The Awaited Beast


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A Letter For You, Old Friend

​My grand eternal friend. You have given me so much, much that I am ever so grateful for. You have shown me the wonders of true fear, what it is like to discover a long sought creature by many generations. Hell, you have even shown me the many possibilities that you are capable of. For the wonders you have shown me, I am forever in debt to you.

I remember in exact detail, every place yo have shown yourself. I remember every time of day, every spot, every being that accompanied you. But now, you're gone. I now lay bored in bed, miserable and entertained by merely nothing. Why? I greatly ask. Is it because of my great curiosity? Is it because I wish to know your philosophy, your ways of life, the things that make you tick, I even wish to know your species, and wish to know what your insides look like!

I feared you once, but now I crave you. I crave the fear and spine chilling anxiety you send upon me. I crave for your faceless stare. While it shows no emotion, that stare gives off more fear than the devil himself. 

I remember my most frightening sight of you. It truly was magnificent! I had dreamt of entering the woods and entered a gas station. I grabbed some chips ad something to drink. But then, I was at armed robbery. Time had froze and I took the gun and shot the criminal as time then unfroze with a bloody and brainless corpse on the ground. The police had shown up as I left without stopping or questioning me. As the dream continued, I entered upon a lake as I pulled out a murky and decayed body. It was a female that reminded me of my ex girlfriend. I mourned for her about five seconds then left.

Fast forwarding the dream, I was then confronted by a female specter. She had long blonde hair, one eye, and blood everywhere onto her white night gown. She screamed at me asking me what I know of pain and suffering. I can't remember what I responded back with, but I walked away after responding. It was then when you old friend appeared before me. You showed yourself to me as a screech was heard and then I was released under the same lake where I pulled the body out and drowned.

I then awoke from the dream to see five figures. Three were shadow people. One another shadow person but with a pair of glowing white eyes and a white smile. He smiled upon me kneeling down. As he stood up and slowly bent to a full ninety degree angle, his smile grew wider and slowly gave a terrifying vibe. I then took a look straight ahead at the end of my bed. There, I saw you. The great being I so crave. Standing so close before me and giving me the great emotionless, cold stare. I miss it so greatly.

I miss you old friend, I truly do. Please come visit me someday soon. I would greatly appreciate it. I await for you old friend.

I await for you, Der Grobbman.

Yours truly,


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