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Developments of upscale condos continue around the world. Future residents have the privilege to experience its awesome amenities! Here are some of the best projects:

The Bandra Ohm in Mumbai, India

James Law Cybertecture is responsible for creating this condo building masterpiece! Guests want the swimming pools and attract them before purchase. As an upscale condo, each owner has a crescent-shaped pool. This is on 30 floors of the building. Enjoy warm weather by experiencing a private swimming activity with loved ones or friends!

Maryah Plaza in Abu Dhabi

Apart from a Grand Turk condo rental, a stay at the Maryah Plaza is a must! Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners constructed this building with a unique shape and style. This high-rise is worth £478 million on Al Maryah Island. Owners can reach 500 for each high-end unit with a bedroom to a penthouse. Within the island are four towers with steel and glass.

Upscale apartment units are in three buildings while the fourth one has 180 hotel rooms. Following a high-rise idea for water surrounding it, all of the towers show a ship sail. Each open balcony overlooks the Arabian Gulf with the layout of a ship deck. Amenities to enjoy are a clubhouse, an outdoor art gallery, an infinity pool, and a gym. 

iPad Tower in Dubai

After a stay at a Turks and Caicos condo rental, there is also the iPad Tower to consider. James Law Cybertecture International is also the creative group behind it. The name of the building takes inspiration from the iPod. Everything about this high-rise is technological. A digital platform and six degrees for the angle exist. 

Every owner has the privilege of iRotation which moves the dining and living rooms. See Dubai while in motion in these areas. There are also iWalls opening the walls of connected rooms. 

Odeon Tower in Monaco

Like Turks and Caicos waterfront condo rental, it is also a pleasure to stay at Odeon Tower from Architect Alexander Giraldi. While going around Monaco, the sight of this 170 feet high-rise building is noticeable. Apartment units are 70 and these contain windows from floor to the ceiling. Admire the stunning city scenery in views of 360 degrees. 

The most important feature is the Sky Penthouse worth $400 million! This is the highest on a global scale! On it is a swimming pool overlooking the French Riviera. As for the slide, guests can go straight to a room for dancing! 

Eau de Soleil and Water Tower in Toronto

Empire Communities came up with this condo development. A podium links both towers and has these:

  • Saltwater pool
  • Fitness room
  • Theaters
  • Basketball court
  • Hot tub
  • CrossFit area
  • Tennis court

From the outside, the guest can see the shape of a cruise ship for the building. This matches the nearness to the waterfront of Etobicoke. Completion will make it the highest development in Canada beyond downtown!

Western, Asian, and Middle Eastern architects have remarkable imagination in their ideas for these best condo projects! Mixing traditional and modern concepts in the design attracts future guests!

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