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Why Hyperfund Is Not A Ponzi Scheme

When you talk to someone about hyperfund, the first thing some people will want to know is whether it is a Ponzi scheme. I wouldn't blame them so much because these schemes have come to stay and come in various forms, especially if there is a MLM (multi-level marketing) element. It is OK to be suspicious.

Note that the internet is full of fake businesses that hide under the umbrella of cryptocurrency to float a pyramid scheme without members' knowledge. As a result, many writers have speculated that hyperfund is one such business, however there is no proof of this and many Hyperfund members are experiencing great things with the platform.

Why do I think most of the hyperfund reviews claiming it is a Ponzi scheme is misleading? This webpage has a great amount of information on their personal experience and how Hyperfund is a legitimate membership program with real sources of income. The review says that they never referred any other person and have been receiving rewards daily since 2020, they also share some of the methods that HyperTech Group generate revenue.

If you do not know what a Ponzi scheme is, it is a scheme whereby the only income is from members joining and encouraging other members to join - their only source of income is the money their members invest. They use the money from old investors to pay new ones. This means that their lifespan is short-lived. When they run short of new members, the scheme automatically crashes, and all the money is gone. Ponzi schemes are illegal. 

How is hyperfund different? 

Hyperfund is a private membership program known as the Hyper Community that has been developed to grow awareness of HyperTech Group products and cryptocurrency. In some ways, it is a marketing play from the company. The program provides a daily reward of 0.5% to its members until they receive 2-3X the value of their membership. If they don't make a lot of money from their investments, how can they meet up with the payment? The group makes a lot more than they're giving to members and there is zero requirement to refer anybody to get rewards; therefore, it is not a Ponzi scheme. 

What are hyperfund's sources of income?

I discovered there are many sources of income. Apparently, HyperGroup purchased bw.com for $100 million in 2017. The domain name alone is worth millions of dollars and is one of the biggest cryptocurrency mining companies in the world. They mine about 60% of the world's bitcoin. As that isn't enough to make you excited, they handle over $400 million cryptocurrency exchange trades per day. 

The group also has investments in cryptocurrency exchanges with billions of dollars trade exchanges daily. Houbi.com alone boasts of $45billion of 24 hours trading volume. And they have Hyper BC and HyperPay - financial services that generate revenue. The HyperTech Group makes billions of dollars monthly, and the figures keep expanding. 

Why does the company reward its members? 

Hyperfund wants to execute a stock market IPO of $300 billion with an active and loyal community. The goal is to have 30 million members who are educated and excited to expand its products and services. Recruiting and rewarding members is one sure way to meet their long-term vision. 

Now that you have a fair idea of what hyperfund entails, you can view the link above to learn more or get an invite. Always remember to do your own research and due diligence for any online opportunity and be very aware of scams.

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