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This is about 19 year old Megan Richards the most famous and wealthy woman in the world for her singing, acting, modeling and dancing she has been in many movies and is constantly getting better and better at what she does and people are always wanting to be in every single movie, fashion show, show and dance. but she she has always had a passion for singing and acting and those are her main things that she focuses on. but when she goes to her latest movie premiere she meets the one and only harry styles what happens between them. there will be love, drama and much more through this story between the two.

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Chapter 1

Megan's POV

"Hey Jess which one is better this one or this one" I said to Jess holding up two dresses one was white with sequins going along the top and then it was plain white then it had a dimontie belt then went flowy the rest of the way down and the other one was a nice kind of blue, plain with some crystals and it fit and hugged all my curves nicely.

"The blue one you need to look mind blowing, this is by far the best movie you have done and I haven't even seen it I just know." Jess says all exited

"Do you even know what it is about, have you watched the trailer." I questioned

"well sorta I haven't watched the trailer but I remember the day I went to the set with you and I read some of the script in your dressing room while you were filming." she answered truthfully

"would you like to know what it's all about?" I ask

"nope don't want to spoil it and since I am desperate to go now you need to hurry up and get ready so we can leave and I can meet the love of my life" she answers all dreamy

"and who might that be"

"oh just Bruno mars"

"ha I doubt that will happen but keep dreaming."

"well at least I have a celeb crush, now tell me who is yours."

" well I don't have one"

"oh please you could have any male on this earth and your telling me that you don't like anyone. "

"yeah I don't mind who it is I just want someone to accept me for who I am and not just for my fame so as long as they love me for who I am and treat me the same as anyone else in the world I am willing to give them a try, why do you ask"

" oh no reason I just heard a few celebs who have crush on you, but anyway hurry up and get dressed so we can leave, the limo will be here in 15 minutes so hurry up and get ready" she say in a hurried tone.

"I'm coming" I say as I walk off into my bedroom and to get changed. I walk into my walk in closet and hang up my other dress that I wasn't wearing and put on the blue one. I walked over to the mirrors and I had to admit I looked stunning my long golden brown hair falling down my back in tight curls, my make up done to perfection and my dress hugging all of my curves in the right way but with this being said I still wouldn't call my self beautiful, I would say I am average, but everyone around me would always comment on ow pretty I am and how they would love to be me. but before I could think anymore I heard Jess calling my name.

"meg hurry up the limo is here"

"I'll be right there" I shout back. I look at myself one more time in the mirror before I walk out to see the hotel door wide open. I pick up my room key and make my way down stairs and sure enough I see limo right out front with Joe my driver standing there holding the door open for me.

"good evening miss Richards"

"evening Joe but can I remind you that my name is Megan so you can call me that you know"

"of course miss Rich I mean Megan"

"thanks " I say as I see Jess sitting in the limo with two glasses of champagne in her hand

"come its time to celebrate" she says holding up the glasses

"OK maybe just one but no more because I still have to made it down the red carpet without falling and have to answer some questions." I say with a smirk spread across my face.

"that's good enough for me now drink up"

After my one drink and Jess' third we arrived outside of the red carpet. Joe stopped the car, got out and walked round to us to open the door, I knew exactly what was about to happen as soon as Joe opened the door I would probably go blind because of all the lights and silly old me left my sunglasses on the dresser in my hotel room.

"hello ladies I hope you have a nice night and congrats on the movie miss Megan. I will be right out front when you are ready to leave, have a lovely time and Dave is right over there waiting for you to escort you around the red carpet." he says pointing to Dave my bodyguard who was all in black on his phone.he looked up from his phone waved and walked over here.

"good evening Megan"

"evening Dave"

"I see you forgot your sunglasses again" he says laughing a little

"well stupid me" I say as I slide out of the car and I can hear screams and see cameras flashing everywhere." I sigh and keep my head down while Jess gets out the car. Don't get me wrong I love my job but sometimes I get really painful headaches and today I left my medication in the cabinet in the bathroom.

"Jess you ready to go "

"yep lego I'm ready to own this place"

"okay but just promise you'll be on your best behavior because last time you were a bit hyperactive"

"I will don't worry this time it will be different because it's not my first and I know how it goes now." she says smiling reassuringly

"okay then lets get this over with shall we because I just want to go inside and sit down and rest because I am starting to get a headache and I forgot my medication."

So we start down the red carpet and all I can hear are people shouting my name and asking me random questions like

who are you wearing today

do you have a boyfriend

did you here about the celebs who have crushes on you

I was ignoring them until I heard that last one and I was quite surprised because Jess was talking about that earlier, I wonder who that could be. but i'm not going to think about it to much because i'm only 19 well about to be 20 but yeah you get the point. oh yeah i don't think I told you guys yet Jess is my cousin she and I are really close and we have always been inseparable, but when I started singing at the age 11 and was put on tour after tour and was away from my family for months at one time we weren't as close but then when I started acting and modeling at the age of 15 she was my hair and make-up artist through everything that I did even though she was underage and my management wouldn't agree I told them that if they wanted me then she is what comes with me and if they were to fire me, they would be losing out not me because every record label and management wants me. so then they agreed and from then on it has been go go in my life. I have been on 3 tours in 4 years and filmed 4 movies and 1 TV show, so for the past 4 years I have been quite busy and I haven't seen any of my family apart from Jess and sometimes my brother when he is on a business trip I haven't seen them in 3 years only on Skype/face time or spoken on the phone which is hardly ever because of the time difference and when they do try I am always busy and is one of the downsides of my life but still I wouldn't change it because I know how lucky I am to have this opportunity.

"hey meg are you okay" Jess asks waving her hand in front of my face. I shake my head and reply

"yeah i'm good I just zoned out"

"well okay if you say so, anyway there are some interviewers over there who asked if they could ask a few questions and I came over here to see if that was okay so is it" she asks

"yeah sure whatever"

"you sure you okay because you seem a little shaken up"

"i'm fine just a bit tired" I say giving her a reassuring smile. she nods then points me the direction of the first interviewer. I nod then walk over to her


the interview




I=hi Megan it's lovely to see you

M=hello it's to see you here to

I=thank for your time, don't worry we won't ask to many questions

M= oh it's fine

I=okay first question 'are you excited about the new movie my brother'

M=I am very excited because I this is my first time doing a mystery movie and I think this is by far my favorite it is very intense by what my character goes through and how she try's to figure out what went on with her brother and how everyone around her acts strange and soppy towards her, I would go on but well I don't want to spoil it for all of you so i think I'll leave it at that.

I=wow this movie sounds great I can't wait to watch it. So Megan how have these past 4 years been because I know that you have been very busy and that must be quite tough for someone so young as yourself.

M=Yeah it has been quite tough with all the work that I have had not being able to see family has been the worst part but I have had such an amazing start into adult hood and I have learnt a lot so even though I started my courier at such a young age I think that it has been a great opportunity and I hope that it carries on, even though I do miss my family I am still really grateful for what i have and I wouldn't change it.

I=that must be really hard not being able to see your family and being taken away from your family at such a young age of only 11 and being put on tour. the sudden change in life must of been very drastic, so how long did it take to shoot this full movie because it had some action in the film also did you film all of your own stunts.

M=it took about 6 months to shoot but for the whole production it was just over a year, and yes I did all of my stunts, I am quite the dare-devil and I don't mind taking risks so I'll try anything within reason. the stunts were quite fun actually I got to meet quite a lot of amazing people and overall this movie is amazing.

I= well thanks Megan I just have on more question for you there has been a rumor that you are taking a little break from your work so could you just clarify it a bit for us because our twitter has been blowing up this past week about how people's life will end without you there

M=oh well I am going to be taking a break for a couple of months but no need to worry I will come back I just need some me time I haven't had that in quite a while.

I= oh well that puts my mind and many others at peace, so could you share somethings that you will be doing in your break

M= well I'll probably spend most of it with with my family and friends then just try and live a normal life like any other 19 year old does, I just want a little break from all of the work but I will be back stronger and better.

I= well thanks Megan but just before you go could I ask what is going on in your love life.

M= well not much really because I don't know anyone that is interested in me and I have been so busy with work that I haven't had time to think about that, but who knows now that I'm on my little break I meet someone but to be honest I'll just take it one step at a time and see how it all goes.

I= oh well you haven't heard about that celeb crush

M= well funny enough someone told me about that today but I didn't take to much notice about it I'll let love come to me.

I= well thanks Megan, so guys that's all the time we have we have now back to Rick and Carly in the studio

end of interview


I smile and walk away.after a few more interviews and some jokes i decided to start down the red carpet. As I walk down I see this little girl in the crowd this a t-shirt that says I love Megan Richards then it has a picture of my face on it. I thought it was adorable and decided to walk over to the little girl and say hi and thank her for coming and her support.

I walked up to her and saw her look up and her face lightened up.

"hi sweetie, what's your name"

"Juliana" she say with big eyes

"well hi Juliana I love your top" I say pointing to the top and look to see her silently giggling

"thanks you are my favorite, I love you so much" she say really sweet

"awwwww you are adorable how old are you"

"I'm 4 about to turn 5, my mum says I should grow up to be nice like you, she really likes you to"

"oh well that's nice where is she" I say looking around

"she's in the bathroom I'm staying with my older sister Melissa" she says pointing to a girl standing next to her with her eyes glued to the phone. I see Juliana fiddling with her little backpack, it looks so little but on her it looks gigantic it is too cute

" hey Juliana could I see your bag for just a sec it is so cute"

"sure" she reply's smiling and handing me the backpack. I look and see that it has some guys face on it with a little hearts all around it

"Juliana do you know who this is" I say pointing to face on the bag

"yeah, he is my favorite boy celebrity, his name is harry styles and he is from the band one direction." she says, I think i've heard of them before, oh yeah Jess talks bout them all the time I normally just zone out but apart from that I'm not to sure about them

"well he looks nice"

"yeah I would love to meet him today"

"wait he is here today"

"the whole band is they are over there" she says pointing to a group of 5 boys talking to an interviewer. just as I was about to look away I saw that harry guy on the bag winked at me. I blushed a little but it wasn't that noticeable because I turned back around

"well what is I said that you could meet him today"

"well if you said that I would probably faint seeing to of my hero's in one day I would cry tears of joy." she says jumping up and down

"Juliana look at the new cat video on insta...." she say looking up at her phone before darting her attention to me "oh my gosh your Megan Richards could I get a autograph please" she says sounding really surprising

"why yes I am and of course " I say taking the pen out of her hand and autographing a page on her notebook.

"thanks Megan"

"no problem, I was just talking to your sister about the group one direction, are you into them" I question her

" of course what girl isn't they are the biggest boy band in the world"

"right well girls I have three passes for backstage after the show where all the celebs will be and I will to so i'm giving these to you, so when the movie is over come backstage and come find me and I'll show you around and you'll meet quite a lot of celebs, so here's one for you, one for you and one for your mom." I say handing the passes to them

"thanks" they say at the same time

"that's all right I love my fans and its just my way of thanking you. well girls enjoy the movie and I can't wait to see you after."

"bye" they say in unison

"bye girls" I say walking a way down he red carpet stopping for pictures and to have a quick chat with some of the cast.

"Megan there you, I have been looking everywhere for you" Jess say walking up to me

"I was just over there talking to some fans and I gave them some backstage passes" I say smiling

"cool that was nice of you"

"wait why are you looking for me, I told you I would meet you inside because I will be out here for a while"

"well I was walking past and you won't believe who I ran into by accident"

"I don't know Bruno mars" I say guessing but not really caring

"I wish but no it was harry styles, the harry freaking styles"

"okay why are you so giddy all of a sudden" I say looking at her weirdly

"well harry said sorry for bumping into me and then just as I was about to walk away he said hey aren't you Megan Richards cousin and hair and make up stylist. so I said why yes I am trying to sound cool. then he said that he would love to meet you so I said that I would go get you so that he could meet you, he said he was such a big fan" he says taking a huge breath.

"so why are you all excited for he is just some guy in a boy band and just a fan of me"

"no he's more than that" she says

" what do you mean" I ask wanting to know what she meant

"so you remember back at the hotel and how we were talking about the celeb who has a huge crush on you"

"yeah I do and then you rushed me off to get changed"

"well he is the celeb that has a crush on you"

"what" I say really surprised



Hey guys so this my new story, I'm not sure how well it will be for the first couple of chapters but then it will add some drama and possibly more but please vote, comment and follow to read more about Megan and Harry's journey together. I might not upload as much because I have been quite busy and don't really have time to upload them. I have more chapters they will just come one at a time

love you all hope you had a nice Christmas and happy new year

sorry about any typos 

love you xoxo

Thalia M



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Chapter 2

"wait what" I ask still in complete shock

"you know what i said and i'm not repeating myself again" she says with a little annoyance in her voice.

"Okay hold up why are they even here, not in a rude way just curious." I ask because I am actually curious to why they are here

"OH MY GOSH where are you living under a rock, they are here because they have some songs in the movie that you sing and well this is there last leg of there tour before it finishes so they came along and then they have a concert tomorrow night and then they head back home but i'm not sure when or where exactly they live all I know is that they are Irish and English so yeah" she says

"right well are you ready to come inside" i ask wanting to go sit down

"hold up I just told you that a guy in the worlds biggest boy band has a crush on you and all you've got to say is let's go inside, what is wrong with you." she asks shocked at my request

"nothing is wrong with me, i'm just tired and I want to go and sit down." I say moaning a little

"come on liven up a little before I do what always makes you laugh"

"oh please don't last time I got chest pains because I was laughing so much" I say laughing and looking at her to see her give a really strange face and then be burst out laughing. 

"hey ladies what's so funny" I hear a deep voice behind me. I turn around and see a tall lean figure behind me, I quickly turned to see Jess there with a giant smile on her face 

"well hello mister styles, it's nice to see you again"

"nice to see you too Jess, but didn't I send you to do something" he say smirking

"well I was but then little miss over here was being stubborn and wasn't listening so I gave up" she says pointing to me 

"is that so" he says looking at me making me blush lightly

"yep she was well anyway i'll leave you to alone, I'll be inside k Megan" she says smiling at me giving me the signal to be nice 

"you sure you don't want to join us" I say hoping that she would stay and giving her a begging look
"nah i'm good i'm a bit tired and I don't want my feet to start hurting" she says smiling knowing that that's what I just said 

"okay well see you soon" the harry guy says before Jess starts walking away. he turns back to me and says "hi my names harry styles"

"hi i'm Megan" I say holding my and out for him to shake he shakes it then pulls me into a hug
"sorry i'm a hugger and I know who you are, you are my favorite girl in the world apart from my mum and sister" he says making us both laugh

"well thanks " I say smiling

"I love your smile, it looks so nice and innocent" he say complementing me as I blush a little more seriously what is wrong with me and blushing so much.

"thanks" I say giggling a little at the end

"well may I just say you look stunning tonight" he says looking at me up and down

"thanks and might I say you don't look to bad yourself styles" I say smiling at him

"well thanks, you know what I really like you Megan you aren't like the other girls that I meet"
"oh really how" I ask curiously

"well when I talk to other girls I can't say a full word without them squealing and when I do it's not as easy to talk to them then it is to you because you understand me a bit more"

" what do you mean I understand you a bit more?"

"well we are both celebrities and we know what it can be like when you meet someone new and how people treat you different because of your job"

"yeah I understand how it is and now that I come to think of it, it does feel quite different talking to you it seems alto easier to have a conversation then it would be with a fan. so harry what's it like being in a band" I ask I've always wondered don't know why I just have.

"it's really fun actually let's just say there is never a dull moment and there is always someone there if you need someone to talk to" he says smiling 

"that sounds so cool"

"yeah it is but it must be great to have your life I mean you have the looks, the charm and defiantly the talent"

"I guess so but i'm always so busy that it can sometimes make you want to quit but then I just have to think about all that has happened and what I would miss and after all of that you realize that it is a no brainier."

"I know exactly what you mean and I always have them moments but the worst is when you are talking to family members because sometimes you just want to pack up and leave I mean how long has it been since you have seen your parents because I haven't seen mine in just over a year" he says looking sad

"lucky you I haven't seen mine in 3 years" I say as I see harry with a pained look on his face
"wow that must be so hard for you. but I heard that you were going on a break"

"yeah I am but only for a couple of months, I just want some time to my family and friends and not worry about having to go back to work the next week"

"that's cool I finish my tour the end of this week, when do you leave for your break?"

"funny enough I leave the end of this week as well I just have a talk show to do tomorrow then I pack the following day and head out early Friday morning"

"that's cool I leave on Friday where are you heading"

"ummmm some place in Holmes chapel"

"wow that's where I live, I can't believe I haven't seen you before because it is so small"

"well I have never been there before I have lived in London all of my life but 2 years ago most of my family decided that they wanted a change and moved down there but my mom and dad were struggling a little with money so I thought I would surprise them and buy the a house but I have no idea what it looks like or how big it is"

"that's so nice of you what do your parents do for a living" just as I was about to answer I see 4 other boys walk up to harry.

"hey haz you ready to go inside" a boy with brown hair said 

"yeah someone told me they were giving free food inside" a boy with blonde hair and an Irish accent said

"wait aren't you Megan Richards" a boy with black hair said 

"why yes I am" I say

"can I get an autograph please I love your work so much"

"sure " I say taking a the pen and paper out of his hand 

"me too"

"and me"

"hey don't forget me" said all different voices. Once I finished signing autographs I turned to see harry.

"hey guys are you finished because I was actually in the middle of a conversation with my friend here before you rudely interrupted"

"it's fine harry they are just excited

"okay whatever but where are my manners this is Louis" he said pointing to the brown haired one "and this is Niall" the blonde one "this is Zayn" the black haired one "and this is liam" he said pointing to the other brown haired one at the end.

"hi" they all said at the same time

"so now guys are you ready to go inside" harry asks sounding kind of annoyed

" yeah were ready" the guys said at the same time once again they must do that a lot

"after you milady" harry says holding his hand out for me which I gladly took as we walked inside of the movie theater. once we were in Niall ran straight to the lady with a tray full with food and liam ran after him telling him to slow down and not take all of the food, oh them to they are so funny. Liam is like the daddy of the group.

"well guys I better get behind the stage i'm preforming a song then introducing the movie" I say looking at my phone checking the time 6:27 I've got 3 minutes to get up there

"then I'll walk you up there and then after walk you back to your seat" harry says smiling

"no really it's okay I can do that for myself and my bodyguard Dave will be there to escort me"

"really I want to and it's no trouble" he says begging

"oh fine only because I have no time for this and have 1 minute to get there"

" yay" he says hugging me

"okay now get off me we gotta, were gonna be late and the director doesn't like it when we are late" I say pulling him along "oh yeah bye guys see you later" I say waving to the boys

once we arrive I see the director dez pacing back and forth and then he looked up " oh there you are you had me worried sick now take you special microphone sing that amazing song of yours then introduce the movie" he says giving me a kiss on my cheek and handing me my personalized microphone

harry gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek before i ran out on stage.

"good evening everybody I hope you have a wonderful time i'm going to be singing a song I wrote its called if only you knew" I say getting ready to sing when everybody starts cheering for me and that's why I love doing what i'm doing making people happy.


I just finished my song and now everybody was cheering. once the noise died down I started to say "well everybody I hope you enjoyed that but the fun isn't over yet so without further ado 'my bother' I say pointing to the giant screen behind me and ten walking off while everyone applauded.

"wow that was amazing, you sound much better in person" harry says hugging me as soon as I walk off stage

"thanks i'm sure you don't sound half that bad yourself" I say before we start laughing

"okay well thanks now come on lets get you to your seat so you can watch yourself on the giant screen" he says before we start laughing again. I even heard a little chuckle from Dave behind us, he insisted on following us back to our seat, he can be so protective and I love him for that but sometimes it can be really annoying.


"hey what row are you " 

"umm 5 it's meant to be for all the VIP'S " I say looking at the ticket in my hand

"cool that's just like me, come lets go I don't want to miss any of it" he says as he drags me down the rows to our seats and surprise surprise Jess swapped seats with some people so I would have to sit next to harry and her. I sit down and say

"thanks Jess" giving her a fake smile

"no problem meg" she says smirking knowing that will annoy me even more. but before I could say anything the movie started and harry grabbed my hand out of my lap and held it. No matter how hard i tried to pull my hand out of his it was no use his grip was to strong. So i gave up and let him hold it and you could see the smile that was growing on his face because he new that he won but I would get him back later.


The movie just finished and i have to admit that was amazing they did awesome on it and I can't wait to congratulate everyone.

"that was amazing meg" I hear Jess say

"that was sick" I hear Niall say with his thick Irish accent

"I want there to be a part 2" I hear Louis say

"Megan you are so cool" I hear liam say

"oh my gosh how could they leave it at that anyway meg congrats that was amazayn hey did you get that" zayn says laughing to himself

"awwww thanks guys but I wasn't that good" I say to all of them

"oh believe me you were babe" I hear harry say and everyone turns to look at us but mainly him "what" he says at everybody staring

"you never told us that you two were a thing"Louis says shocked and a bit annoyed

"we are not a thing, who old you that" I say a bit annoyed that they thought that

"no one but harry only has only said that once before and that was when he was going out with that girl that management forced him to go out with and he said he wouldn't say babe unless he found the one" Louis says answering my question

"well anyway who's up for some food" we hear Niall say and we all turn to him and say 

"Niall" in unison before we all start laughing

"what" he says acting innocent

"oh nothing" we hear Jess say and they all look at her a bit weird

"oh how rude of me guys this Jess and Jess this is Niall, Louis, zayn, liam and you already know harry" I say pointing to all of them

"hi" they all say in unison

"wow you guys do that a lot" I say

"do what" they all say again

"that, speak at the same time" I say laughing

"oh yeah it's our specialty" Louis says laughing

"okay well Megan would you like to get a drink with me" harry says speaking up.

"sure" I say "oh hold on Jess are you okay staying with them" I say pointing to the boys who were goofing off.

"yeah sure I'll see you inside have fun"

"but if they do get annoying just talk to Louis he's the funny and understanding one" harry says giving her advice

"thanks for the heads" she says before we walk away.we were walking in silence but it wasn't awkward it was more comforting, but then harry took my hand in his and I looked up at him to see he had a smile plastered. I tried pulling away once again but he just tightened the grip.

"there's no point trying i'm not letting go" he says laughing

"well why won't you let go" I ask getting annoyed

"because I like holding your hand" he says smirking at me

"not a good enough reason, so let go please" I say pulling away but instead he stopped and pulled me into him making me stumble a little but then he caught me and put me upright in front of him.


"no problem now lets go get a drink before the after bit backstage"

"wait what time are they opening the doors to backstage"

"umm in about 15 minutes why" he says looking down at his watch

"oh well I invited some girls backstage because they were fans of me and surprisingly you to" I say giggling a little at the end

"oh cool I wanna meet them too" he says jumping up and down like a two year old

"you can but lets go and get our drinks and head backstage so that we can meet them I don't want them to get lost" I say pulling him to the refreshments table

"okay what do you want?" he asks me

"umm lemonade is good" I reply

"k" he shouts to me. then I see him pour two glasses of it and walk back over here "here you go" he says passing me the drink

"thanks" I say taking a sip of it. And we both start walking towards the backstage area. 

Once we arrived I saw that they were about to open the gate so I decided to walk up there but before that I turned to harry and said "hey hide behind there so I can surprise the girls" I say pointing to a hall.

"k see ya soon" hey says waving goodbye to me

"yeah but be quiet when I come around the corner okay"

"okay now go there about to open the gate" he said pointing around the corner. I wave one last time before I walk off to the gate. after about 5 minutes of waiting I see the two girls with a lady that i'm guessing was there mother they were next in line. once they showed there passes to the guy at the front they ran up to me and gave me a hug shouting 


"hey girls you alright" I say picking up Juliana and putting my other arm around to hug Melissa.

"yeah were amazing" Melissa says with a massive grin on her face.

"what about you little Missy" I say tickling Juliana 

"I'm good" she says giggling

"oh how rude of me i'm Megan" I say realizing my arm from Melissa and holding my hand out for the woman

"oh I know who you are and by the way I loved your movie it left me in suspense and not many movies do that, oh and by the way my name is Carmen i'm the girls mother" she says shaking my hand 

"well thank you I have never done a movie like this so i'm glad everyone enjoyed it" I say "well girls I have a little surprise for you"

"cool, what is it" they say in unison

"it wouldn't be a surprise if i told you now would it" I said

"true" Melissa says

"come girls follow me to your surprise" I say as I start to walk around the corner "so girls did you enjoy the movie"

"yeah it was amazing are you gonna make a part 2?" Melissa asks

"umm i'm not sure I could ask the producer we are really good friends"

"that would be really cool" Juliana says all giddy, oh my gosh this girl is to cute.

"okay girls wait here I'll be right back with your surprise" I say before walking around the corner and seeing harry leaned up against the wall on his phone.

"I'm back" I whisper

"well hello babe, what took you so long" he says looking at me then I shush and point around the corner and then he nods and mouths sorry

"what's up with you calling me babe" I whisper back to him with my eyebrows raised.

"nothing anyway we shouldn't keep them girls waiting they are probably going crazy over there"

"k I'll drop it just because they are here you got lucky. now come on" I say pulling him along and the turn to him "be nice okay"

"when am I not" he says laughing

"yeah yeah now be quiet they are right at that corner" I said pointing the to the corner.

"kk, so what's the plan"

"just walk out together I don't think they can handle any more suspense" I say laughing "they may go a little crazy but they are both really sweet"

"fine by me" he says before we start walking up to them ad realize that they are facing the wrong way around so I cough a little and as soon as they turn around they start squealing and jumping up and down before they run up to me and give me big hugs and say

"oh my gosh thank you so much this is the best surprise ever" Melissa says

"thank you I love you so much Megan" Juliana says hugging me

"hey what about me" harry says opening his hands out for them as they both run up to him and tell them how much they love him. I walk over to them pick Juliana up before saying 
"harry meet Carmen the girls mother and Carmen meet harry a good friend of mine and he is in some band" I say introducing them

"hi it's nice to meet you Carmen" harry says

"hi harry it's nice to meet you the girls talk non stop about you" she says shaking his hand

"hey little stinkbug are you hungry" I say tickling Juliana with my free hand and then putting her on the floor. Man I love kids I can't wait till I have my own someday. "okay girls go down that hall take a left and then head straight and first door on the right and there will be refreshments and food at the table, I'll come through in a minute okay."

"alright see you soon" Melissa says before walking off with Juliana and Carmen.

"told you they were sweet" I say poking him

"yeah they were and the little one was really cute"

"the little one is called Juliana and the tall one was Melissa"

"cool and guess what"

"what" I guess 

"I'm not your friend any more"

"why not" I ask confused what have I done now

"because you never told me you were so good with kids" he says giving me a pouty face

"you never asked" I said laughing

"well how are you so good" he asks

"umm I have quite a big family and I've always wanted kids so yeah I just got a lot of practice" I say smiling

"cool I've always wanted kids to " he says smiling back 

"well then lets go in there and introduce them to the rest of the band, i'm sure they would love that, then some of the cast and other people they want to meet and then they can leave because i don't think they should be out all night they are still really young" I say trying to think about what to do with them for the night

"I love how much you care for them and they are practically strangers" he says smiling

"I care about everyone no matter how long I've known them for, it's just who I am I guess even someone i'm not a fan of I can't help but care for them and that sometimes can get on my nerves no matter how much I try to dislike I just can't" I say

"so does that man you care for me?" he asks

"of course I care about you silly we are friends aren't we" say and he just nods "hey what's up with you, one minute you are as hyper as a two year old and the next it is just a nod not even a smile are you bipolar or something?" I ask sort of confused with his mood swings.

"nothings up"

"umm k whatever you say"

"so are we going to met up with the girls or what?" he asks

"yeah sure lets go, I could do with a refill" I say as I pull him into the giant hall

"so where to first" he asks

"drinks, I need some lemonade" I say pointing over to the bar

"wait, why don't you drink" he asks curiously

"oh i'm not really a drinker more of a fizzy drinks girl, always been like that, and plus my taste buds don't agree with most alcohols so yeah" I say refilling a glass with lemonade

"that makes sense, now lets go find the girls" he says walking over to the tables
"look there over there laughing" I say pointing to a table in the corner of the room.

"come on let's go see what's so funny" harry says dragging me to there table, man we drag each other a lot but it's just really fun and it's in a playful way so I don't mind "hey guys what's so funny" he asks them

"oh nothing" Melissa says smirking at the end and then looks down at our hand the intertwine together. I tried pulling away but harry being harry wouldn't budge.

"come we want to know what was so funny, i'm always up for a laugh" he begs

"Megan your nice" Juliana says out of nowhere "I like you a lot" she says once again running up to me and giving me a big hug before holding her hands up meaning she wanted to be picked up and that's exactly what I did.

"thanks darling, I like you to" I say and she giggles nuzzling her head into my neck.

"to be totally honest this is the longest she has talked for because at home she is the quite and shy one who just plays with hers barbies and doll house, so she must really like because she is never this bubbly and I was shocked that she even spoke when you came up to her." Melissa says and I could tell she was telling the truth

"well I have know idea why she likes me so much i'm just some 19 year old"

"no Megan you are my best friend and I love you, you are the only one who can make me happy when I am sad and when i'm at home I talk to you all of the time when i'm sad" Juliana says hugging me

" how do you talk to me i'm not there?" I ask her kind of confused

"she has your wallpaper, about 6 posters of you, your bed covers, your pillow cover, three of your dolls, all the cds, like 7 tops of you, a backpack with your face on it like the one with harry and lots more and she was devastated that you were going on break"

"wow that is awesome and that is what you call a true fan, and guess what"

"what" Juliana says looking into my eyes

"well I am going on a little break as you have already heard but after that I go straight back on tour for 6 months and I preform here so I'm going to give you girls tickets, backstage passes, meet and greet dates and some merchandise does that sound cool."

"yeah thank you so much Megan I love you and I can't wait" she says smiling at me 

"so girls who wants to go meet the rest of my band" harry asks them letting go of my hand and putting an arm around Melissa

"really we are going to meet the rest of one direction" Melissa says

"well only if you want to but I have to warn you they can be really childish" I say to them

"i'm willing to take the risk" Melissa says making me laugh

"umm k if you say so, but do blame us we warned you"harry says to her.

"oh yeah Carmen is it okay if we steal the girls for a little bit" I ask her

"oh yeah go ahead I need to to ring there father and tell them that we will be home late" she says smiling

"thanks Carmen" harry says "we then girls lets go find them numbsickals" he carry's one as I adjust Adriana around my waste and harry takes hold of my free hand with his other still around Melissa as we walk towards where the boys are.

"hey boys" I say as they turn around and give me guys and they all shout

"MEGAN" earning a few stares

"shush guys not so loud" I say

"sorry" they all say

"that's fine, anyway guys I want you to meet my new friends this is Melissa and this little cutie is Juliana" I say pointing to them

"hi, i'm Louis"

"hi , I am liam"

"hi i'm zayn, it's to see you"

and finally Niall

"hi, i'm Niall do you have any food" he says looking behind us

"NIALL" we all say looking at him

"sorry" he say laughing making the girls laugh "see I made the girls laugh"

"besides the point Niall" liam says 

"any way they are big fans of Megan and us so be nice to them got guys" harry says releasing me from his hand and pointing to them, yay my hands are free they can breathe, spoke to soon because he joined them together again and I pulled on it ans surprisingly he let go but he had a smirk on his face before he looked them together again with tighter grip. 

"so guys what's going on between you two" Louis says pointing to our hand together

"nothing harry is just being annoying and won't let go of my hand for no reason, why don't you ask him why he keeps holding my hand" I say tugging on my hand once again and surprise surprise he won't let go.

"so harry why are you holding onto her hand because she doesn't look to amused" liam asks pointing to me

"can't a friend just hold on to there friends hand without being hassled" harry says defending himself

"come on lad we all know there is more to the story and i'm sure everyone is dying to know" Niall says

"yeah we are" everyone says even the girls

"there is no more to the story i just like holding her hand, it makes me feel secure and complete" he says blushing at the end

"harry you like her don't you" Juliana says making harry blush and us laugh

"yeah but as a friend"

"don't lie harry we see the way you look at her and I remember the first time you heard about her and you talked about her for a week straight and tried to convince Paul that we could go to one of her concerts" Louis says

"Louis that was our secret" harry says hiding his face 

"harry liking someone is nothing to be embarrassed about it is perfectly natural" zayn says walking over to harry

"i'm not embarrassed, I just don't want everyone to know okay" harry says looking up a little

"so you do like her" Melissa says looking at him dead in the eye

"yeah I do" he sighs and I burst into laughter

"what's so funny" harry asks

"well harry why didn't you just say so instead of making us have to ask you so much questions" I say

"because I thought you guys would just drop it and I was obviously wrong" he says

"so is that why you have been holding my hand the whole night" I ask him

"yeah I feel a lot more safe with you next to me and your just so nice and I just can't help what I feel" he says looking down

"harry, why didn't you just tell me" I ask

"because I thought you would think that I am weird for liking you and only knowing you for one night"

"harry I don't think it is weird like you said you can't help what you feel" I say walking up to him

"so your not mad"

"no of course not harry" I say as he sighs in relief "aww come here" I say as he walks up to me, I put Juliana down and I give him a hug.

"thanks that makes me feel better"

"it's alright" I say giving him one last hug before everyone goes


"hey guys what did I miss" Jess says walking up to us

"harry just admitted to having feelings for Megan and then Megan gave him and hug" Niall blurts out

"NIALL" we all say

"sorry" he apologizes

"wow I missed a lot" she said still shocked

"wait where did you go" I ask her

"I went to the bathroom and then I ran into someone and I ended up having a really conversation" she said 

"oh okay well anyway meet Juliana and Melissa, they are the girls I was telling you about earlier and girls meet Jess she is my cousin and hair and make-up stylist" I say introducing them

"hey girls"

"hi" they say in unison

"Megan i'm tired" Juliana says to she was starting to fall asleep on my shoulder

"I can see that come girls I'll take you back to your mom"

"okay bye everybody it was nice to meet you" Melissa says hugging everybody

"bye guys" Juliana says waving 

just as I start talk walk away harry says "hold on I wanna come to"

"Harry I am more then capable of taking them back by myself" I say to harry

"I know you are but I want to come please I'll be good I promise" he begs

"meg I think you should just say yes because he can go on for hours if you don't" liam says

"thanks Li. fine you can come if you are good" I sigh giving in

"yayyyy" he shuts and runs up to me taking my hand placing it in his. we walk up to the table where there mom was and see her there looking at something on her phone

"mum were back" Melissa says

"oh hey did you girls have a good time" she asks

" yeah it was great" Melissa answers

"well are you ready to go because it is getting late and there is a bus in 8 minutes ad if we leave now we can get it" she says looking at her phone

"mom i'm tired I don't want to walk" Melissa moans "and plus Juliana is half asleep on Megan's shoulder"

"oh goodness I can see if we can get a cab okay" she says " do you want me to take her she looks heavy" she asks me

"no its alright and there is no need for you to wait for a cab I can just get Joe my personal driver to drop you off he wouldn't mind" I offer

"oh no I don't want to inconvenience anybody" she declines politely but I wasn't giving up

"no really it's fine follow me out the front and he will be happy to drive you where you have to" I say

"okay if your sure" she says

"absolutely" I say as we walk out to the front with harry tagging along still holding my hand of course 

"oh yeah girls there are going to be quite a lot paps out there so just keep your head down because they have been trying to get pics of me all week but they couldn't s they will go crazy when we go out there so just keep your head low and don't say anything and harry are you going to let go" I say pointing to our hands

"nope" he says 

"uhh you can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, here goes nothing remember what I said guys." I was right as soon as we were outside the paps literally ran over to us and were asking stupid questions as always." 

I just pushed my way through and got to the car where I saw Joe standing drinking a cup of coffee and on his phone. he looked up immediately and ran over to us telling the paps to make way. we got to car and Melissa said "so this is what you have to live with everyday"

"yeah pretty much but because it's late most paps left so its's normally worse but I just ignore them and keep going" I answer

"wow" she replies. I just nod and turn to Joe

"hey can you can you drive these ladies home"

"sure Megan and then I'll come back for you"

"yeah thanks"

"hey Megan whose your friend" he says pointing to harry who was still holding my hand

"his name his harry styles he is in that band called one direction and as you can see he is being really clingy and it is kind of annoying but it is the only way he will do what I want so yeah"

"we okay then" he says then walks in to the front of the car

I walk back very to the girls and exchange numbers with them before giving Juliana a kiss on the head and one more round of hugs before Joe pulled away while all of this was happening the paps were just snapping pictures of us and still asking stupid questions.

Me and harry start to walk back to the entrance when I decided I wanted some gum

"hey harry can we quickly pop to the nearest shop so I can get some gum"

"yeah sure"

"thanks, do you want me to get Dave my bodyguard to escort us"

"nope it's okay I'll be your bodyguard for tonight" he says acting tough

"okay what ever you say superman" I get my phone out and ask Siri where the closest shop is. "siri said the closest shop is a couple of blocks away is that okay"

"yep that's fine the more time get to spend with you." he says winking at me

"so did you really mean it when you said that you like me" I ask him

"maybe" he said going quiet

"harry it's okay if you do I won't judge"

"yeah I do, I like you a lot like more than you can image"


"the first time I saw you on the red carpet my mouth was hanging open and Louis had to close it for me and I just thought wow I have got to meet this girl and make her mine, you make me so happy and you make me feel so complete." he says

"that was deep" I say

"well yeah, Megan I really want to get to know you and I hope you want to get to know me"

"harry of course I want to get to know you, you are one of my best friends and you are really nice so I can't wait to get to know you"

"well what do you want to know"

"what is the best thing that has ever happened to you"

"umm probably getting the chance to live my dream at such a young age and meeting you."

"okay good answer, now ask me a question" 

"umm, okay I got one what are the worst things about your job" he asks

"well I have got two 1 the paps because sometimes you just want some peace and to be alone but there are always paps to come and ruin your mood even more like right now" I say pointing to a group of paps snapping like 100 photos a second. "and the second would defiantly have to be not being able to see family and friends it literally kills you not being able to see them. so yeah they would be the worst" I answer

"I know right those would be mine" harry says agreeing

"okay so how many brothers ans sisters do you have" I ask him

"I have one older sister named Gemma she is 25 what about you"

"I have an older brother called Dan he is 22 and I have younger twins a boy called Mason and a girl called Madison they are 7 years old"

"oh my gosh I have always wanted twins in my family are they identical" harry says all excited

"well yeah but they are completely different and they do there own thing"

"cool, do you have any more twins in your family"

"yeah my cousins are twins and guess what they are also 7 and boy and girl also my Nan is a twin and so is my dad" I say

"that is so weird, when can I meet your parents" he asks me but that caught me by surprise
"why do you want to meet my parents?" I ask him curious as to what his answer could be
"I want to thank them for raising such a beautiful, kind, caring,loving the list could go on any way I just want to thank them for making you"

"oh well then you said that you live near my parents so we could meet up and then go from there, how long are you there for?" I ask him

"umm a couple of months because we recorded our album on tour so we get a longer break it just means that we have to work more when on tour but it is worth it how long is your break, don't worry I won't tell anyone."

"oh its about 3 or 4 months"

"how long until you start your tour"

"umm in 5 months"

"so why only 3 to 4 months"

"well I have to start recording my new album before I go on tour so yeah but I convinced my record label to let me record in England and then I leave for my tour so I got lucky" 

"well were here"

"kk lets go but don't draw to much attention to us because i'm not in the mode."

"okay I'll try" so we walked inside and we literally walked down every aisle just to find the gum and on the way down the aisle harry was picking up random things and putting the basket

"harry stop putting random things in the basket we only came in here for gum"

"yeah but this is for me"

"so you need 3 packs of Oreo's, 4 packets of popcorn, fizzy drink and a bunch of sweets and chocolates what are you willy wonka"

"no i'm harry styles and yes I do need all of these things because me and the boys are going to have a movie night tomorrow and I am on snacks duty this time so I'm getting I today because it saves me having to go tomorrow." he said making his point

"that makes sense now lets hurry up and get the gum and leave"

"k but hold on a sec I just need to get them gummy worms the boys love these" he said trying to reach the top shelf his foot was about to knock the bucket

"harry be careful" but just as I finished it was to late he had knocked it over but thank goodness it only had cleaning supplies in it and not liquids but that still didn't stop people from coming over to see what had happened. No one noticed us until some girl shouted 

"hey aren't you Megan Richards" and then every one took one look at me and came running over and shouting things

"yeah that is her"

"aren't you meant to be at your movie premiere"

"Megan how are u"

"Megan why are you at the shop"

"what are you buying"

"do the paps know your here"

I was just thinking what do I do no. people were getting really close and asking for autographs and pictures and being me I have to go and say yes darn me for being so nice. How can they notice me and not harry like come on he only has his sun glasses on. So signed some autographs, took a few pics and then harry was pulling me towards the checkouts. we walked up to a girl who was on her phone and harry tried getting her attention

"umm excuse me could you pay for mine and my friends things harry" says using his free hand to place the basket on the till because harry was holding my other hand. the girl looked up and said
"sure OH MY GOSH your Megan Richards what are you doing here, I thought you had your movie premiere tonight" she asks

"yeah I am but could you keep it down I got harassed once and i'm not up for a round 2 and I just came to the shop to buy some gum wait I didn't get my gum" I said looking up at harry to see him holding up three packs of gum. "thanks haz" I say giving him a hug and then taking out my purse to pay for the chewing gum before the girl spoke

"wait are you harry styles"

"yeah that would be me" he says lowering his glasses a little

"so are you to dating" she says as I take a sip of water from the water harry had in his hand and I immediately spit it out all over the till but missing the girl

"sorry about that and no we are defiantly not dating we are just good friends"

"oh okay, I just thought so because you guys were holding hands, sorry" she says pointing to our hands who were together.

"you have to mind harry right now he is being a little clingy, he won't let go of my hand no matter how hard I try, see" I say trying to pull my hand away but harry still wouldn't budge

"oh I get it" she says scanning the gum "that will be $1.98" she says just as I was about to hand her the 5 dollar bill harry pushed my hand out of the way and said to me 

"no I will pay" 

"no harry I'm paying it is mine plus you just spent $30 on all of that" I say pointing to the bag in his hand

"but I want to pay, you are my friend"

"and as are you but i'm paying" I say handing the $5 dollar bill once again but harry just pushed it back handing the girl a $10 bill and it went on for about 1 minute before the cashier girl started laughing. "what are you laughing at"  I ask her

"you two are just so funny fighting over who is paying for some gum" she says in between laughs

"it's not funny she is being stubborn" harry says pointing to me

"I'm stubborn it is my gum"

"and I want to pay for it"

"that's not the point harry it is mine so I am paying for it"

"but I want you to have money to spend later and if you spend it now then you won't be able to pay for something else when i'm not with you."

"harry I have got so much money I don't know what to do with it so I just give it to charity so harry I won't run out of money stop worrying"

"I know but I want to make you happy"

"is this what this is about because if it is then harry I am happy, and I want to make you happy"
"know but I want to pay and that is the only thing that will make me happy right now except for you but I already have you so now I want to pay for this and that is what will make me happy so please let me pay for it"

" okay harry if it will make you happy then you can pay for it"

"thank you" he says before handing the $10 bill to the girl and say "you can keep the change"

"thanks and do you know what, at first i wasn't to sure but now i am sure that you guys are meant to be together, I mean how you guys had that fight and then found a way to work it out you guys are perfect for each other no matter what you have to say, you'll figure it out one day you just wait and I will be waiting to read it on the news soon. anyway bye guys enjoy the rest of your night" she says waving

"well that was weird, first of all the thought we were together and then she tells us how we are meant to be and that isn't something you hear everyday" I say laughing at what just happened as we walk out of the shop back the way we came to go back to the movie premiere.

"I don't think it was that weird I mean that girl did have a point" harry says

"what do you mean she has a point"

"well most couples can't solve there own fights and we did in like two minutes and you can't tell me that it just happens because we both know it doesn't."

"your right harry but friends fight to and they make up"

"true but meg you know how much I like you and you just wait, with a little more of my charm you will feel the same way as me"

" what ever you say haz"

"why do you keep calling me haz"

"because I like calling you that why do you not like it"

"nope it's fine by me"

"good now lets go, I wanna find Jess and go home I have an interview tomorrow" 

"wait" he says making me stop

"what" I ask him

"we need to exchange numbers so that I can text you good night and good morning everyday"
"okay then my number is ***********" I say as he types it into his phone

"now give me your phone I'll type my number in" he says I just shrug and give him my phone. "done" he says handing me my phone, I look at it and see he put his name as 'your future boyfriend' I'll change it later

"really that is what you put your name as" I say to him

"yeah and then when I am yours you can change it to my boyfriend, see it makes perfect sense"

"whatever let's go inside and find them" I say dragging him in to the hall.

"I see them over there" I say pointing to a table

"yea lets go" harry says as we walk over to them "hey Jess are you ready to go because I have got an interview tomorrow and I need my sleep if I am going to my normal bubbly self" I say hoping she was ready

"no i'm not ready we were just about to play a game of truth or dare, how about you join us" no i'm tired now I'll just get a cab home and then you can let Joe drive you home." I say getting out my phone.

" okay I'll see you back at the hotel then"

"yeah okay" I answer

"no I'll drop you of at the hotel I want to make sure you get there safe"

"okay" I say to tired to disagree with him

"umm k see you guys later at the hotel then"

"yeah bye mate, bye Megan" they all say

"yeah see you later guys"

"come on babe lets get you home you look exhausted"

"oh believe me I am, I had rehearsals all day for this and then I have some interview tomorrow." I say as harry holds the door open to his black range rover.


"it's okay" he says before shutting the door and jogging around to the other side of the car and getting in and starting the car and driving down the road. i decided to check my phone because I haven't been on there in a while. I saw some texts from family congratulating me on my movie and ho they can't wait to see me. so being lazy I just sent a group text saying 'hi thanks for all of your love and support and I can't wait to see you. xoxo Megan'. I decided to go on twitter to check out what the latest gossip was and it was me and harry all over twitter with us holding hands, us with Juliana and Melissa, us at the shop and us on the red carpet.

"oh my gosh" I say

"what, what, what is it" harry says panicking

"we blew up twitter"

"what do you mean"

"they have pictures of us everywhere we went tonight"

"that's not so bad"

"yeah harry but we are holding hands thanks to you are tomorrow the news will be all for it creating rumors"

"good point, but don't worry it might not be that bad"

"harry we are trending no.1 on twitter with # we love Marry and we the pictures only leaked 15 minutes ago"

"wow is that out couple name, I think it is very cute and babe what did you expect with our fans combined we could have our own world."

"I guess your right and plus it can't get that bad can it"

"nope, now where am I heading" he asks

"take a right down there and then the second left and we are here"

"okay thanks love" he says as he pulls up to the hotel. he gets out of the car and jogs round to the other side and open the door for me.

"thanks" I say

"no problem" he reply's "now lets get you upstairs" he says putting a hand around my waste just as the paps showed up and started snapping pics of us. we walked inside and towards the elevator and I pushed the button waiting for it to come. "I had a great night tonight it was the best movie premiere that i have been to." harry says smiling 

"so did I harry, it was really fun having you there I say pulling him into what I expected would be a short hug but when I tried pulling away harry just hugged me tighter so I said "harry you can let go of me now" I said laughing

"nope i'm not ready yet" he said still hugging me

"well when will you be ready"

"when I am ready der" he says acting like i'm the silly one

"well what about when the elevator gets here"

"then we will walk on together, come on am I the only one with smart ideas right now"

"well how would you define smart"

"umm I would define it by saying me"

"smart one"

"I know right" he says laughing and then we here the elevator go ding which meant it was here

"harry the elevator is here are you going to let go now"

"nope now come on before the elevator closes" he says before picking me up and going into the elevator. " which button"

" press the one with the p on it"

"okay" he says pressing the button still holding me up

"umm harry are you going to put me down now"

"oh yeah right sorry" he says giving me a cheeky grin

"umm now are you done hugging me" I ask

"hey don't push it, your lucky I put you down"

"okay how about when we get to my floor you let go of me"

"k that seems fair" so after about 30 more seconds of him squeezing me to death the elevator dinged and opened

"times up" I say 

"okay" he says letting go of me while I take a big breath and then look to see that he is out of the elevator with a pouty face

"whats wrong haz are you hurt"

"actually yes I am" he answers

"okay what hurts maybe I can make it feel better"

"my heart" he says pointing to his chest

"wait your having chest pains, haz maybe you need to go to the doctor just to be on the safe side" I say and see him smirking "why are you smiling"

"because you are cute"

"haz your in pain and you are thinking about how cute I am"

"no when I meant pain I meant that I wanted to hug you longer"

"then why didn't you just say so, instead of making me think that you were going to be rushed to hospital, never mess with a girls emotions." I say a little annoyed

"I'm sorry babe, but can I still get that hug" he asks

"yeah sure" I say walking up to him and giving him a giant hug. After about two minutes of hugging my feet were beginning to ache so I pulled away and said "harry my feet are hurting can I go inside and i'm getting tired"

"sure we can"

"we what do you mean we" I ask him

"well I wanna see what your room looks like inside so I compare it to mine and the boys. wait why is there only one door here." he asks looking confused

"oh because live in the penthouse at the top so there is only one room."

"cool I wanna see" he says jumping up and down like a crazy 2 year old.

"k hold on a minute" I say grabbing my keys out of my bag and opening the door. "home sweet home" I say as I see harry walk into the room like he practically owns the place but I didn't mind.

"this place is awesome, how many of you live here again"

"only me and Jess, but you will have to excuse the mess me and Jess were getting ready earlier and because we were running late we didn't have time a clean, plus we didn't expect the company so yeah"

"believe me it's fine, it's not as messy as our place believe me, I feel sorry for the person who cleans our room everyday."

"to shay to that" I say as we both start laughing

after hanging out for a couple more minutes I was starting to get really tired.

"hey babe your getting tired and so am I, so i'm gonna go now okay"

"yeah okay I'll see you later" I say walking him to the door

"bye babe I'll see you soon I promise"

"bye hazza" I say and give him kiss on his cheek and I saw him blush before he walked down the hall and into the elevator.

I walked back inside, went into room and changed into a vest and some shorts and went straight to bed I was unbelievably tired. I thought about harry until I drifted off into a deep sleep.   


hey guys,

happy new year to all of you. I hope you had a great 2015 and I hope you have an ever better 2016.Hope you guys enjoy this chapter and that it wasn't to bad because i did try and it was over 9000 words so please could you vote, comment and follow me because it does give my motivation and inspiration, enjoy the rest of your holiday guys.

love you all

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