What Love Does To You


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I need you. Ever since we met my life has dependent on you. 

Why don't you understand how much I need you. It started 

with a simple crush turning into a full time fixation. I became 


Pictures spread around my room of you. Books and 

Books written on you describing every aspect of you from your 

Eyes to you hair. Your personality was perfect just not around me 

Well it wasn’t always like that. Like I said it started with a simple 


Which turned into dating. I love you but as that went on 

You started saying stuff like ohh there pretty or wow look at her 

Hair. Every day it got worse and worse. Till the point I couldn’t deal 

With it anymore. I told you how much it hurt. That was our last day


Then came the fixation. All our pictures,I printed out; 

We’re turned into a giant board that was in the middle of my room

Anyone who entered my room could see it. Well that was a lie. My

Room is off limits to everyone. Not like anyone would wanna come

Over. All my friends left me as soon as I told them. 

I prefer girls...

They laughed then said “your joking right?”

“No I’m not” my eyes welled up with salty water. 

As they walked away my face was covered in salt as water rolled down 

My face. My sleeves are wet. The same jumper i have been wearing every

Day since I broke up. Exactly 61 days and 5hours... 

The breakup was tragic. You told me you wanted to see me so I headed out 

I got there you said “ I’ve had enough of you complaining” and shut the door 

In my face. I cried for 3hours every night. Covering my pain in the day. 

Everyone thinks I’m weak or a nerd. That’s what love does to you makes you 

Sad. Makes you put everything in your life into work. Makes you feel numb 

For the last time.. you don’t understand my pain...

With tears screaming down my face, I screamed “ I NEED YOU” 

I soon learnt you didn’t need me...

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