The Facade


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Underneath the facade.
Is lies and tears and heartbreak.
The memory of a shining light
Who tragically left this world.

No stone is left unturned
The truth will be found and heard
As they unearth the shallow grave
Where her body peacefully lay.

Pretend to be the loving husband
The doting father of three
Proclaim your innocence
State that it wasn't me

Go on current affair shows
Cry your crocodile tears
Explain how much you loved her
and tell them she had nothing to fear.

Though you will be found guilty
Because she did leave a trace
You didn't count on her fighting back
And leaving scratches on your face.

You deserve a life sentence
Never to be released
Let's pray to god her family
One day will find  inner peace.

You had the nerve to pretend 
you adored your loving wife
Then it was proven 
that it was you that took her life.

The facade is risen 
Far above the surface you see
Your not fooling anyone
Least of all me.


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