5 Characteristics of Good Packaging to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue


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Are you looking for ideas to attract more attention and boost sales of your products? In this article, we will discover best ways to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue through box printing. So how can you use your packaging as an opportunity to boost your marketing strategy and encourage more sales without spending a fortune? A well-designed good packaging generally has the following fea­tures:

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Characteristics of Good Packaging

Silent salesman

An upright packaging results in the establishment of personal rela­tionship between the consumer and the package. In other words, you can say it as a ‘silent salesman.’ The psychological effect of good printed packaging boxes is that the customer feels that the producer thinks about him; his con­venience is a concern for the manufacturer. This customer’s attitude leaves a positive effect on the product marketing.

Have you ever considered your packaging as your sales team? If it’s sold in-store, your packaging needs to attract attention and give potential buyers all the information they need to make a purchase. If you’re an online retailer, packaging can help to break down the physical barriers between the customer and your brand – and help them to feel more connected with you.


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 Packaging protects the product against outside elements which may cause damage to the product.
The purpose of packaging is to protect products from different risks. Products should be packaged in a way that the quality, quantity, color etc. of product does not decline or damaged from sun, rain, insects, dust etc. While carrying from one place to another, transporting or storing in, and products may get damaged, putrefied, spoiled, or rotten. So, proper arrangement should be made to save the product from every risk. Only the packaging, which can protect products from all risk, is a good packaging.


Branding and advertising

A well packaged helps in branding, advertising and minimizes the necessity of advertising. It is an indirect to raise the demand for the well packaged goods. 


The greatest benefit or advantage derived from packaging is the convenience to buyers. Packaging in a good man­ner helps transportation of the packaged goods with much ease and facility.


The other feature of good packaging is to be economical. It should not be costly. If packaging is expensive, it increases the product price. As a result, it becomes difficult to sell the product. So, packaging should not be costly nor should be clumsy. Packaging also reduces marketing cost. Handling losses are much less in a good packaging; so the cost of marketing is likely to be less.

Custom Packaging is the perfect way to set your business apart from your competitors.  So place yourself above the rest in the hearts and minds of your customers by transforming your ordinary products into the extraordinary.

Good custom printed boxes promotes further interaction between your brand and your customer, strengthening your relationship, providing a fun way for them to feel involved in your brand story and make your packaging pop. 

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