Missing in Action


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Missing in Action

By Teresa Lyons

Sarah and Ken Daily dropped their one-year-old twins off at daycare before they went upstairs to work. One year after getting married, Sarah learned she was pregnant. By the fourth month, they learned they were having twins, a boy and girl. Sarah had light ginger colored hair and blue eyes. Her husband, Ken was the classic tall, dark and handsome. He had beautiful brown eyes and dark brown curly hair. She was slightly taller than the average woman which worked since Ken was over six feet tall.

Their twins were growing and learning to talk and walk. Their daughter, Laura, was fearless. She was already walking. Their son, Jason, was more reserved. He was not walking yet. Sarah was outgoing and her daughter took after her. The interesting thing was that Laura looked just like her father and Jason looked just like her. Jason was just like his father. Ken was a serene man. He was one of those quiet types that just sat back and observed the world and took in a lot from the world around him.

They had met four years ago while Sarah had been on a business trip. They hit it off very well. Eventually, Ken had managed to get a job transfer to the same place and they continued dating and became engaged and got married. Sarah had found the love of her life. She had never been as happy as she was with Ken.

This day was filled with meetings and working on various projects. Ken had left mid-morning for a meeting downtown. Sarah was busy working when her office desk phone rang.

“Sarah Daily.”

“Mrs. Daily, this is the daycare downstairs.”

Sarah felt her blood run cold. All sorts of horrid and extreme scenarios raced through her mind in quick bright flashes involving both of her children.

“Yes. What is it?” Sarah asked cautiously.

“We had put Laura and Jason in the playpen. Only moments later, Laura was gone.” the woman on the phone said nervously.

“Excuse me?” Sarah asked getting tense.

“We are short staffed today. We only turned away long enough to get the other toddlers settled and then Laura was gone.”

“I will be right there and I will want full details.” Anger and fear was taking over. Her baby was missing.

Did someone take her? Did she wander off by herself? The child was fearless and loved to explore. Now that she could walk, she was into everything. Recently, she had learned how to climb out of her crib and the playpen. They had just lowered the mattress in the crib. The playpen was harder to keep her contained. Both of them had informed the daycare of Laura’s new ability and to keep a close watch on her at all times.

Sarah had no patience for the elevator. She sprinted down the flight of stairs to the floor below which contained the daycare for the employees of the building if they so desired to use it. Before entering the daycare, Sarah called Ken.

“KEN!” Sarah exclaimed the moment he answered. “Laura is missing from daycare. Get back here now!”

“I’m on my way. I’m just down the street!” Sarah heard before the call ended.

In the daycare room, the manager was waiting for her. Sarah let her have a scolding and raged for quite a while. They had left implicit instructions to carefully watch Laura because she was now an escape artist. Then she began a diatribe on exactly what they were doing to find her and if anyone had been around that should not have been and could possibly have kidnapped her.

“Sarah, I found her.” Ken was behind her.

She whirled around and exhaled when she saw her baby girl in her daddy’s arms. Sarah rushed to them and pulled Laura into her arms and hugged her.

“Where was she? Is she alright? Do we need to get her checked out?” Sarah rushed.

“She’s fine. Laura was in the elevator. I pushed the button to come up here and when the doors opened, there she was looking at herself in the mirror. Laura saw me and got to her feet and said, ‘Dada.’ I picked her up and checked her out.” Ken explained in his deep smooth voice.

“Thank you.” Sarah hugged and kissed him. “I ran down the stairs. I probably would’ve found her if I used the elevator.” Sarah kissed her daughter on the head. “How did you get in an elevator, silly girl?”

“Probably the doors opened and she walked or crawled in.”

“Let’s get out of here and take them with us. I don’t feel comfortable leaving them here today,” Sarah said relieved that her daughter was safe and sound.

“I agree.” Ken said.

They got both children’s things together and put them in the double stroller. Sarah started to push them out of the daycare, but Ken had not moved.

“Aren’t you coming?” Sarah asked.

“Go ahead. I will join you upstairs.” Ken gestured her out.

Sarah pushed the stroller out of the room. She paused out of sight to listen.

Sarah heard Ken take a deep steadying breath. Ken did not get cross often, but when he did, it was not something to see. Sarah listened as her husband had his turn laying into the daycare manager. He was not as loud as she was, but he was just as upset. He commanded them to have a better watch on his children in the future.

Sarah heard him heading for the entrance. She quickly pushed the elevator button. Ken came out before the doors opened. He smiled knowing she had listened.

“Like mother, like daughter.” He chuckled and put his arms around his wife.

“You know me well.” Sarah sighed and leaned into his embrace happily. “Love you.”

“Ditto.” Ken kissed her before they stepped into the elevator.



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