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Hello! We are The Wolf Duo! If you see any of our writing on Sadie Stanley or Scout Blaney that you see on here… that's because… We are each in The Wolf Duo! Our latest book is The Deep End Of The Ocean (TDEOTO)! It has not been posted yet- but I hope you guys are excited for that! If you don't like our books, just leave. If you do, please like the book and follow for updates! If you have any ideas for books, or requests, we do take requests. I'll put the links here and in the comment section. 

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Lily Hasleton

Hey, you probably don't know me but so I'm scouts friend she tells me about you and she also told me about " the deep end of the ocean. My fav person in there besides you and scout is Zach. I don't know how you spell it tho XD. Anyways, so I and scout and another friend were at a friend's house and we had my phone there. And scout wanted to tell you something but she didn't want to walk all the way to her house so I have scouts moms number on my phone so we texted scouts mom and asked for your mom's number so she can text so I texted and then scout was talking to you but we didn't call. Then your mom texted and said that I wasn't scout because when scout was texting. So yeah that's what I wanted to say. Also, I have met you at school before with scout when we were getting the ice cream. But yeah so that's all I have to say.

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Oh! Scout told me u were her friend! I don't know which one, though. I forgot lol. And don't be shy to do your real name. No one uses your information on Tablo. If there were people doing that, they couldn't just look you up. The only thing they can do is get into your email, they can steal email info, but not real info. So don't be shy! I wanna know who you are lol -Sadie


Sorry we have been offline for a while. We got caught up; with school and other stuff. It's me, Sadie, and I hope that now it's winter break I can post. Sorry, again!

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Hi! We have TDEOTO on my account right now. I added everything to this account as well, but it's not shared on this account. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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