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 Magically. That's my name. It is weird. Isn't it?? Well there is a big story behind it. What happened was that when I was born, my parents could not decide a name for me. As we belong to the magic land we went to Wizard HiggleBottom for advice. He said," Whichever thing you hear first name the girl that thing." So, my dad was going in a street with me in his hands and he heard someone say 'Magically'. And that is it. I was named Magically. Yeah, you would be thinking that's a short story, not a big story as I said. It was indeed a big story then, but now it seems like a short story when you write it. Later, when I will be in 10th class, I will change my name into Angel. I always wanted that I could change my name. But now that I am in 6th in which we have to do exams of making potions, learning spells, transporting and doing magic just magically. I hate my name. Everyone in the whole school makes fun of me. And I don't have any friends. So, I just study in my free time. And that results in good grades in all those four subjects that I have listed above. You would be thinking, But that's good. I know but I want to have fun. Live my life. Hang out with friends. Bunk school. Go to the disco. Stay out late night. Have sleepovers. Go to the mall with friends. Eat fast food. Stay in a hotel. Play pranks on teachers. I JUST WANT TO HAVE FRIENDS!!! That's all I want but who will understand that there is nothing in a name. Today is the last day of 6th class. Everyone is having  a party but I am the only one that is learning new magic spells sitting in a corner of the classroom even when there is no one here. Actually, everyone is partying on the ground floor in the hall. My school's name is Happy Magic. Magic could be happy but not when a girl's name is Magically. Everyone here thinks that magic is happy, except me. I am so sad that I think everything I do is sad. And I do magic, so for me magic is sad. I want magic to be happy for me too? Even if I am studying in Happy Magic, doesn't mean that I belong in here and if I have friends, I belong in here. As it says: A girl could live without a boyfriend but not without a best friend. It is very important for me to get a best friend.

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7th Grade

 Today is the first day of school and I'm still waiting to get a friend but as usual, no one is coming up to me. Wait! Wait! Wait! I think that cool handsome boy is coming my way. His name is Jack. He is new in class. I met him in my first class and that is English. He sat beside me. I was excited that time but I thought that was a pressure for him. As that was the only seat left because no one wants to sit beside me. He is new but he has made like 15 friends already and I am stuck here for 7 years now and no one is my friend except the librarian Lizzie. She is very kind. Whenever I go to the library, she always says," Oh, my good girl is here." And then passes a smile over to me. We talk a lot sometimes when there is no one around. But let's go back to Jack. He is coming towards me. I think he likes me. But how? How is that possible? I am the girl that doesn't exist for anyone else. Ok, He is near me. " Hey, are you new around here? Never seen you talking to anyone here except laughing with the librarian Lizzie." "Well I have been here since 7 years but because of my name, no one talks to me. And, Yess, Lizzie is kind of my friend," I said. "Well then, What is your name?," he said. "Hmm, my name is Magically," I replied. "That's a nice name. Well, I like it," he said.

"Oh! Thanks"

"Your Most Pleasure. Will you like to be my friend?"

"Oh,yes. Of course!!!"

"You wanna go for coffee after school and as we sit beside each other,  can you tell me the answers of all the tests today as I was not here the last day. I am pretty sure that they would be revision test."

"Yeah! Of course I would like to go for coffee with you and yes it is a revision test. As, no one is my friend, I just study and I know all my answers."

"No one was your friend but now there is a boy named Jack your friend."


"Awww, so sweet of you."

"Let's go to class. By the way you seem pretty cool to me."

"There's the bell and thanks."

OMG!! I can't believe that I have a friend and I think a best friend too. Oh, I'm so excited. This will be the first time I will ever be late to my house. And the most important thing is that he likes my name.

So now it is the end of the day and Jack and me are going for a coffee. And through tests I got to know more about him. He doesn't have any friends too. No one likes him, except me. 

So, it is the end of seven grade and it was pretty fun. Jack and me have became very good friends. We have each other's numbers, email username etc. It's pretty cool to be with him. We have seen each others houses and our mothers and fathers have also became good friends. So, like last year there is again a party but I am not in a classroom, I am in the hall dancing to the music with Jack. Now I know what a party feels like.  Having a friend has never offended my studies but increased mine and Jack's. So, I'm really busy dancing and I will see you on the first day of 8th Grade.


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The End

 I know and said I will see you on the first day of 8th Grade but I checked this book and there was only on page left so I will meet you in my next book. 


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