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The Locket
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© 2015. Kenzie Laine


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    All around me, everything was moving. The people, the cars, the planes above head, and the clouds that were being blown through the sky. It was a normal day. Just like any other. For Me, though, today was the day of a big decision. I didn't know it yet, but today was going to decide my fate. 



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Chapter 1


    I walked past the heavily crowded streets, trying to get to work. The rush was heavier than usual and it irritated the fire out of me. I had only five more minutes till I had to be back in the office. I couldn't be late a third time or that was it for me. As I pushed past a person, I heard them gasp. Thinking that I had hurt them, I quickly turned to apologize, but instead I saw them with a smile on their face. 
    They were glancing down at the locket on their neck as it glowed a bright red color, pulsating and flickering like a heartbeat. The locket that only glowed when both halves of a soul were ready for each other, ready to meet. Soon, her locket would be growing warmer as she would turn a corner, telling her which way to go. It would tell her and her soul mate where to find each other.

    I flinched back at the thought, then looked down at my lifeless locket around my neck. 

   Before I could think too much about it, I quickly pushed forwards, knowing that I had to get to work. With my head ducked down, I quickly pushed past the remaining few feet of the New York crowd and entered the building. Though, it was packed as well. I was lucky to only be on the second floor.


    Hastily making my way, I went up the stairs up the middle of the foyer, pursuing my path till I made it to my desk with seconds to spare. When I got there though, the sight wasn't welcoming. A stack of papers were on my desk for me to file, and a little sticky note on top telling me to have it done within the hour. To my horror, the time stamped on there for when it was placed on my desk, was thirty minutes ago. 
    I threw my purse to the floor and quickly got started, separating the files and organizing them neatly. When I got done going through them is when my boss came out of the door behind me. I grabbed up the pile to my right and stood up, then followed her back into her room.

  "You may set them right here Megan, and here is a list of a few things I need before the day is up." My boss handed me the piece of paper, then looked up at me with her scrutinizing gaze. "As you know, my son is coming into town again, so I expect everything to be taken care of when I am out of the office tomorrow." 

  "Yes, ma'am, I am aware. And I assure you that everything will be taken care of." I gave her a polite smile and a nod of assurance.

  “Good, good... He shall be here before the day is up, so I expect that is when you will have that list done as well.” She repeated, turning back to her computer. "I'll call you if I decide I need anything else." She dismissed.

  “Yes, ma’am,” I nodded my head and then exited the room, making sure to shut it quietly behind me. Sitting back in my chair for a moment, I sighed, and proceeded to look at the list I was handed.

- Pick up dry cleaning
- Get copies of everything in file X-290-Y3 and prepare them for meeting
- Set up portfolio for meeting
- Coffee at 2:30
- Send car to pick up my son, plane arrives at 3 o'clock
- Fetch file X-346-Z1 and leave it on my desk
- Call Mr. Philips and see about the squeak in my desk drawer

    I winced as I looked at the list, knowing that a few of these items would take a while to get done. I looked at the watch on my wrist and knew that I should be going as quickly as possible. I quickly pushed up to my feet, cursing silently as I knew I would get blisters in these heels, then started down the hallway to fetch the supplies I needed.




    After getting off the phone with Mr. Philip, I pulled out the last file I needed for the day and sighed in relief. I marched back down the halls with my head held high, despite the ache I was feeling in my feet from stupidly trying to break in my new heals today, and headed back towards Mrs. Norton's office. I knocked on the door and waited to open it till I was invited in, then quickly set the folder down on her desk. 
    She turned around in her chair before looking up at me, a gracious smile fleeting on her face, then dismissed me till it was time for me to go home. As I went to leave the room, A knock sounded, and then a tall, dark haired, young gentleman entered the room. He flashed me a smile that made me falter in my steps, then quickly went past me and towards his mother.
    I rushed out of the room as fast as I could, shutting the door behind me a smidge, and returned to sitting down at my desk.  My heart rate was still beating from my brief encounter, then I scolded myself for such a reaction. Then started to think about what I witnessed earlier.

    True, that when you and your soul mate are both ready to find each other, your lockets light up. They glow with a color that's unique to only yours, and they start to play the role of a compass. The closer you get to him/her, your locket will start to grow noticeable warmer, the color getting more vibrant as well. But, what they don't tell you in school, is when only one person is ready.

  They don't tell you how it's likely your soul mate may never want to activate his/her locket. How, even if you activate yours, your one true person who is supposed to love you, may not even care. 

    What they do tell you is this: One of you will activate it first with your voice, your heartfelt true meaningful words.  The locket judges your heart and the readiness of your soul, only activating if you truly mean the words. 
Then your lockets will glow for a week, pulsating a white light, letting you know that your soul mate is ready to find you. If your soul mate hasn't decided within the week, the glow starts to taper, only pulsating one a week, then more after a month. Soon, it could only glow for one day, once a month. The teachers told us to never worry about this though, as we most likely will answer within the first week.

    From what I witnessed though, it is not true. 

   Not everyone will be ready when the other soul mate is, and not everyone will even glance twice at their necklace. Some people like their life the way it is, and don't think they need their other half. That's what happened with my mom, she was ready, and he never came. 
    My dad though, I couldn't have asked for a better one. After he died, my mom tried to take her locket off, not wanting to ever have the chance to experience the pain of loosing someone you love again. Her heart was broken twice. I didn't want that to happen to me.
   That's why, as I looked down on my locket, I fretted over those words. I wanted to say them, that I was ready, but I couldn't. That fear held me back, and back is where I was going to stay.


  "Mom, we have this conversation every time I come over." I heard Mrs. Norton's son say, a weird ting in his voice.

  "Yes, we do, and we're not going to stop having it till you admit you are ready." Mrs. Norton's smug voice said back. 

  "You just want me to take over the company already." Her son sighed.

  "I do, but that's not why I ask you. I know you are ready, you are just doubting yourself. You are doubting her." She replied, all knowingly. I was intrigued by their conversation. It was wrong to listen in, I knew, especially since she was my employer. But I couldn't help myself. 

  "Why do you insist on this?" he replied exasperatedly. I listened for a few more minutes, but got impatient when my stomach started to growl. I looked down at the time and saw I only had two minutes till I could leave. "You want me to say the words so much? I'll say them. But tell me this mom, what happens if you do not approve of her? What then? You going to take my other half away? Forbid it?" I heard his voice grow louder, making me anxious and uncomfortable.

  "Mitchell Norton, you know I would never do such a thing." I heard Mrs. Norton reply, reprimanding her son. "I would approve of her in a heart beat if she made you happy." 

  "Do you really mean that? Because you can't take back your word..." I heard his voice trail off, this time, my stomach was in knots. Only seconds left till I could leave and go home though. Leave and go eat.

  "I promise, you will never hear a word of me saying a word against your future bride." I could hear the smile in her voice. 

    Ooh, only 10 seconds left till I was allowed to leave my desk.

  "All right then... I'm ready, and I'm waiting." I faintly heard as I counted down the last five-seconds on the clock.

    Then suddenly, before I could get to three, my locket pulsated a bright white light, bursting to life. My eyes went wide and I felt my heart stop in my chest as my breath left my body. It couldn't be, could it? No, this was just a mistake, a coincidence.... Right?


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