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Where's Dad?

 "Dad! Dad! Oh, there're you. I have been looking for you everywhere. I wanted to ask that, Can I get a new Phone?" " Oh, yes my girl. Which one do you want???" " I'll have to see in the store about that." "Okay, Hope.", said Dad. Yes, I am Hope. My mom past away when I was 8 years old and now I live with my dad in this big house called 'PROSPEROUS'. I have tons of friends at school but my best friends are Jazzy and Jenna. So Dad and Me made a plan to go to the phones store on next Sunday. But today is Thursday. So I got ready to go to school ' St. Malachy's High School '. " Hey, Jazzy and Jenna" , I said after reaching school."Hi", they said. And like every normal day we went to the library. It was pretty big with tons of bookshelves loaded with books in an orderly and sensible manner. In the centre there were lots of tables and chairs. On the other side was a huge table with office chairs and computers and printers. On the side where the exit was, was the registration office in which we borrowed books and returned books. It was all in red and golden. It looked like a library of a palace. Jazzy, Jenna and I love reading so this is our favourite place in the whole school. At 9:00 am sharp we returned to our classes. Our first period was English. We always have fun in English literature as you know,we love reading. We all have tons of books in our library in our houses. But the school library is much bigger and fancier. I have only been to Jenna"s house cause Jazzy just came like 2 months ago. But Jazzy has told us about her house. Jenna's house is very big. There is a living room in which there is combination of brown and yellow walls and elegant furniture. Then her mom and dad's room is the fanciest and magical of  all the room. I have only seen it from the outside when I went to sleepovers at her house. Her room has a combination of lavender and light blue walls with hot pink furniture. Her bed is really comfy. She also has a pet dog named Sadie. Sadie is really cute. Sadie loves me. Whenever I go she just bounces on me and tries to lick me but thankfully Jenna saves me from getting licked. Our next period is maths which is really really confusing but jazzy is outstanding at maths and she does all our homework but Jenna and I are not that bad at maths that we don't get good grades. We do get grades like an A or sometimes when we are lucky we get an A+. After maths comes Social Science in which we learn about Geography, History and Civics. That is really boring but also easy. Next is Break!!! Finally!!!!! We get our fruits and go to the ground and just chit chat chat. After Break is Science. We all love Science. It's really interesting and easy. Then comes Computer or Art. Whichever we choose. That's where we get seperated cause Jenna loves Art. But Jazzy and I love computer. Jazzy comes to computer classes because she loves playing games and I come to computer classes because I love creating document on MS-Word. Finally, next is LUNCH!!! Lunch is for 1 hour in which we eat our lunch in 15 minutes and then play for whole 45 minutes. Then the last period is again a choice between French and Hindi. Luckily we do not get seperated in this because we all chose French. We all love French so much that after school we also take extra classes of French on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We three have never got in detention and we three feel proud about it. As today is Thursday we got to our extra French classes that are for an hour. After that we three go together to our house. We all live nearby. And that is really handy as Jenna and I can call Jazzy to come over to our house to do our maths homework and have fun. So today they both are coming to 'PROSPEROUS' which is my house. Yayyyy!!!!!!! So now I knock on the door and my servant Lizzie opens the door. "Where is Dad??" , I ask. "He was in the living room," she says and leaves. I let my friends enter and gave them some coffee and cupcakes. Oh! How tasty were those cupcakes?? Then I call for dad from my room but he doesn't answer so I go in the living room to see where he is. He was not there. So I checked his room too. But he was not there too. I searched the whole house,the backyard, the front yard, the garden but he was no where to be found. So I called my Dad but someone else answered in a rough voice that was definitely not my dad's voice. "Who are you? Where is my dad?" I said. He replied, " Give me 10 million dollars in a fortnight by the Botanical Forest otherwise I will kill you and don't even try to inform the police." And just like that he rejected the phone call. I was shaking terribly. My phone fell from my hands. It broke into two parts. I fell on the ground but I didn't feel the pain. All I could feel was the loneliness I would feel without my dad. I burst into tears the right moment. I shouted for dad in hope he would come but all who came were Jenna and Jazzy. I told them what happened but I couldn't stop crying and I think they only understood half of what I said but at least they got my point. There were hundreds of questions in everyone's mind but in my mind was only one question that was 'Where's my Dad??'

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Botanical Forest

 So now, my dad is not with me, Jazzy and Jenna called their parents and told them what happened. So, their parents allowed them to stay with me as long as they want to. But for now, I am alone as they have went to their houses to pack their daily uses. That talk with that strange person keeps on coming in my mind. He said to bring 10 million dollars by a fortnight. Well, I know where are 10 million dollars. My dad once told me that in the library, in the book ' Botanical Forest ' page number 100, there is a key to a secret passage in where are the 10 million dollars. I did not want to show my friends that as it is a family secret. So I went to the library, opened the book, went on page number 100, picked the key and inserted it in a keyhole behind the bookshelf 2. The magic started and the bookshelves started to disappear and the wall started to open. I went in. It was very dark and gloomy just like the Botanical Forest. I have been there once or twice. It is very scary. The shape of the trees are like that if you put your eye anywhere else just for a second, in the next second you will be between their roots. Of course there is nothing like that but it seems like it. When I was 2, my mom, dad and me had a picnic in the park beside the Botanical Forest. I was just playing when I went in it and got lost. My mom and dad were so worried that they straight away came in the botanical forest but I was found in the next two hours. Those two hours were like two years for me. I had nightmares about it until I was atleast 4 and the second time I dared to go in it was my cousin, Jason's fault. I was only five then when he pushed me in it but not that deep into it. So, I knew my way and came out in like five minutes. He is 15 years older than me. So sad. Now let's go back to secret passage. I walked in their for about 10 minutes when I fell. So something was in my way that made me fell. I got up and tried to see what it was. It was a briefcase and a letter. The letter was very light but the briefcase was heavy. So, I put the letter in the briefcase and dragged the briefcase out. I took out the key and walls 

closed and the bookshelves magically appeared. I opened the briefcase, put the letter out and counted the money. It was exact 10 million. I lifted it up and dragged it to my room upstairs. Then, I climbed on my bed and started reading the letter. I started reading it. It said :-

' In 2016, give up your child, 

Come to the camp on Botanical Forest,  

Dial your child's number,

Give me your phone, 

Let me ask to give your family secret.

              Otherwise lose your child for ever......!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,?????

Oh My God!!!!! My dad is in the camp of Botanical Forest. But it's so Far away. But first I have to hide the money so I went in my dad's room and hid the briefcase under his bed. As soon as I went downstairs to get some chocolate, the bell rang. I opened the door and told them what happened but in a different way. I told them that I was reading the book Secret Garden when I saw this old letter and then gave the letter to them. They said," Oh, that's made it easy for us. Let's go. We know it's spooky but for you anything." "Awww, thanks a lot," I said. 

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The End

Wait for the next book in which there will be the next two chapters. 
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