Drastic Measures


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Drastic Measures

Gwen walked out on the balcony and looked down at the city that she helped protect. She had always done her job well. Nothing ever stopped her from completing a mission that she worked on, until now. She took a drink of her wine and closed her eyes as it slid down her throat. The wind around Megan’s isolated home was strong enough that it blew through her hair as she opened her eyes to the sparkling sky overhead.

“Can you stay tonight?” Megan asked as she leaned against the open door.

“You know I can’t.” Gwen turned around to find Megan in her white, silk robe.

“I know you always do what you want to do, whether it's by the book or not.” Megan walked toward Gwen and slid a hand down her hip and thigh. “Why is it so hard with me? If you want to stay, why don’t you just do it?”

“Megan, every agent in town knows what you look like, and everyone is keeping an eye and an ear out for you. I ‘m supposed to bring you in, not help you stay free. If anyone ever finds out that I’m having an affair with you, my life and job are over.” Gwen stepped closer to Megan’s warm body. As hard as it was being with Megan, it was impossible to stay away.

“Why do you keep coming back to me?” Megan slid a hand under Gwen shirt and skimmed across her fit stomach.

“I have one weakness,” Gwen admitted as she reached up and released the tie on Megan’s robe.

“Would that be me?” Megan asked as she backed away from Gwen. The tie of her robe was held by Gwen. Every step Megan took released her robe even more and revealed more of her naked body.

Gwen watched Megan backing away from her. Her long black hair lay over the white silk on her shoulder and teased against the skin of her now open robe. Megan's long, well-muscled legs eased backwards until the tie pulled loose from her robe. Shoulders relaxed and white silk pooled at Megan’s idle feet. Gwen’s eyes caressed the curves of her hips as she looked across at Megan’s naked body. She continued up the thin waist to the full breasts and hard nipples that called Gwen to suckle. Gwen drank the last of her wine and set the glass on the table inside the door.

Megan stood still as Gwen stopped in front of her. Her hand came up and a finger brushed her hair back from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Fingers continued to slide down Megan's neck, across her collarbone, and down between her breasts. Gwen moved around her, letting her finger trace around her hip and up her spine. Both hands came up to her shoulders, and palms lay gently against her fair skin. As they eased down her back and slid across the cheeks of her ass, Megan couldn’t stop her body from reacting to Gwen’s light touch. She stayed silent as Gwen continued teasing and moving around her. She spread her legs as Gwen’s finger sidled down her hip and along the juncture of her thigh. The finger slipped between her folds and then lifted up to Gwen’s lips.

Gwen sucked Megan’s essence off of her finger. The taste was something that she craved. If she tried to keep herself away from Megan, she would taste her on everything. Whether it was an apple, a crescent, or a steak, her memory would remind her of Megan until she couldn't stand it any longer. Gwen would call a number, and Megan would meet her that night. No one knew of this house and Megan’s connection to it. So, for now, Gwen wasn't worried about her and Megan being found out.

Gwen’s hand came down and started undoing the buttons on her shirt. She walked as she slipped her shirt off and laid it across the back of a chair. Her slacks were next, followed by her bra, panties and socks. She stood there naked and stared at the woman who filled her mind.

The fact that Megan was an elite thief had been a problem for Gwen at the beginning. She had been undercover and met Gwen at a fundraiser. Dressed in a long, cream-colored gown, Megan held everyone’s attention that night, including Gwen’s. When the opportunity to speak to Megan arose, she found out she was a smart, brilliant woman. Her emotion for the children that they were fundraising for that night surprised Gwen. Almost everything she knew about the woman was wrong. At the end of the evening, Gwen had gone to the bathroom before leaving. Megan came in right behind her and trapped her against a sink. As Megan stood there and stared at her, Gwen fingered the broach on her dress and turned off the microphone. Megan inched closer to her, and Gwen’s arms went around her and welcomed Megan into her arms.

Gwen finally moved forward and stopped right in front of Megan. She didn't kiss or touch her. She simply stood there and stared into her deep, brown eyes. “What can I do to please you?”

Megan finally moved and brought her hands up through Gwen’s short, red hair. Her thumbs brushed across the fair, freckled skin on Gwen’s cheeks. Her high cheekbones and slender, pointed nose were perfect. “Sit down against the end of the bed,” Megan ordered as her thumb brushed across thin lips.

Gwen lowered herself down and turned to lean back against the bed. Megan turned on one foot and stepped across Gwen’s legs. Hands came down to her head as Megan stepped closer and pressed herself against Gwen’s face. Gwen’s hands came up and cupped Megan’s ass as she slid her tongue forward for her first taste. She moaned instantly when Megan’s musky nectar coated her tongue. She slid her hand down and slipped two fingers right up inside of Megan.

Megan bent her knees and pressed down on the fingers and mouth that were pleasuring her. Gwen’s fingers were twisting and teasing inside of her, and her tongue was still slipping between wet folds and licking up as much moisture as she could. As Gwen’s tongue moved up and the fingers finally pulled almost all the way out, Megan knew that real pleasure was about to begin. Gwen lip's clamped on her clit the same time she rammed her fingers up inside of her pussy. Megan's eyes closed as she bent even further down on the fingers that were now fucking her.

Gwen kept her strokes short and hard to keep Megan low enough for her to keep sucking on her clit. Megan’s knees started bouncing on her fingers, and she could hear small whimpers sounding from above her. Gwen kept fucking Megan with her fingers until she could tell that Megan was close to cumming. She slowed her fingers down and released her clit. Her tongue slid back toward her fingers and teased at the opening as Gwen added two more fingers. She slid her fingers back in slowly and continued teasing her tongue up and down Megan’s slit. This time when she pulled her fingers out, she laid her thumb across her palm and wrapped all four fingers down over it. Gwen pressed her fist up against Megan’s opening and wiggled her hand around until part of her fist was just in. Megan took over from there and pushed herself down until Gwen’s entire fist slipped inside.

Megan couldn't hold back the scream as Gwen’s entire fist slid inside of her. They had never done this before, but Megan trusted Gwen and knew she would never do anything to hurt her, not during sex anyway. Gwen’s fist slid up slowly until her wrist and part of her forearm was inside of Megan. She had never felt so full in her life, and part of her was afraid to move. Gwen’s lips and tongue slid back up toward her clit, and her worries soon subsided.

As her lips wrapped around Megan’s clit, Gwen’s tongue started flicking across the tip over and over. This made it hard for Megan to stay still. When Gwen pulled her fist down from inside of her tight walls, Megan waited. When Gwen’s fist started moving back up again, Megan lowered her knees and pressed down. She was so full that she had expected pain. But intense pleasure started building up in her groin, and she knew that she was in for one hell of a ride.

Gwen started moving her fist up and down inside of Megan. She was so wet that Gwen could feel it covering her arm. She picked up the pace and started back in with the short, hard strokes. Her tongue was circling and flicking across Megan’s clit the entire time. Megan was moving up and down on her arm and grunting with every thrust. When Gwen heard her grunts rise in pitch, she sucked hard on Megan’s clit. Gwen continued sucking hard as Megan’s voice kept getting higher and higher. Her fist was ramming up inside of Megan, with her pushing down on Gwen's fist with every thrust.

Gwen slid her free hand up, clamped on a nipple, and twisted it in her fingers. Megan’s scream filled the bedroom instantly. Gwen’s tight inner walls trapped her arm, but she kept her lips and tongue busy as Megan continued to scream through her orgasm. When Megan’s legs collapsed, Gwen had to catch her so she didn't come down hard on her fist, which was still trapped inside of her.

“I didn't hurt you, did I?” Gwen asked as she held Megan against her chest.

“No, not at all, that was amazing.” Megan was still contracting around Gwen’s fist and arm, and she knew that she would have to calm down before Gwen could remove her arm.

Gwen slid her other hand down between Megan’s legs and ran her finger across her clit. She heard Megan’s breath catch and felt her contract around her fist. Gwen pulled the hood back from Megan’s clit and started sliding two fingers up and down the throbbing nub. She pinched lightly as her fingers continued to move along the small shaft.

“Get up on the bed, now,” Megan ordered. She pushed herself up slowly and Gwen rose with her keeping her fist in place. Megan turned and lay down on the edge of the bed, pulling her knees up to her chest.

Gwen was on one knee as she ran her tongue down from her fingers and licked across Megan’s rectum. She continued to rim Megan’s ass as she pulled her other hand up and pushed a finger against the opening. When her finger slipped in to her first knuckle, Gwen teased her way back up to Megan’s clit and flicked across its tip. She continued sucking and teasing Megan's clit until her finger was all the way in Megan’s ass. Gwen's tongue continued circling as she started moving inside of Megan’s ass and pussy. As her hands increased in speed, so did her tongue, until she had her lips wrapped around the base of Megan’s clit.

Megan wrapped her fingers in Gwen’s hair and kept her pressed tightly against her pussy as she thrust down on her hand and finger. Her other hand wrapped around her breast, pinching and pulling her sensitive nipple. She had just been coming down from her first climax when Gwen slipped her hand between her legs and started stimulating her again. It still surprised Megan that she could cum again so quickly with Gwen. No one else had ever been able to make her orgasm multiple times. She would never admit it to anyone, but she would give up everything else in her life if she could stay with Gwen forever. Even Gwen didn’t know of the feelings that drove Megan to make changes in her life.

Gwen kept thrusting into Megan, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Each time Megan pulled her hips back, her clit brushed against Gwen’s upper teeth. She could hear Megan’s reaction each time. So, she tightened her jaw and let her teeth graze across the top of her clit with each thrust of her hip.

“Oh, god Gwen, baby, that's it.” Megan’s hands gripped the sheets as the pressure built up in her groin. Her hips picked up speed, and she was grunting with every thrust. When her climax hit, she felt her body contract and the fluid spurt from her pussy. Gwen’s lips relaxed around her clit and lowered to catch almost every drop of Megan’s juice. As Megan's muscles continued to contract, small spurts of liquid continued to burst into Gwen's mouth.

Gwen continued to lick and clean every inch of Megan’s pussy as she eased down from her second climax. She slowly pulled her finger from Megan’s rectum and eased her fist down and out of her pussy. She kissed the inner thigh of each leg before pulling a quilt up over Megan. Gwen moved to go down to the floor, which was usually her place after pleasing Megan.

"No," Megan said quickly and grabbed Gwen's hand. "Lay with me." Megan lifted the quilt so Gwen could lie down beside her. Gwen's arms went around her body, and Megan instantly tried to bury herself against Gwen’s chest.

"Megan, I've told you-" but Gwen quit talking when Megan brought a hand up and placed it over her lips.

"I want you to lay here and hold me. You don't have a choice in the matter," Megan said in as strong a voice as she could manage. All she really wanted anymore was for Gwen to hold her, take care of her, and just be with her every morning and every night. Gwen had made it clear in the beginning the type of relationship they would have. As much as Megan craved to have a normal life with Gwen, she knew it would take something drastic in order for things to fall into place where it would be possible. And Megan did drastic very well.

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Leah Harvey

This story is all I have written of it. But the story line and the characters are grand enough I think it could be a full novel in time. Let me know if you agree.


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