene chaos much?"

Kinsey seems to exude with resonance as she grins, emotion seeming to be under her control. Her eyes glint. "It's only the two of us right now, here. We can talk about anything. Think about it. If we wanted to shout into the wind that we hope everyone else would get killed in this war, we could do that. But I don't see any reason to do that except for rebellion's sake. And that controls all the actions of society as a whole, y' know. If something is to the advantage of society, it will be executed on. Greats define themselves with a sort of tactical emotion. It's empowering, like we could shoot ice from our hands." Her hair seems to dance behind her.

Luke spreads out his arms behind him as the blue skies grow deeper as he strikes, fire-breathing with wit. "Like my lil' sister. Let it go. But seriously. I've seen you all in there watching old movies and TV shows from this world. You gotta wonder if they'll ever make a movie about our lives. They could call a biopic of me 'Phoenix'. Not even 'The Phoenix'. Just 'Phoenix'. Nice and sleek. Culture is reflected by the events of life." He throws an arm around Kinsey in friendship and rapport.

If people talked with a third the creativity we normally think with, like we are doing right now… we could be destroyed. But we'd probably be in something unimaginably powerful. The future of the Kingdom of Scandinavia (and possibly its present) exhales with the air of the wind. “Predicting the future is always far more accurate when we make it happen. When it is under our control, like we can slow down time and dodge bullets. And yes, I watched that movie. But I remember sitting down with your sisters and watching TV and movies on a bed made of golden silk. Feet up in the air and heads at the foot of the beat, arms around each other. Reminds me. We need to finish the seventh season of that twenty-tens program. People called it violent and inappropriate for ten year olds like Elsa. Try reality in war times. Or any times."

The city seems to stir with the fire of greats. Luke stretches back, breezing up against the wind. Luke brushes his blond hair back as he waxes. "We should be getting back now. Of course, we could just take off in a hyper-plane and soar to a Pacific island. Imagine the reactions from everyone. I always do. Bet you do too. The aftershocks of those scenarios we will not actually execute playing in our minds. Of course, as greats, we actually do execute some of these scenarios. And we call it innovation. On the wings of a snow eagle and a fiery phoenix."

They fly through the streets of Phoenix as the rebuilding efforts yield creative structures beyond what has been ever possible before. Sometimes all-consuming fire burns a clean slate for innovation. And what people say is true: I do have such a way with words. Not just weaving them. Using the weaves to make a movie of my making.

The two of them venture and dive to the center of the city, their building of their headquarters jetting up above all others. Kinsey just flips her hair, free from conventions. And pours out. "Money is legitimately no object for us now. This car is worth almost half a million dollars. 'With zero-to-a hundred speed in one point seven seconds and an eighteen-hundred horsepower engine.' They should feature me on a commercial."

She laughs wittily, choosing words carefully, her hair flowing out the window. "Sarcasm and exaggeration drive society. But really. When someone just explodes to the next level, how they handle it is very telling of whether they keep that level or fall right off. Like going from no money to owning a lot of what this nation does have. I'm not even exaggerating much when I say nation right now. But you handle it like it is your chosen destiny. Which it is. Nothing's someone's domain more than what they choose. Your terms."

The beacon that is the main square of the city seems to glisten. Luke leans back on the sleek black leather. “It’s amazing the impact a few words can have on the world. Slice something into the world and the entirety of it ripples. And it can all be tuned to your command. I am seriously thinking about buying a fifteen million dollar mansion under my name for my family. National law says that a sixteen year old can’t hold an estate like this? There would be no nation if it wasn’t for us. If they try to stop me- which they won’t- I could always just leave to my grandeur and their squalor. The flames will erupt back higher soon; it is empowering that you can… control the every direction.”

Luke flashes Kinsey a sly grin, which she returns, as the radiant light of the new day shines through the massive windows of the governmental spire. Luke peers straight up. I remember naming this monolith after me. It was ten o’ clock on a starry night those moments. Those moments. Yes. And you can’t beat the name we gave to this place. No one remembers what the original name is. They just call it the Phoenix Den. That seems like a long time ago. Can’t believe it’s September already. I am the Phoenix.

Ariel is waiting for them at the head of the massive group of them, perhaps enough visionaries to do anything, even that which has not been considered. Ariel trots towards the two of them. Giving a sisterly hug to Kinsey before sharing a fiery kiss with Luke. She is what you get when you mix creativity with radiance and fill it with futuristic rocket energy. She’s changed so much, evolved and it’s stunning.

Her red hair curves from behind her back, bright sky-blue eyes flickering. “It does make you feel like the king and queen of the world form up here. You can literally see for miles on end. But it seems like more than that; it conveys that our domain starches far beyond… anywhere, particularly the horizon. Like we are already in flight. Which in life we are. Conquering.”

The lights seem to gleam as time goes by. The older of Luke’s two younger sisters chuckles as their eyes catch. The blond Phoenix strikes with humor and tactics. “We’re not the same as we were before, soaring on our terms. I’m sure Ms. Alexis Avizela Sardenallke would agree with that poetic waxing. If she wasn’t forced to be twelve, she could probably be the ruler of us. Avizela. I’ve always loved your middle name, Lexi. I’m closer to her now than portably any other time in our lives. That’s the thing about siblings. They have the least amount of nihilism of any relation. Truth invigorates. This one’s for Lexi, who is not a kid anymore.”

The atmosphere rings with meaning. Look at us all. We’re not invincible, but we are the best. But you never think about how it changes others. And it has changed Lexi; changed her for the stronger. Aly chimes in with will. “Any innocence we may have had is gone. Gone with the wind perhaps? Anyone who tries to paint that as a tragedy is someone… who will portably die in mediocrity. Millions killed? You could make a case for that as a tragedy. This is one hundred percent liberation. Escapism is all warm and fine for living quiet and secluded. But in real life, when it’s all realm, millions of people relying on you; it’s the closest thing there is to a death kneel. And I may live and I may die, but I will never kneel. I’ll fly.”

The white-platinum-colored structure breathes over all that is. Serenity panoramas around, letting the white streak in her hair cascade down her body. This is taking it in. Their food arrives, five-star cuisine for five-star visionaries.

Jackie pierces in earnest, her shortish white-green dress cascading down her toned body. "No one controls our movement, do they? But they sure as anything are watching it. If they were smart, they'd be learning. I remember when I was your age, back in high school. I wasn't near as stunning or intelligent as I am now, but I was still a great. And I looked around and thought, 'What am I doing here? I should be leading these people, not sucking up to them.' And so I did. Conquest is the best sort of revenge. It's our flow."

Ariel and Luke hold hands as the landscape beats onward. It's interesting how much the landscape seems the same. It's unchanging until it's changed, I suppose. I don't think any person with a sort of reason could undermine or underestimate our impact. The redhead beats onward. "Sometimes all you need to do is wake people up and they jolt through. Like going skydiving. Feeling the air gale across your neck, invigorating you. Sometimes people take stock in aspects which are fake, but as soon as you show them reality they desire, they flock to it. Gotta play the people, I suppose. I've read a lot of fantasy novels in preparation. Just because it's fictional doesn't mean there's not more reality in it than a lot in the world." She flashes an incandescent grin as if it was a deep flash of brilliant light.

Elsa paces through. She is short still at ten, but she shines much brighter than her age, like a moving shot of firelight. "I've always tried to sound older than I am. C'mon, I'm a girl of ten, of course I am. But I don’t think I have to try any more. And I, like the rest of us are in that position where we don’t have to… anticipate our future.” She leans against Andrea, her jeans and tight blue shirt clear and supporting her crystal blue eyes as she continues. “I twitch in excitement at the thought that we are so powerful. Revel in excitement. Los Angeles is our passageway, our key. And it’s ours. The sky’s sapphire and we’re golden. It’s a threshold, mates.”

Luke breathes, taking a ramp for the highest possible perspective on his friends and family, his green eyes shining with passion. Lexi, Rebekah, Kinsey, and Ariel, in that order, follow him, perspective exuding from them all. It's moments like this that make it seem as if we've only scraped the surface. Look at that view. And feel all that we are able to do with it.

Jackie and Mikaela lead all of the remaining visionaries as they pace to their spot, sensing and attacking as they have so often done. Perry stands tall as a pair of planes race by from above. "As has been proven in so much in history and culture, it is either soar or get left behind. Higher than ever before in full color. These planes represent that, in war. And in peace. Our constant desire for progress. That, innovating and making things happen, is living. We're not just progressing to Los Angeles; we're flying these planes to the future." He lets off a long whistle of ambition ringing throughout as the planes soar on.

Ariel slices through the air overhead, her sleek aircraft gusting in maneuvers as a sort of sky-cutter. She and Luke share a kiss as the blond curves over from his co-pilot seat. The blond floats slyly. "You will forever the better pilot of the two of us. Not a single moment of indecisiveness flying this vehicle with the blaze of intention. Think about 'forever'. Certain ideas always have a strong resonance; that is one of them, particularly to us greats. We see how fast change can sweep through our lives. But back on track; you can fly better than me. But I have a nation already. That at least evens it out. The greatest aspects of leadership are a lot like flying your own great airship."

He looks at her. Her focus is unparalled. Look at her, dynamic and explosive and radiant. Beautiful is too tame for her. The redhead inverts the plane before righting it and cruising it gently through the air, taking her hands off the controls and breathing with life. "Yes. That is how you fly an airplane. Heh, if I'm half as good as you say I am and I know I am; I should be allowed to applaud myself figuratively. I could probably start my own trend of just slicking my hair back with one dark thread hanging down on the left side. Edgy and sophisticated. But the future awaits for us all. We're so electric. Crank on the balladic music. And here we are, racing further. Across the night and into the skies."

They connect as life stretches out before them, accelerating. Ariel spontaneously holds up the three-fingered salute of Negativum to the world. Luke does the same with his custom Southaro salute, and the two kiss in passion. The sun is setting in elegance. Ariel presses her red locks up against Luke. "We've rubbed off so much on each other. It's like the wind fusing with the fire. Can't beat that. The world will never forget us, Luke. Our legacies are etched in it, and those etches burn white with us. It's like the two of us merge into one and ride with a wind across the world." Emotions rocket up like nothing else.

Their presences flicker bright in the atmosphere still, perhaps even stronger as the sun swifts down under the horizon. The last light of the day begins to melt into the sleek cover of night.

No one's life falls into simple patterns. No one fits neatly into chapters or pages. I've always been a cultural snob and proud of it. I hate fanfics. Seriously though: I hope all this will get people to expand their horizons. Life is too good to fit between the lines. These moments like me right now with Lexi and Elsa on the edge of so much too good to be ignored. The three Sardenallkes lies back in the grassy garden of the new seat of government, the stars shining so bright. It is if it is a wave dotted with the being of their ambition, in the form of bioluminescent organisms.

Lexi sprawls out, her brown hair meshing against the two blondes she lies between. She breathes in every bit and molecule of the night air. "I've experienced more than any other twelve year-old ever. People are always chasing the idea of special. Making something better than expected. And here we are. Like a modern wave of colored originality crashing over. It stirs you into what's to come, y'know? We have a perfectly apt, well-furnished interim house a few blocks down, yet we choose to stay here. This is ambition. Wow."

A certain sort of smoothness sweeps through the area, as if in anticipation of all that is to come. Luke slices with emotion as he makes his signature salute on his chest. "I'd take the Serenity we have over that in this air any time. And that is saying something. Obvious connotations with your name are something you have to be slightly annoyed by. But you love the power it can give me. The instant legitimacy. At least a bit. More than a few times, I've bulleted this: 'You've got the wrong LS, and I don't mean Lexi.' We really are so powerful in emotion, all of us. And I don't think anyone can beat the dynamic between the three of us. The next few days are huge. If nothing else it'll give us some fodder for our speeches. You two are getting good with that fire."

Elsa looks from side to side, flowing. It's amazing how differently you look at your own sisters after you've seen so much of the world. And they have not fallen behind. Elsa is not quite grown. But none of us are. She just seems to exude mature elegance now. The youngest Sardenallke glides with deep rose-navy emotion. "I feel like a young singing prodigy, only with more fire. Gliding into all that is to come. If all goes in my favor, I may become a star writer. Even some of those singing prodigies managed to avoid faceplanting and became great.”

She grins in concentrated grit. "Mom Maislyn's probably asleep by now. It's almost midnight. Just us and our lives. And it's not just me; we really have had so many of these moments lately. As I would write: I feel deeply liberated by these times, as if I am above the destructions of the world. It really does feel like so much more now. No questions about it, we are going saising with you next time; expand our horizons. And of course, like our Serenity and Aly… and Rebekah, you two, Kinsey, and everyone else have said so many times: we could be dead tomorrow. It's stark and real and here. I love not being shielded from any of it. You can't beat reality. Like the moon and the sunrise; life and death and all that exist on the same plane. And we make that plane ours."

The three of them grip hands tight as they beat onwards into life. It's as if the moonbeams are palpable. Luke calls into the night, undeniable, Lexi, Elsa, and all that is on his mind. "Everyone can win in life. We can even give people the sensation of winning. Make them feel all warm and good inside and feel some victory. But not everyone truly triumphs. And if they have, few, if any have or will do so and us. And it only keeps rising. Death doesn’t stop us. It's only a piece in the majestic scenery."

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