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It's been a problem for everyone since the beginning of it. There's either too much time, or not enough of it. Some people would like to stop time, slow it down, make it speed up to get through things. But not me.

I enjoy time, every second it gives me is precious.

Everyone is born with a time stamp on their heart, a dull black tattoo looking time plate that never counts down, never moves... Until your twenty second birthday that is. Now, this could mean one of three things.

1) You're going to die
2) Your soulmate is going to die
or the third reason, the one that's very rare, the one that everyone hopes for...
3) You find your soulmate

The one thing they don't tell you about soulmates if you find them, it could be too late...

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I never really cared much for time. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I never really cared how much time I had left. I learned to cherish each and every single second of it, no matter how fast or slow it went. It wasn't ever about the time I spent, or the time I wasted, it was just about living.

Growing up, we're taught that we only have three options once our time runs out. Its never up to us what happened though, it's just our reality given to us, forcing us to accept it, whatever it may be.

I just decided I didn't really care, that I was going to do whatever I wanted to do, whatever made me happy. Not at the expense of others, never did I take it that far, though others have used me in that way... But I choose not to remember those moments, and to continue carrying on through life. People say I'm very optimistic, very glass half full. I smile when they say that. It means I did a good job at hiding what happened. I just don't understand sulking away in a corner about something when no one knows how much time they have left, don't care, or decide to take it for granted. 

I pushed what happened to me in the past. And I'm just going to enjoy whatever comes my way, the good and bad. Because that day felt like it was my last, and I never want to worry about it if it comes again. In fact, I always find myself praying for that fateful day when my clock starts, that it'll be counting down the days of my life I have left. If there's only three options, and the third hardly happens, at least it would keep my other half from ending up with someone like me... Someone damaged.

There's always the ones out there who's clock runs out and nothing happens to them, they don't meet anyone, they don't die... but there's an ache in them deep down, because they know what happened. But they move on with their lives, and they still know how to love. They grow old, living happy lives, that's what I want for my other half. I want them to grow old and happy, even if I can't.

That's why I'm not wasting time, or regretting time. If I'm to die when my clock runs out, I'll die happy. I would've had plenty of time to wrap my mind around everything beforehand, and I've already been living to my full potential.

"Brook!" I heard my name shouted from across the street, causing me to look up and smile. I put my hand up to wave at my friend, the one jumping with joy with balloons in her hand, her red curls bouncing around her face. "Happy Birthday!" She squeals and then runs across the street, ignoring the honking cars as some have to slam on their brakes to avoid her.

"Happy-..." I frown. "It's my birthday?" I asked lowly to myself. How did I not even remember?

"Birthday! Yes!" Chyanne finished for me, wrapping me in a hug and giggling.

"Thanks, Chy," I laughed a little, still caught off guard. She pulled back suddenly, her hand on my shoulders as she looks at me expectantly.

"So, how's it feel to be the big twenty-two?" her excitement spills from her as she bounces in place.

"It feels the same, I guess." I shrugged my shoulders. I should feel a little different though right?

"So has it started yet?" She asked after she finally stopped jumping in place like a happy little Chihuahua. "How many day's till you meet your soulmate?" She couldn't stop smiling.

I shook my head at her, Chyanne was always one who believed in the third ending for our countdown, that at the end of it, she and I would find our soulmates. Although people call me the optimistic, they called her the dreamer because she is always on cloud nine and believing the best of everything. In a way, that is how her and I became friends though.

After everything that happened to me, I decided to not live halfway or scared anymore. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I believed I could spend my time anyway I wanted, and that nothing but myself could get in my way. Chyanne and I met in college right after that and she immediately clung to me, claiming I was the only one to get her way of thinking, since she practically saw everything the way I did. Though I know she didn't have the same experience I had. That's why she believes in soulmates, she is overly optimistic. I'm the only one out of us two that has had a taste for the other side of life, and I'm glad she's not been stained in the way I have. Her dreamer-likeness is refreshing and keeps me sane. She knows I don't believe in the third option of soulmates like she does, but that's never stopped her believing for me, telling me I'll end up with my other half at the end. She claimed from the very start that she had enough faith for the both of us.

"My clock hasn't started yet." I chuckled, "It won't start till exactly when I was born, you know that."

"But you don't even know that! Your mom can't even remember." she pointed out.


"Because they doctor's gave her meds, I know." She finished for me and then chuckled.

"Exactly." I sighed, a content smile on my face. "so where are you dragging me to for lunch?" I asked, trying to get over the fact that I forgot today was my birthday.

"Oh, right! It's this new mexican food place on the roof of the-"She started to say, but I lost focus for a minute and my hearing went out. My eyes went wide and I felt this big found in my heart, a sound so loud it hurt my ears. The motion threw me back a step. I bent in half and held a hand to my heart as I gasped.

"Ah!" my head pounded too. It felt like forever, It felt like time slowed down. A feeling I'd felt before, but this was for something else. My ears rang and my hearing came back, my eyes on the ground as I caught my breath and took in the sounds around me.

"Brook!" Chyanne stopped and looked at me with wide eyes.

"I'm good." I said a little breathless.

"What happened?" She asked slowly, looking over me with worry, a look I hardly ever see from her.

"I don't know..." I muttered, finally standing back up straight. As I did so, I looked down at my chest where my heart is, wondering why I felt that pain. Then, suddenly, my eye catches the time stamp right next to my hand.

"No way! You got your time!" Chyanne suddenly started to get very excited. Me on the other hand, I felt my stomach drop to the floor for the first time since that day...

Why, you ask?

"Chy..." I muttered, then looked up at her. For the first time I regretted my countdown, thinking I would be okay when it started, but this changed everything.

"What's wrong?" She asked, still so full of joy.

"Why does it only say ten days...?" I slowly ask, my heart pounding in my ears as I looked down at the numbers in bold black letters across my skin.

9* 23:59...



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Adelaide Rothstone

I am loving this so far! If that happened, I'd probably freak out more than her, though.


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