Inside the line of hell


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Chapter One- Escape the fate

" Hell is not a place where we go when we die but a place we see everyday."

The sign read Frankfort Kentucky and it was 3 am. Not a car on the road besides me..  I had been driving for one whole day. One after another the streetlights as I drove began to shut off and darkness began to creep. My headlights were already faint because I decided stupidly not to replace them last minute. No, that's a lie. I just didn't want to waste time replacing the lights because I was in a rush. A rush to leave. Where was I heading so fast? Well, I wanted to get away from everything back in New York. Run so far away that when I turn my head left to right there are only palm trees , ocean, and sand. A place of paradise. Maybe live in a little shack where no one can find me..

My radio began to get static I got further down the interstate. Damn. I tried changing the station but every station was buzzing with static. Great. No more Avenged Sevenfold to serenade for the ride. I heaved a sigh as my car began to sputter and soon after completely stall. It's here. It had to be. You can't outrun everything right? Well aside from zombies.  The headlights turned off as if being beckoned into the darkness. No cars , trucks , or other vehicles could be seen. Luckily. I took a deep breath preparing for what came next. When one is a child of hell it tends to follow you...everywhere. 

The mist began to sweep in from the front of the road like a wave. It almost looked piping hot. I felt it long before I saw it. The feeling of complete and udder sadness. It washed over me like the softness of a blanket. Tears began to swell up in my eyes. Not too long after I felt the sharp pain of a million knives stabbing through my skin over and over. I gasped as through the mist there was an image. No! No! Not him...anything but him. 

Inside the image there was a shape of a man with a sharp knife in his hand. Slowly, the hand reached for the throat and all she could do was watch in utter shock.Shadowy skulls formed in the mist one after another laughing at me like they always did. It was the person though that had me frozen. He wouldn't. He couldn't. But what if the curse had already taken effect? What if it had already taken his life. 

I sat still waiting for the searing fire that came after the image.  It burned forcing my throat to become as dry as the desert. No amount of water could quench this.  Then the mist receded as if being beckoned back to hell like an obedient beast, 





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