MOS Honeymoon


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Chapter 1 Wedding Reception

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The minister announced.

Clark need no encouragement to kiss his wife. He leaned in cupping her face in between his hands.

“I love you, Mrs. Kent.” Clark whispered and felt Lois shiver with desire. He loved it when she shivered like that.

“I love you, too, Mr. Kent.” Lois responded and then pulled Clark against her lips. “Now shut up and kiss me!”

Clark chuckled and began to kiss her. Their first kiss as man and wife. His head began to swim as his lips found their home against her soft warm lips. When he kissed her, he took flight without his feet leaving the ground. Clark could truly fly and right now he was soaring above the clouds while his feet remained planted firmly on the ground. A soft moan escaped his lips when he felt her tongue against his lips. Automatically his mouth opened to accept her tongue into his mouth. His sharp hearing could hear the titters of laughter among the small crowd. It took all his will power to pull away. Breathless, he rested his forehead against hers. Slowly they turned to face the small crowd of friends and family.

“I present the new Mr. and Mrs. Kent!” the minister announced happily.

Clark wrapped his arm around her waist and guided Lois back down the aisle. The couple had their wedding on his family’s farm. It was an outdoor wedding at the end of June. The ceremony took place behind the house. The reception was to be held in the main barn of the farm. Clark had cleaned it out and the women Martha, Lois and her sister Lucy decorated it. Not wanting his mother to have to do lots of cooking, Clark hired a caterer to come in and prepare the food. The one thing she insisted on making was their wedding cake. Lois also requested her apple pies be present. The reporter had developed an attachment to her pies.

The new couple stopped at the end of the aisle to be greeted and congratulated by their friends and family. The attendance was small. Only a select group of people attended. Martha reached them first. She hugged both of them at the same time.

“My baby!” She cried. “My baby got married!”

“Don’t choke me, Mom!” Clark teased about her death grip around his neck. The three of them knew that Martha could not harm him.

“Very funny,” Martha said releasing him. “I am so happy for you both!”

“Thank you, Martha. You are like a mother to me now. Like Clark, I couldn’t be luckier to have you.” Lois said with a happy smile.

“I want to see your wedding ring!” Martha exclaimed.

Lois held out her left hand. The ring was silver instead of gold. The band was set with tiny diamonds all the way around it. Clark had made this diamond wedding ring like he had made her diamond engagement ring.

“It’s beautiful!” Martha exclaimed. Neither woman had seen the ring until Clark pulled it from his pocket during the ceremony to put it on her finger. Lois had almost broken down when she saw the ring.

“Yes. By the way, never do that again.” Lois playfully smacked him. “Almost made me cry at my own wedding,”

Clark chuckled. “Someone has to keep you on your toes.”

Lucy rushed up and hugged her older sister.

“Finally! Lois finally got married!” Lucy shouted.

“Geez, Luc, I don’t think they heard you in China,” Lois rolled her eyes. “I’m not an old maid you know.”

“It’s still about time someone had the courage to tie you down.”

“Tie me down? No man can tie me down.” Lois glared at her sister.

“Calm down, Lo. You know what I meant.” Lucy now rolled her eyes.

“Clark, I know you know by now, but my sister is a handful.” Lucy said.

“Don’t worry, Lucy. I’m tough. I can handle it.” Clark replied now earning a glare from Lois. “It’s why I love her.” He kissed her and her glare melted off her face. “That’s better.”

The General walked up next. He shook Clark’s hand. “Take care of her, Clark. She’s my strong independent one.”

“I will take very good care of her. I plan to spoil her rotten.” Clark replied smiling at Lois.

The general took Lucy by the arm and headed for the barn. Perry White was next to approach them. He shook Clark’s hand and hugged Lois.

“You look radiant in that dress, Lois.” Perry said.

Her dress had been passed down in Martha’s family for generations. It went back to the Victorian age. It was light cream colored. The top and skirt were separate pieces. The top was long sleeved and in true Victorian style, it went up the neck. The front was button down and the collar was turned up. The skirt was form fitting and went to the ground. A short train trailed the ground. There was a veil, but Lois opted not to use it. She wanted to clearly see Clark and wanted him to see her face clearly as she walked down the aisle. Their eyes had been locked on each from the moment she came around the side of the house into view. Clark could’ve looked at her at any point, but she knew he wouldn’t. And the look of love and awe on his face when he saw proved that he kept his word and didn’t peek.

“Thank you, Perry. This was Martha’s wedding dress.” Lois said slipping her arm through Clark’s arm. He squeezed her hand with his other hand.

“It looks perfect on you.” Perry said. “I know you two are meant for each other, but I mean it when I say any rows or loving better not affect my paper.”

“It won’t, Sir.” Clark promised.

“It hasn’t has it?” Lois huffed making the two men laugh.

Lana Lang and her mother approached next.

“Congratulations, Clark!” Mrs. Lang exclaimed and hugged him. “You found yourself a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Ross. I couldn’t agree more.” Clark smiled at Lois.

“I’m happy for you, Clark.” Lana kissed his cheek and then hurried away. Clark sighed. Some people would never be comfortable around him. Mrs. Lang shook Lois’ hand and followed her daughter.

Pete Ross and his mother were the last to greet them.

“Way to go, Clark! No one ever though they would see this day.” Pete said with a laugh.

“Neither did I, Pete.” Clark agreed. “But I am so happy it’s here and that Lois is the one for me,” Clark kissed her cheek.

“I’m happy for you, Clark. I hope you are as happy as your parents were.” Mrs. Ross said keeping her hands at her side.

“Thank you, Mrs. Ross. That means a lot to me.” Clark said.

“Let’s go, Mom.” Pete said. “They need to do their wedding pictures.”

Jimmy Olsen was waiting nearby with his camera. Jenny Olsen, no relation, the cub reporter had been assigned to cover the wedding for the planet society column.

“Lois, you are so lucky!” Jenny exclaimed bouncing over as Jimmy took Clark away to do his individual photos and the photos with his mother.

“I know, Jenny.” Lois sighed watching Clark posing for the camera. “Clark is a wonderful man. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

“So where’s the honeymoon?” Jenny had to ask.

“Better ask Clark. He won’t tell me.” Lois said with a laugh.

“I did. He wouldn’t tell me either.” Jenny said. “All he said was somewhere romantic and unique.”

Lois shivered. Surely, they weren’t spending their honeymoon in the Arctic in the scout ship. That was romantic and unique to them. Honestly, she didn’t care where they went. Right now it was all could do not to make him take her upstairs so she could rip that tuxedo off him.

No man could look as good as Clark did in a tux. The traditional black tuxedo was tailored to fit him perfectly. It was form fitting but not overly so. His muscles were just visible beneath the fabric. Lois had already ran her hands over his white shirt to feel his perfect chest underneath it. He was wearing his glasses that he did not need and his hair was styled to show some of his extremely curly hair. Martha soon joined him. She had on a deep blue dress with a blue hat. Her hair was pulled into a bun. She looked beautiful and so happy to hug her only child on his wedding day.

Lois soon joined them as did her father and sister. Once those photos were done, it was time for the bride and groom photos. Clark was more than happy to keep Lois in his arms for various poses. His favorite was sitting on a bale of hay with Lois on his lap while gazing into her beautiful green eyes.

After pictures, the couple went in for the traditional first dance. Clark was not a dancer, but he had no problem with holding Lois against him while they swayed to the music.

“I can legally call you Mrs. Kent now.” Clark said to her while they danced.

That’s who I am even though I am keeping Lane for publishing purposes.” Lois sighed snuggling deeper into his embrace.

“That’s who I feel deeply in love with, Lois Lane.” Clark said and kissed her head.

“I feel giddy and I never feel giddy.” Lois giggled. She really was Mrs. Clark Kent. It made her heart soar.

Clark chuckled. “It’s your wedding day. You get to feel any way you want to.”

“It’s our wedding day, buster.” Lois poked him in the chest.

“That it is.” Clark replied happily.

“So where are we going?” Lois asked.

“Going?” Clark asked pulling back to look at her.

She rolled her eyes. “Our honeymoon, dufus.”

“Oh that. You’ll find out.” Clark grinned mischievously.

“I have to pack. I need to know what to take.” Lois argued.

“Done. Our bags are already there.” Clark replied. “I dropped them off while you were getting ready.”

“Sneaky, Kent.” Lois grumbled. “I still want to know.”

“I know. That’s why I’m not telling you.” Clark replied as the song ended and another started.

“May I steal my daughter?” the general asked.

“Of course, Sir.” Clark stepped back and kissed Lois on the hand. “Love you so much.”

“Thanks a lot, Daddy. I was trying to wear Clark down.” Lois said as she began to dance with her father.

“Already fighting?” he asked surprised.

“No, of course not. I wanted to know where he’s taking me on our honeymoon,” Lois said.

“Was he about to tell you?”

“No,” Lois sighed. “But I was working on it.” She glanced around for him and saw him with his mother.

“Oh my baby! Look at you!” Martha said hugging him. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Clark said watching Lois dance with her father.

“Your father would be so proud of you too.” Martha said near tears.

“I know, Mom. I’m so grateful that he was able to tell me that he’s happy for me and Lois.” Clark said.

One night, Clark woke to find his father’s spirit standing over him. Jonathan told him he loved him, was proud of him, and approved of Lois and that he loved Martha.

“I knew he would be. I know I wasn’t too happy when Lois showed up at the door, but when you said she was a friend, I knew there was already a spark there. You were so sure about her even then.”

“I was already falling for her. I just didn’t know it. I didn’t know what love like that was then. And I was more concerned with other matters. Once I realized I was in love with her, I knew I had loved her from the first moment I saw her.” Clark fiddled with his wedding ring. He wasn’t used to wearing a ring but he loved what this one meant.

He had made his ring as well. His was traditional gold, but it had a ring of diamonds set into it as well. Lois nearly dropped it when she took it to place it on his finger. “Beautiful.” she had mouthed to him when she saw it. Like her ring, he had not shown her his ring either. He wanted to surprise her. Lois knew he was making their rings, but she didn’t think it would be so beautiful.

“You did a wonderful job with those rings, Clark. They are gorgeous.” Martha said.

“Thank you. I worked hard on them. I wanted them to be perfect. And her ring to be as beautiful as my wife.” Clark shivered now. Lois was his wife. He was her husband.

After dancing with her father, Lois made her way to Clark’s side. He pulled her against him and began to kiss her. Lois sighed into his mouth as she returned his kiss.

“Hmmm, what brought that on?” Lois asked dreamily a few moments later.

“I love you, that is all.” Clark said.

Lois fought tears. Clark was so sincere and tender when he said that. It made her heart sing with love. Gently, she touched his face. He kissed her hand without breaking eye contact.

“Can we leave now?” Lois begged. “It’s all I can do not to tear your clothes off.”

Clark laughed. “The feeling is mutual, my love, but not yet. We need to eat and Mom made our cake plus apple pies.”

“I only want to taste you.” Lois whispered causing Clark to blush.

“You are wicked, Mrs. Kent.” Clark took her arm and led her towards their table. Lois grinned and gently licked his cheek. “Oh, you are asking for trouble, my dear wife if you keep tempting me.”

“I want you. I want to make love to my husband.” Lois whispered into his shoulder. Clark shook his head.

“I want the same thing, but you wanted a wedding remember? I was all for eloping or going before the justice of the peace.” Clark reminded her. “So we are both stuck until later on.” Lois pouted sticking out her lower lip. Clark set her in her seat and then took her bottom lip between his lips and suckled. Lois groaned.

“Now who’s being wicked?” Lois moaned as Clark sat beside her.

The couple ate and visited with friends and family. Then they cut the cake. They skipped feeding the cake to each other knowing what that led to for them and they were already standing on the ledge ready to jump. One more dance, and Lois went into the house to change out of the dress. The guests began to take their leave and go home or to the hotel in town. Lois came down wearing a pale blue dress. It was strapless and only came to her mid thighs. Clark nearly fell down when he saw her.

“Wow!” Clark said when she reached him. Her ginger hair had been let down from its elegant bun and fell free around her face. “You look incredible.”

“The zipper is in the back. And that’s all I’m wearing.” Lois whispered and went to say good bye to her father and sister before they left. Clark took a deep steadying breath. She was going to be the death of him but what a way for him to go.

Clark joined her for final words about taking care of Lois from her father and sister. They were the last guests to leave.

“Ok. Let’s go!” Lois exclaimed once her family had left.

“Easy, tiger.” Clark said after he bellowed with laughter. “Let me clean up the place. It’ll only take a few minutes.” He said before she could argue.

“I’m timing you. GO!” Lois said tapping her foot.

“Impatient, aren’t you?” Clark chuckled.

“Wasting time!” Lois said impatiently.

“OK. OK,” Clark kissed her cheek and disappeared.

Lois and Martha watched the chairs disappear first. Then the tables. Finally the decorations. The leftover food was covered with foil. Clark fully disappeared for a few seconds. When he reappeared in front of Lois, he was wearing the Kryptonian suit.

“Finally.” Lois said rushing into his arms and kissing him.

“Where are you going?” Martha asked interrupting their kiss.

“It’s a surprise.” Clark said. “We’ll call you later.”

“Much later.” Lois said causing Clark to blush. “I hope you remembered plenty of condoms.”

“LOIS!” Clark exclaimed turning a shade of red so deep he almost looked purple.

“Go on, you two. Get out here.” Martha said laughing.

“You’ll pay for that.” Clark promised as he stepped forward to hug his mother.

“Can’t wait.” Lois tugged on his cape.

“Thanks, Mom. You are the best. We love you.” Clark said hugging her tightly.

“I love you, too. Both of you.” Martha pulled Lois in to make it a group hug. “Now go.”

“Listen to your mother.” Lois said jumping into Clark’s arms.

“Bye, Mom. See you soon.” Clark lifted off into the sky.

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Chapter 2 Honeymoon

Clark landed on a deserted beach a short time later. He didn’t put Lois down. Eagerly, she looked around. The island was tiny. In the center was a small house surrounded by beach and trees.

“It’s beautiful! Where are we?” Lois asked. Flying with Clark it was easy to lose track of time and location.

“The south pacific.” Clark walked forward. “This island is privately owned.

“By who?” Lois asked.

“I can’t tell you. But I saved his life and he asked me what he could do to repay me. I refused until he mentioned this island. I asked him if I could use it for a week.” Clark replied heading for the house.

“And he said yes? No questions asked?” Lois asked.

“He said yes. He did ask why. All I said was that I needed a vacation,” Clark replied. “He agreed and told me its exact location and that he almost never comes here. He bought it for tax purposes.

“Rich man,” Lois said as Clark entered the house.

Clark set Lois on her feet. She slowly took in the small house. It consisted of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. No kitchen.

“No kitchen so I’ll have to bring food to us or I can cook over the fireplace.” Clark said.

Lois gasped at the fireplace. It was marble white. In front of it was a king sized air mattress but it was set into the floor. A love seat sat on side of the living room and a longer sofa on the other. Everything was white or cream colored which was typical of beach homes.

“This is so beautiful. No wonder you didn’t want to tell me.” Lois said punching him square on the symbol on his chest.

“So what do you want to do first?” Clark asked.

“Duh. Get you out of that suit.” Lois said.

Clark yawned and stretched. “I’m pretty tired. How about a nap?”

“Nice try. You aren’t any more tired than I am.” Lois took his hand and pulled him closer to her. “I want my husband to make love to his wife.

Clark surrendered and begin to kiss her hard. Lois tangled both hands into his hair pulling him even closer. Clark lifted Lois up and carried her over to the bed. On the way, Lois detached his cape. She tried to reach the clasps to undo the suit. The angle she was at, she couldn’t quite reach them. Clark chuckled through their kiss.

“Hush.” Lois said as Clark put her on the bed.

“Want some help?” Clark asked.

“No. I want to undress you.” Lois sat up and crawled around behind him.

Lois peeled the suit off him leaving him naked before her. She bit her lip as she took in the view that was her gorgeous husband.

“Your turn.” Clark pulled Lois to her feet and turned her around.

He kissed her shoulder while he slowly worked the zipper down. Slowly, he pushed the dress down. True to her word, Lois was stark naked underneath.

“You are so incredibly beautiful!” Clark sighed as he took her in.

“You are beautiful too.” Lois pushed him down on the bed. Then she straddled him. “Hi there, my husband.

“Hi yourself, my beautiful wife.” Clark pushed her hair back behind her shoulder.

“Where did you put the condoms?” Lois asked. “I think we’re going to need them very soon. And several of them.

“In the drawer. Clark said. “I unpacked for us.

“Well, you’ve thought of everything.” Lois leaned over to the drawer beside the bed. She pulled out the box and set it on the nightstand. “There. I think we’re going to need easy access.” Lois pulled out a package and ripped it open. Clark kissed her arm as it passed near his face.

“Smart thinking.” Clark said as Lois reached back to stroke him. He moaned at her touch.

“Like that?” Lois grinned.

“Baby, you have no idea.” Clark rested his hands on her hips.

“Then you will love this.” Lois maneuvered around so she could take him into her mouth.

Clark groaned and clutched his fists at his sides. Lois was incredible. She had figured out how to give him the most pleasure over the past six months. Lois was the first and only woman Clark had made love to. She taught him everything he knew about pleasure. And she was great at pleasuring him. She was also great at torturing him. Clark had not been her first or only lover, but it thrilled him to know she was his only and last lover.

He maneuvered her so he could return the pleasure. Lois sighed around him as his tongue touched her. They soon were racing each other to see who would get the end first. The couple headed neck and neck down the road of pleasure at top speed. Together, they crossed over and collapsed on the other side breathing hard.

“Wow.” Clark panted as Lois rolled off him and fell onto the bed beside him her head resting on his thigh. “You are incredible.

“So are you.” Lois sighed happily her body pulsing with the recent pleasure.

Picking up the unwrapped condom that Lois dropped on the bed, Clark slowly rolled it on only inches from Lois’ face. She watched every move he made.

“Looks like someone is ready for round two.” Lois sighed happily.

“He is always ready when you are around, my love.” Clark said happily.

Lois turned herself around and curled up against him. “I need a few minutes.

“You can have all the time you need.” Clark put his arms around her. “I love you, Mrs. Kent. More than anything in the universe.

Lois shivered. She loved it when he called her that even that he had only done so a few times now. “Ditto.” was all she could say in response. Clark chuckled and kissed her head.

“So what would you like to do during our stay here? Other than the obvious.” Clark said.

“The obvious?” Lois asked.

“Well, the obvious choice is to stay in this house and not leave all week.” Clark said. “Or we can go to the mainland and do some exploring, eating out, seeing the sights.

“Hmmm, choice one sounds pretty damn tempting.” Lois grinned against his chest.

“That it does. There is no one around for miles. So we can stay naked.

“Oh really?” Lois pushed up from his chest to look at him. “I thought you wanted me in a string bikini?”

Clark raised an eye brow. “I prefer you naked. Mainly because a string bikini really doesn’t hide all that much. He brushes a strand of her hair out of her eyes. “Besides, I packed for you. I didn’t see a string bikini. Lois rolled her eyes making Clark laugh inwardly.

“So we can go skinny dipping?” Lois asked.

“We can do whatever your beautiful heart desires.” Clark said running his thumb over her lips.

“Skinny dipping sounds fun, but first I want to finish making love to my husband.” Lois straddled him again.

“Back to choice one.” Clark moaned as Lois grabbed hold of him to slide him into her warm body.

“It always comes back to choice one.” Lois grinned before she leaned down to kiss him.

“I happen to love that choice.” Clark rolled them over.

“Hmm, me too.” Lois sighed perfectly content to let Clark be on top. “Skinny dipping can definitely wait. Lois flexed her hips making Clark groan.

“You feel so good, baby.” Clark whispered as he slowly moved within her.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Lois let her hands stroke his chest.

“I love you, Mrs. Kent.” Clark felt like he couldn’t tell her enough that he loved her. He wanted to spend his life not only telling her but showing her exactly how much he loved her.

Lois soon rolled them over again. She used his chest to push up to a sitting position. Clark sighed. He had no problems with Lois on top. It gave him a perfect view of her beautiful body when she sat up. Not to mention, he felt so deep inside her when she was sitting up. Lois merely sat there. A few moments later, she gathered her long ginger hair and pulled it into a ponytail with her hand pulling her hair off her neck. Holding her hair in one hand, Lois rocked her hips. Clark sighed. He loved being joined to Lois and he wished they could stayed joined forever.

The inevitable end crashed over them a short time later. Lois had ridden him hard and fast bringing them both to the end together. She collapsed on top of him breathing fast and hard. Under her, she could feel Clark’s chest rapidly rising and falling along with his racing heart. Lois loved that she had the power to make the strongest man in the world, possibly the universe, lose control and find himself breathless, sweaty and a racing heart.

“That was incredible, my loving husband.” Lois said when she caught her breath.

“Always, my beautiful wife.” Clark slipped out from under Lois.

“Hey. I was comfortable.” Lois complained.

“I want to run us a bath. Rest, my love.” Clark kissed her cheek.

“Hmmm, ok. Wake me when the bath is ready.” Lois said sleepily as she clutched the pillow he had his head against a moment ago.

Clark chuckled and went into the bathroom to see how the place was stocked. The man hadn’t been kidding when he said he rarely used the place. There were towels and running water, but that was it. Since Lois was sleeping, Clark dressed and flew to the mainland where he picked up the basics in travel size with the exception of bubble bath. He got a bigger bottle. Lois loved bubble baths. It was the one indulgence she gave herself as a hard working reporter. Clark loved to prepare a bath for her whenever she wanted. The place had a Jacuzzi bath and Clark planned to take full advantage of being able to bath with Lois while they were there. Before heading back, he picked up some take out for them to eat. They hadn’t eaten since the reception and then they didn’t get much to eat due to having conversations with the people around them.

Clark returned and put the bag of food on the table. Then he carried the toiletries into the bathroom past a sleeping Lois. When he came out, Lois was awake. She was buttoning one of his plaid shirts. He shook his head.

“What? I love your shirts.” Lois said. “Do I smell food?”

“Yes. I went out while you were sleeping. I brought back some food.” Clark replied.

“Good. I’m hungry.” Lois said looking at Clark who had changed from the suit into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

“What? Is my shirt inside out?” Clark asked. It wouldn’t be the first time he had done that dressing at super speed.

“Uh, no, but what happened to staying naked?” Lois asked.

“You aren’t naked either.” Clark pointed out.

“True, but I can fix that,” Lois lifted her hands to the top button.

“Later, my love. Let’s eat. If you take that shirt off, I won’t be able to focus on eating. Well, eating food anyway.” Clark grinned.

“Fine. We’re going skinny dipping after we eat.” Lois announced and followed the smell of food to the table.

“You shouldn’t swim right after eating.” Clark pointed out causing Lois to roll her eyes.

“Whatever. I doubt we’ll be swimming.” Lois said as she unpacked the food. “I plan to enjoy your beautiful body as much as possible this week.

“Ditto, my love.” Clark kissed her neck as he came to stand behind her.

“Keep it up and we won’t be eating this food, buster.” Lois leaned against him as he continued to kiss her neck.

“I can’t help myself. I have to touch you. It’s like we’re a pair of magnets drawn to each other.” Clark replied as he nuzzled her neck with his nose.

Lois had to agree with that comparison. She spun around in his arms and began to kiss him. Clark lifted her up and placed her on the table. Her legs locked around his slender waist and her hands went into his curly black hair. Her shirt was unbuttoned and discarded onto the floor leaving her naked. She yanked Clark’s shirt over his head and tugged his jeans down. A condom appeared in Clark’s hand.

“Where did you get that?” Lois asked breathless from their kisses.

“In my pocket.” Clark replied.

“Such a boy scout. Always prepared.” Lois grabbed the package and ripped it open.

“I have to be as far as you go. Prepared for anything.” Clark replied as Lois rolled on the condom.

“Damn straight. I never know what I’m going to do until I do it.” Lois said guiding him home.

Clark sighed as he sank into her warm depths again. This was home. This is where he belonged. His life was utterly joined to Lois now and forever.

Later, Clark warmed the food with his heat vision and they settled on the air mattress in the floor in front a roaring fire Clark also started with his heat vision.

After eating, Lois, once again wearing his shirt, fell asleep against him warm, comfortable and happier than she had been in her entire life.

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Chapter 3

Lois woke alone. She blinked and looked around for Clark. She finally spotted him outside sitting on the beach watching the waves. Getting up, Lois walked out to him and slid onto his lap.

“Hi.” Lois said.

“Hey.” Clark said putting his arm around her waist. “Sleep well?”

“Hmm, yes. But I sleep better in your arms.” Lois sighed.

“I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake you.” Clark replied.

“You ok?” Lois asked. He seemed down.

“I could not possibly be any better.” Clark smiled at her. “You are my wife and I am your husband,”

“You don’t seem ok?” Lois questioned.

“Maybe I’m in shock.” Clark joked. “After all, the most beautiful woman in the entire world agreed to become my wife today.

“That is true. Although, I got the most gorgeous and the kindest and sweetest man as my husband,” Lois said her fingers automatically finding their way into his hair. “And you are stuck with me.

“Good. That’s the only way I want to be. Stuck to you like glue.” Clark got up taking Lois with him.

“Where are we going?” Lois asked as Clark held her in his arms.

“You wanted to go swimming.” Clark began to walk into the water.

“I said skinny dipping! I’ve got your shirt on!” Lois cried as Clark moved deeper into the water. “Don’t you dare drop me, Kent!” Lois screamed as Clark dumped her in the clear blue water.

Sputtering, she surfaced, soaking wet. Clark was standing there grinning at her.

“Oh, you are so going to pay for that.” Lois got to her feet. They were only in waist deep water. She unbuttoned the sopping wet shirt and peeled it off. Sauntering forward, Lois draped it over Clark’s shoulder and moved deeper into the water so she could actually swim.

A moment later, an equally naked Clark was swimming beside her. Lois rolled her eyes, but also couldn’t help but admire the workings of his muscles as he swam beside her.

“That is really not fair.” Lois complained. “That you can dress and undress in a heartbeat,”

Even swimming, Clark raised an eyebrow to her. “You don’t complain when I get our clothes off quickly so we can make love.

“I would never complain about that.” Lois replied as they swam at a steady pace side by side.

“I should hope not. I personally love making love to you.” Clark said. “Best experience of my life.

“Ditto.” Lois said slowing. She stopped and began to tread water.

Clark took her in his arms and held her up. Lois sighed happily. There was nothing better than being in this man’s arms. She could stay floating in the warm water in his arms forever.

“What do you want to do now? Skinny dipping has officially been done.” Clark said.

“I think you know.” Lois grinned.

“Again?” Clark raised his eyebrow again.

“I can never get enough you. Never.” Lois said.

“Ditto, my love.” Clark replied. Suddenly he paused. Then smiled.

“What?” Lois asked knowing her heard something.

“Wait for it.” Clark turned her so she was facing out into the vast ocean view.

“Wait for what?” Lois asked confused.

“A few more seconds.” Clark replied.

Suddenly, about 10 feet from them, a huge head broke the surface. Then a smaller head did the same beside the bigger head. Two humpback whales, a mother and calf were looking at them.

“Wow!” Lois said in awe of the two creatures. “They don’t seem afraid of us.

“No, they wouldn’t be.” Clark replied keeping an arm around Lois’ waist and her back pressed against his chest. “After the oil rig blast, I was knocked unconscious for a short period. Those two whales over there, saved me. They pushed me to the surface.

“Really? Wow.” Lois said impressed. “Looks like they remember you.” The calf was lazily swimming closer. It was still small enough that it could reach them. The mother watched from her position where she surfaced.

The calf paused a foot away from them. It turned its head to look at them.

“Hey, fella.” Clark said to the whale. A whistle sounded from the mother. “Hi, Mama.

Clark purposely stayed where he was. It was always better to let wild animals come to them.

“This is incredible. What a story.” Lois said.

“Lois, I don’t need the world knowing I was saved by a couple of whales.” Clark chuckled.

“Not that part. This part. How on vacation a baby humpback whale comes up to us. How cool is this?” Lois replied.

The calf lost its shyness and moved the final foot to reach them. Clark held out his hand. The blow hole contracted spewing out air and water. Then the whale gently bumped into Clark pushing him towards the shore. Clark chuckled.

“I’m alright, big fella. Thanks for the push a year ago.” Clark gently touched his snout.

“Can I touch him?” Lois asked.

“Sure.” Clark put her hand under his and guided her to the whale head.

“Wow. Man I wish we had a camera.” Lois said as she felt the rubbery hide of the baby whale. Her hand felt the bumps on its head. “You were really knocked unconscious?” Lois asked looking at him over her shoulder.

“Yes. I found myself floating the in water. The whales circled me and pushed me to the surface. I was fully conscious by then, so I headed for shore. Did I mention I was completely naked?” Clark chuckled as he removed his hand from Lois so she could pet the whale on her own.

“Really?” Lois was intrigued. “Where did you get some clothes?”

I stole some. I hated to do it, but walking around naked in a northern fishing village would definitely arouse questions.” Clark replied. The mother whistled again.

The baby pushed Clark once more towards shore and then returned to its mother’s side.

“I’m guessing he wants us to get out of the water.” Lois giggled.

“I am all for taking you ashore and making love to you on the beach.” Clark replied.

“Or we could do that right here.” Lois turned to face him as the whales had disappeared under the water. She pressed herself against him.

“You are wicked, Mrs. Kent.” Clark groaned. “But I don’t have a condom with me.

“Go get one, speedy.” Lois said. “You could get a condom and be back here before I even know you’re gone.

“That’s true, but that’s one second you’re not in my arms and that is a gross waste of time.” Clark replied.

“So what is the solution?” Lois asked gently rubbing against him.

Lois suddenly found herself in the house wrapped in a towel.

“Well, there’s a solution.” Lois giggled and used the towel to dry her body and hair. “Clark?” She heard water running and followed the sound into the bathroom. Steam was rising from the Jacuzzi and Clark was sitting, still naked, on the edge pouring in bath water.

“I’ve been wanting to run us a bath since we got here.” Clark replied.

“And I want you.” Lois said walking towards him and dropping her towel.

“I always want you.” Clark said putting his arms around Lois.

“Plan better next time. I plan to make love to you in the ocean. Lois stated.

“I will make love to you any time any place.Clark told her holding her close. “Earlier you said you couldn’t get enough of me. The same is true of you, my love. I will never ever get enough of you.

“So later, the ocean? Under the moonlight?” Lois asked.

“It’s a date.” Clark replied dropping his hand in to test the water temperature. He added a good amount of bubble bath to the water.

“You can fly. Let’s make our own mile high club.” Lois’ eyes twinkled.

Clark laughed. “How I would love to, but I doubt I could fly and hold onto you safely while we’re making love.

“Fine. I’ll give you that one.” Lois conceded.

Clark placed Lois on her feet in the warm bath water. Then he followed her. Both of them sank into the warm bubbly water. Lois happily leaned against Clark. He kissed her head as he engulfed her in his arms. The next several minutes was spent in silence just enjoying being in each other’s arms. When the water cooled, Clark used his heat vision to warm it up again making Lois shiver within the safety of his arms. Eventually, Lois sighed and slowly got out of the water. Clark followed and wrapped a towel around her. Lois squeezed the excess water out of her hair and began to run her fingers through it.

“May I?” Clark asked. “Brush your hair?”

Lois blinked at him. No man had ever shown an interest in brushing her hair including Clark. “Uh, sure.” She handed him her brush and sat on the edge of the huge tub. Clark tightened the towel around his waist. “I won’t mind if the towel falls.” Lois teased.

“Ditto,” my love.” Clark replied as he applied the brush at the base of her hair and carefully began to brush the knots out.

“That feels nice.” Lois purred. She could definitely get used to this treatment.

“Anything to make you happy. My goal is to keep you happy and smiling for the rest of our lives.” Clark dropped a kiss on her head.

“This is a very good start.” Lois sighed happily. A private island, I’m married to a wonderful gorgeous man and I love my job.Lois turned her head up. Clark bent down and kissed her. “And you are brushing my hair. I am positively spoiled.

“Perfect.” Clark kissed her forehead before he straightened up to continue brushing her hair. “I love your hair. Beautiful color, so soft and silky smooth.

“I love yours too. I can’t keep my hands off your hair.” Lois laughed.

“Yes, I’ve noticed. I love your hands touching any part of my body.” Clark replied laughing too.

“Oh, really?” Lois said amused. She started to reach behind her.

“Oh no. Don’t wake the beast. He needs his rest to keep up with you.” Clark shifted out of her reach.

“You are no fun.” Lois pouted.

“Later, my love. We’ve had a long but wonderful day. We need to rest.” Clark said as he put the brush down and started using his fingers to gently comb through her ginger locks.

“This from the man who only needs a few hours of sleep a night.” Lois chided him with a smile.

“And I am needing those few hours. You wore me out today.” Clark replied smoothing her hair with his fingers. As he worked, his warm hands dried her hair.

By the time he finished, her hair was dry, shining and as straight as any salon had ever gotten her hair.

“Wow. You are a man of many talents. I may have you do my hair more often.” Lois replied after looking in the mirror. She yawned.

“Yep.” Clark chuckled.

“Hush.” Lois said. She removed her towel and hung it up to dry.

Then she climbed into bed. Clark copied her and slid in behind her and spooned with her.

“Ok. Tomorrow night under the moonlight?” Lois asked sleepily.

“Anything you want, Mrs. Kent.” Clark said and kissed her neck. “Sweet dreams, my love. I love you.

“Hmmm, I love you, too.” Lois said almost asleep.

Lois woke the next morning to the smell of food and coffee. She dragged herself out of the warm comfortable bed and donned Clark’s shirt that he had retrieved from the beach and cleaned and dried it. Wandering out into the living area, she found Clark, shirtless and wearing shorts, setting up food by the air mattress. Coffee was in travel mugs on the floor.

“Hmmm, I was going to serve you breakfast in bed.” Clark said when he saw her.

“Technically, this is a bed.” Lois reclined on the air mattress.

“True. It counts.” Clark laughed. “Good morning.” he kissed her lovingly.

“Morning.” Lois said dreamily when she pulled away.

Suddenly, Lois pounced on him knocking him back onto the air mattress. She began to kiss him. Clark, never able to resist her, returned her kisses. They made love again. Afterwards, Clark sat up and reheated breakfast and the coffee using his heat vision.

“Time to eat, Lois.” Clark announced.

“Hmm, I am too sated to move.” Lois said from her comfortable position on her stomach. “I am too weak from love.

Clark sat her up and leaned her against him. “There. Now I can feed you.

“I may never be able to care for myself again.” Lois joked.

“What would you like to do today?” Clark asked as he popped a chocolate covered strawberry in her mouth. “Oops, I made a mess.” Chocolate cream was smeared over her lips and chin.

“Yes, you missed. On purpose I suspect.” Lois said as she swallowed.

How well you know me, Mrs. Kent.” Clark tilted her head back so he could lick her lips and chin. “Hmmm. Tastes so good on you.” Clark licked his own lips.

“So naughty.” Lois said turning around to kiss him again.

“Hard not to be naughty when we are both eating breakfast naked.” Clark replied.

“Oh you want naughty?” Lois asked. “Lie down. she ordered firmly pushing on his chest. Clark obeyed and laid down.

“Now what?” Clark felt his body already responding. Lois brought out the crazy and wild side that he kept hidden. With her, he would do anything for and with her.

Lois didn’t answer him. She picked up another chocolate covered strawberry. Slowly, she smeared it across his chin, through the cleft on his chin and onto his neck. The residual chocolate, Lois rubbed across his lips. Clark was frozen. He couldn’t move. Lois had him more turned on then he ever had been in his entire time with her. Setting the chocolate free strawberry aside, Lois grinned and slowly used her tongue and lips to follow the same path she made. Clark clenched and unclenched his fists.

“Easy, sexy man,” Lois replied with a sexy smile glancing up at him.

“You are driving me nuts.” Clark replied.

“I know.” Lois said raising her eyebrows. She returned to licking up the chocolate.

Finally, she applied her tongue to his lips. Squealing and laughing, Lois found herself on her back with Clark passionately kissing her. He still wasn’t touching her with his hands. They were braced on either side of her keeping his solid weight off her body. In between her legs, she felt his length hard and throbbing and bobbing with need. A condom was already covering his member. Lois grabbed it and guided it inside her.

“Why can’t I get enough of you?” Lois wondered. “I want you all the time. Nonstop.

“Ditto, my love.” Clark said as he settled fully inside her.

Later, the couple dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. They went for a walk around the island. Stopping when the mood struck them to kiss or hold each other.

Once they finished walking around the island, Clark scooped up Lois and bounded into the sky.

“Where are we going?” Lois asked. Suddenly her eyes widened. “Don’t you dare drop me!”

Clark laughed. “Never from up here.

“So what are we doing?”

“I want to hold you and let you see the world how I get to see it.” Clark replied as he stopped about a half mile above the island.

Lois took in the view. Clark was a blessed man. The view he got was incredible. And he was able to go to the upper reaches of the atmosphere. He saw the view that was normally reserved for astronauts.

“It’s so beautiful up here.” Lois said after a moment.

“All I see is a beautiful woman.” Clark was watching Lois take in the view.

Lois turned her gaze onto him. Her hand went to his face. “I love you. I have never nor will I ever love anyone the way I love you.

Clark pressed a long kiss into her palm as she spoke. “I love you, too. I have never been in love with anyone before. And falling in love with you has been the most wonderful thing that has ever and will ever happen to me.

“I have loved before, but never been in love. At least not like this. I love you so much it scares me sometimes, but it is a scared a welcome with open arms. Every day I know I can face because I have you and your love. Lois pressed her lips against his. They automatically tilted their heads so their lips could meld together in their familiar comfortable way.


Clark landed lightly on the patio of their flat in Metropolis. He set Lois on her feet. She kept her arms locked around his neck.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Kent.” Clark said softly.

“Can we go back to the Island? I loved having you all to myself for a whole week.” Lois sighed. She had gotten used to the silence and only seeing Clark.

“I loved that too.” Clark agreed. It had been nice not to always hear the world loud around him. On the island, the noise had been muted and easy to block out especially when he was with Lois. “But reality calls. We have a job to get back too.

“Well, not today.” Lois pressed against him.

“Good point. We still have the rest of today and tonight,” Clark scooped her up again and carried her into the apartment. “Let’s christen our place as newlyweds.

“Great idea!” Lois smiled. “What was your favorite moment?”

“Every moment with you.” Clark responded.

“Pick one.” Lois rolled her eyes.

Clark chuckled. “Hmmm, seeing you interact with the humpback whales.

“Really?” Lois asked surprised.

“Yes, what about you?” Clark asked.

“Making love in the ocean was incredible.” Lois said.

“Making love to you period is incredible.” Clark said. “Let’s begin forever together.

Clark carried her into the bedroom to begin their lives as Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent.

The end

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