The Deep End Of The Ocean


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Chapter One.

Michi was at the beach. By the way, it's pronounced Me, then Chi.  Of course, she was in the water. Her friend Hazel was at the shore. Of course, well, not of course, she couldn't swim great. It was a secret Michi would always keep. Zach was there. He picked her up in the water. “Get off me, Zach!“ Michi said. “Ugh! I don’t like you!” She hated him. Ugh. 

“Oh really now?“ He asked. “You don’t?” He took out his phone and took a picture of her struggling. She hated him. So, so much. “Haze! Come over here and help me!" She pleaded. Hazel winked.

But she didn't move. “Ugh.” Michi said. Drake looked her way. Drake was her brother.

“Oh Zach." He said. Zach looked back. Drake got him off of Michi. “C'mon.” He said. “Lets go.” They got out of the water to Hazel. Drake didn't even notice her. I stayed back a little to talk to Hazel. “What was that?” I asked. 

“Oh my. I didn't do anything.”

“Ugh. I'll just leave.”

“Rude much. I've got to talk to you, M." Hazel said.

“Michi!” Drake called. 

“Maybe later.” I said.

“What are you and Drake gonna do? Surf? You do that every day of your life. Typical. Go then.”

“Okay, okay. What is it?” Michi asked.

“Well… Did you go out far?”

“Yes, why? I didn't want to hit the bottom while surfing.”

“Did you see anything?” Asked Hazel. She couldn't really remember. “Like what?” She asked curiously.

“Something that wasn't s-supposed to be there.” She said.

“Still not getting it.” I said.

“Well. Just please try to remember.”

“Mhm. Whatever. Give me a hint!"

“Just anything you saw! Or if you saw anything!”

“I didn't see anything. Except a few turtles and a plastic bottle.” 

“But keep an eye out. Please.”

“Ok.” I was confused. Well, surfing time!


She went with Drake to go surfing. He looked kinda strange. Well, not in a rude way, but, really. Every time she looked at him when we're close to Rose- oh, she's another surfer- he looks like he has like a crush on her or something. But the weird thing is that Drake has never, ever,  had a crush in his life. Well, if you don't count Rose. Sometimes she feels like somethings wrong. Like, he's mad at her. Of course, Michi don't know why though. “Oh, yeah Drake?” I heard Rose talking to Drake.

“Well I was planning to-” Michi stopped listening. No offense, or anything, but- well- it was just kind of awkward for Michi, I guess.



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Ellie Hasleton

Are you guys ever going to finish this? i have been waiting for a while.

Chapter Three

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